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    1. Meet Max, rescued by my son 8 weeks ago.Was living in a right dump and was covered in fleas and very underweight. All vaccinated and micro chipped and enjoying live again.Having his afternoon nap after 4hrs on the beach today.
    2. Yah, get back in ya shed! Haven't ya got a couple of rusty old nuts ya can play with?
    3. I stopped shooting in 2015 with no intension of picking up a gun ever again.I also felt at the time that leaving the forum was a good idea Bought a MX5 and joined a owner's forum.OMG what a load of nobs!.They where that bad I started to hate my car or being associated with such people.I even debadged the the 5 and re badged it as a Tein. There is not another forum that can come close to this one ever.I just read the motor and this section of the forum.The crack is mint and I'm sitting in a cafe now just browsing over a coffee after a drive around the moors( not in a 5).Great bunch on here, yeh politics sometimes gets in the way but there is nearly always an apology.Dont leave the forum mate, you are too valued and your knowledge and experience can help others.
    4. Same old con, rev renewal for Build/contents £70 higher than last year from Admiral.They say they will auto renew, Mmmm NO!.Went online and got same cover,same excess bla,bla,bla £60 cheaper.Phones Admiral up to led policy expire on 01/11/19.Advisor seemed to take the Hump, quoting can me match it.Er hold on a minute you want to over quote and then match if I decide to jump ship! Sorry but I've already just paid to be covered by AXA.He then still tried to get me to not jump ship.I advised him that Admiral needs to swap that funny Nepolian hat for a pirates hat ! Ahhhhhh!
    5. +1 an uneducated society,is a controlled society,a dictators dream come true.
    6. Cant understand why people kept on booking when the inevitable started in May 2019! A old HMRC colleague that now works for the government SURGE team got the call to fly out to Turkey on Thursday with his whole team to aid those stranded.
    7. Bought the wife a Samsung A10 last week £140 with 2yr warranty.She was sick of the battery going dead in her iPhone.(AGAIN!)I have the Samsung A20e,they do everything you want a phone to do,including MAKING & RECEIVING CALLS ! After one day if using the Samsung she said she would never go back to apple.
    8. Davyo

      Marriage time

      B&Q have a sale on sheds!
    9. + 1, We both have Waze & Google Maps running in my Suzuki's.Would never bother with factory Nav ever again.
    10. Sorry I thought 27mph was acceptable in a 30 zone approaching a traffic calming measure 200mtrs away.To answer you second insult, I have grown up and have manage to have cars ( to many to count over the many years).Currently two 2019 Suzuki's and a modified 2006 MX5 with a New Jimny on order. Insistently I'm currently bidding on a Raleigh Chopper on eBay.A bike had when I was 10 year old,47 yrs ago.I will refrain from doing wheelies due to the value and will leave it hung on my garage wall. I will heed your advise on speed seeing your such a charming polite chap.
    11. LOL, Black Skoda driven by a blind man (someone who doesn't look left or right when pulling out at junctions)pulls out from my right.Thankfully I'm traveling at 27mph as I can see a lycra loon (a over keen man on a bicycle wearing skin tight shiny clothing) was travelling at speed.Lycra man was heading for the pinch point (traffic calming measure)and committed (very likey not able to stop). However lycra man had no option but to aborted his manover when the blind man in the Skoda thought 'that gaps mine'.This is when lycra man connected with the fence( a wooden,static structure that hurts when you connect with it at speed).Thankfully lycra man(cyclist) only had a grazed knee and a wobbly (buckled) wheel.
    12. Skoda pulls on on me,lycra loon was already committed at the nip joint.Skoda actually had right of way but came from nowhere as far as lycra man was concerned.Lycra man was ok apart from a grazed knee and a wonky wheel. You can just make him out connecting with the fence on the right. https://youtu.be/Q-so4fg9KjU
    13. Davyo

      Garage floor

      Duramatt have a sale on at the moment.I want something stable as I was and detail my cars in the garage so plenty of foam/water on the floor.
    14. Anyone done a Ceramic Tile floor in their garage? I was in a Suzuki showroom today and it had large Ceramic tiles.Must be pretty durable considering the amount of cars that get moved around.
    15. I only ever had one, which i got removed with laser surgery when it 1st came out (Freeman Newcastle) best money i have ever spent.I hate to see tattoos on a woman.
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