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  1. Thanks for that I knew I had to be supervised by my father when I don't have certificates but I was just wondering about if I got granted my fac and sgc
  2. I'm 16 nearly 17 and I've been shooting with my father since I was about ten. I was just wondering if I have been gifted a firearm. Do I have to be supervised to shoot it or am I allowed to use it on private property I have permission on unsupervised? Because I know that you can use a shotgun unsupervised on private property from the age of 15
  3. Where did you get your handle for your spotter?
  4. Just wondering does anyone use or ow a 50 cal air rifle?
  5. I was just wondering how much is it for a coterminous fac and sgc in South wales? Also where do you have to send it off to? Thanks any replies will be greatly appreciated
  6. Are you still going to use your nv spotter on it?
  7. Ahh okay don't they wrap around the handle if you keep turning it
  8. Sorry to be a pain and ask again but how did you stop the wires getting tangled up when you turn the handle?
  9. I was just interested to see what you use for lamping and nv
  10. Thank you so much you've been really helpful
  11. Sorry for being nosy but how did you make the 360 handle?
  12. Yeah I've got a arc welder how did you make it waterproof?
  13. Sorry for nagging you but what handle is it that you attached it too
  14. Thank you now to start ordering the parts
  15. Did you make it or buy it? What size camera lens did you use?
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