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  1. Well that’s my rear fence gone and the greenhouse too!
  2. A friend of mine is 10 years through a 17year minimum for killing his girlfriend. They had turned into a pair of alcoholics and constantly fighting. He freely admits he would be dead by now if he hadn’t been locked up, the drink would have killed him. A life lost and another ruined due to drink
  3. I had problems finding some plastic tap cartridges last week. I came across this company who stocked them along with a huge range. Quick delivery too https://www.plumbers-mate-sales.co.uk/tap-spares-71-c.asp
  4. A bit of ‘gentle persuasion’ should do it, realistically if it’s dripping it’s broken so you can’t really make it worse with a bit of force.
  5. Hi yes it’s oiled slate on the hearth, that’ll be why he was grunting and muttering when I asked for the brick slips as he had to open it up a bit more to get the fireboard and slips either side. I’ve just measured and have 160mm either side. This was what he had to work with For some reason that photo is upside down.
  6. The guy who installed ours used Hathaway bricks but cut the faces and used them as brick slips
  7. We have just had a Stovax Stockton 5 wide fitted yesterday, just warming it up now
  8. elgreco


    I seem to remember Hamilton putting Verstappen in hospital not so long ago and not showing much concern at the time.
  9. I’m struggling to understand how a gun slip can be left or right handed. Perhaps a diagram or photo please?
  10. I personally think the prices will fall quite a lot once foreign travel restriction lift and people want to release equity for other things. Recently everyone seems to be motorhome mad. There is even a celebrities go motorhoming series on TV. Wait and pounce once the prices drop 😉 Tom
  11. My other half is after a Cartier 42mm ballon bleu wrist watch. A company called watchesworld.com has one at a reasonable price advertised on Chrono24. Has anyone dealt with them before? Any thoughts on said watch welcome. thanks Tom
  12. elgreco


    Freeze it in a zippy bag with all the air squeezed out before sealing.
  13. All the earths together. The loop is untouched, the live is the red sleeved and neutral black. I would used the new wago connectors too
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