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  1. elgreco

    Gravestones and Gold leaf

  2. elgreco

    Gravestones and Gold leaf

    Hi, is there anyone in our community who has any experience in re doing the gold leaf on a gravestone? I would like to restore the lettering on my fathers gravestone which is black smooth granite I think. It’s 41 years old now but been looked after but over time the lettering has lost the gold. I’ve read to use minimum 23ct gold leaf for external work to avoid discolouration. Can anyone provide any hints and tips on the best way to tackle it and best place to buy the correct stuff? Thanks Tom
  3. elgreco

    Beretta Butt plate

    Hi what is the thickness of the plate? Thanks Tom
  4. elgreco

    Anyone a watch collector?

    Yes that’s what pushed me to get it yesterday.
  5. elgreco

    Anyone a watch collector?

    Bought this little beauty yesterday
  6. elgreco

    Patio stone cleaning

    I used some stuff from Costco called wet n forget it takes a few patient months but cleans all the algae and Black growth off a treat.
  7. elgreco

    Mixed Cartridges

    Hi narrowlad if still available I’ll take them thanks tom
  8. elgreco

    Model of Ark Royal

  9. elgreco

    Model of Ark Royal

    Last voyage into the tyne.
  10. elgreco

    Coin for sale

    I’ll buy it if still available thanks Tom
  11. elgreco

    Toilet flush mechanism broke

    Just as easy to turn off at the stopcock it should only take 1/2 an hour to sort. Good luck :-)
  12. elgreco

    Toilet flush mechanism broke

    I think it’s the bit inside the syphon which has snapped by what you describe and if that is the case you will have to remove the cistern if it’s a close coupled one to replace the syphon mechanism as there is a big plastic nut below holding it on cheers tom
  13. elgreco

    Nikon D300s plus lenses and 'stuff'

    Could this be the post that makes history? The communities first Crypto sale :-) ‘good luck with the sale tom
  14. elgreco


    Looks like Bitcoin is going to break through $10,000 soon Wow! who would have thought it possible? The Emperors new clothes springs to mind.
  15. elgreco


    I’ve just opened a Monzo bank account, the new internet bank. Slightly biased as my son is part of the setup cheers Tom