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  1. Thanks guys .. I am hoping to get involved in the year round thing - however I don't want to appear too keen just yet.. Charity is a good idea actually - hadn't thought of that. The other thing of course is to ask others what they usually do .. When I bump into them. That said, it doesn't mean it's the right thing of course. And absolutely - I am 'giving up my time' to beat, but I love getting to work the dog... So would happily pay to do it (don't tell the keeper!)
  2. Hi all, I spent the last season beating for a local shoot and, as I believe is fairly commonplace, beaters are allowed to roost shoot for the next couple of months. My question is - whilst it is a perk in return for me beating, I think I should still offer some form of .. Appreciation.. But wonder what the rest of you do? Treat as any other permission and get something for the farmer at Christmas or just put in a full season's beating again the following season...? They do also do a beaters day so maybe that affects it, although I believe it's fairly commonplace for beaters to giv
  3. Hi all, I've done a little rough shooting with my springer. He's great at flushing and will follow up the shot bird. We're working on retrieval. I just wonder... does anyone allow their dog to finish off an injured bird or would you want it to be brought over for you to finish off? I only ask because I hit a pheasant the other day and my dog, before I figured what was going on, picked it up by the neck and shook it. No real damage to the bird.. but don't want to encourage biting.... We also beat for a couple of shoots so also worried what the dog might do if he's not fully r
  4. ..needn't have asked. Nothing to shoot at all yesterday (despite seeing a fair amount about the previous two days!!) Pigeons for you.......
  5. Yes, probably is worth a knock tomorrow. Will be over sussing out if there are still any pigeons about anyway.......
  6. Well that's it - and this time of year I can't see many windows open. People can be funny though...
  7. Hi all, Just seeing what the general consensus is. Obviously depends on how far away you are from dwellings etc. I have a lot of other stuff on this weekend but really want to get a few hours out on the pigeons. In order to get a decent amount of time I'll want to be setting up at 7am on Sunday (the clocks do of course go back, so it will feel like 8am). I probably won't shoot until 8am but is that still too early? Nearest house is about 0.4 miles away with just a couple of low hedges in between. I probably won't have to shoot towards the houses so maybe the sound won't be too bad
  8. Glad we're not the only ones! If we stay with awkward family members who don't allow dogs in their house, or if we're at a horse show or even the odd night at a hotel that doesn't allow dogs, the dog will generally sleep in the boot (Freelander 2). We wouldn't do it in the depths or winter or height of summer, but the rest of the time I think it's fine. When possible we'd have a second dog in there just so he's got company but I don't see the big deal. My girlfriend's colleagues all think we're cruel and want to report us to the RSPCA but the dog has water, fresh air and actually famili
  9. Eek! Maybe I'll sit it out ........ how that will go down with everyone I don't know ..........
  10. Ha! Good to know - seems weird to say it's equivalent if it's a point at the target game. Is it a 'hold the trigger' type thing, so a constant beam, or just a short shot? Not that I'm taking it seriously........
  11. ...no idea where to post this. I've been invited to a corporate day which, amongst other things, has a 'laser clays' competition. Anyone had a go at this? Is it easier / harder / much the same as real (i.e. with shot) clays? Just curious... I can imagine it odd without recoil - just hope I don't lose to a bunch of people who haven't picked up a shotgun before!!!
  12. Interesting points, thanks. Hopefully it will never happen but certainly I'm often out and about at strange times doing what would appear to be odd things. Something else I've always wondered which maybe some of you will have experience of, is should the police arrive to do a firearms spot check, or whatever, if they ask to see where you keep your keys, are you allowed to refuse? Could it be a trick question?? You may sense I think the world is out to get me!
  13. Hypothetical, but just wondering if the police happen to pull you over whilst you are travelling with shotgun/firearms in the vehicle, are you best to tell them that is the case (for example, it would be 'irresponsible' to leave the car unattended if you did). If you mention it, could they take it as threatening? They're police officers but not firearms officers so are they 'allowed' to keep watch over the guns. Just popped into my head!...
  14. Anyone know where you can get tracers from nowadays? Haven't had any joy.......
  15. A prime example that taught me about lead was when a big flock flew quite high overhead. I picked one up, tracked it, passed in front - what I thought was ample lead - pulled the trigger, and the bird behind it (probably by two or three pigeon lengths) dropped out of the sky. If it feels like it's enough lead, it probably isn't (in my case - we're all different!) I know someone else who gives too much lead, so you never know..
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