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  1. Yes, easy fix. The diaphragm will have a split in ti so won’t create the syphon to pull the water down. You can make a new diaphragm out of some thick plastic bag/sack and use the old one as a template. Plenty of YouTube videos to help you out. cheers Tom
  2. That could be your route into the under side of the bath if the ceiling is now damaged 😀
  3. A couple of sheets of aluminium foil, one either side of your cards in your wallet will do the same thing Tom
  4. Hi all and a happy new year, I went for some cartridges today, and picked up a couple of boxes of these Litespeeds to try. Has anyone tried them? Opinions welcome thanks Tom
  5. Update! We bought a 2012 Q5 S line 170bhp tdi with all the bells and whistles yesterday and love it so far! thanks tom
  6. Hi my partner is after an Audi Q5 as a replacement car. Are there any of the Pigeon Watch community who have experience, good or bad of this particular beast? Looking at the 2.0tdi preferably and any help/advise appreciated. Thanks Tom
  7. elgreco


    You have pm 👍🏼 I Will take and pick up if still available thanks tom
  8. elgreco


    My Son has booked fights to Kiev and has a tour of Chernobyl arranged whilst he is there at the end of the month. He wasn’t born when it happened and finds it fascinating.
  9. elgreco

    28g carts

    I think there seems to be a bit of confusion going on with the details. My understanding is they are 28g as in 28 Gram load and 20g as in 20 gauge Thats my understanding of it? tom
  10. I Don’t think Jonny is planning on putting his house on a tip! I rarely have a flutter but like to pick one for the national (though rarely the right one) my choice this year is lake view lad. Wish me luck! May be having to send the grandchildren up the chimneys if I lose 😂
  11. Part no. 8669H from screwfix looks like what you’re after 👍🏼
  12. Has anyone got a standard height comb insert for the Benelli Supersport they would either be willing to sell or swap for the mid height comb? thanks Tom
  13. Oh! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll pass on them then, thanks Dave👍🏼 Tom
  14. In that case could I have the M and IM please? thanks Tom
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