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    1. Davyo

      Tommy Robinson,

      Have heard of this bloke before but never took any notice.Just viewed some footage, OMG he's one angry man.
    2. Not kerbed mate,was going to stop and help so decided to pull up on path intendionally.Then aborted when wife said "let the mamory pick it up himself.
    3. I did once, but the doors where shut,maybe he didn't see.Just decided to hang right back.Plus with it been the kind of truck a traveller drives, I'd only be getting the finger.
    4. I knew it was not Burnly Dave as they wasn't thrown off.
    5. 3 doors facing into the wind not tied down.I thought Mmmm this is going to get interesting!
    6. Followed this idiot, pleased I hung back as car is only 3 weeks old.What I can't understand is why he didn't know this was inevitable.
    7. Bang on Lloyd,we have a generation of kids having kids! The UK is turning into a holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show.
    8. Well he only grabbed the loon by the neck.From all the blown out of proportion comments on TV this morning I thought he'd give her a good ouch to the kidneys or something,how dissapointing! To be honest she shouldn't of got that far, security should of knocked the Political Terrorist out!
    9. My 5 doesn't like the battery disconnected for the above reasons.
    10. Davyo


      Fell in love with Binibeca the 1st time & I now book up before I leave.1st time I've stopped in June.Usually go August but it's too hot on an evening.June it's still 23/25 during the day and stays around 19/20 on an evening.
    11. Davyo


      Staying in Binibeca now it's my 4th year in a row.Lovely Villa with a pool at the top of the Village.Love the peace & quiet,not a football shirt in sight.Oh and the sea food @ SA MusMusclera is to die for.
    12. Davyo


      Son Bou beach for that kind of bird watching figgy.I could watch Euopean birds all day but have to swap the bino's for Mirror Sun glasses.Stops my face connecting with the wife's hand.😇
    13. Davyo


      Just seen my 1st Hoopoe today while driving down a narrow lane in Menorca.Thought it was a Jay at 1st glance as it flew over the road about 5mtrs in front of the car.It landed on a fence and it's crest opened,WOW what a sight.
    14. Davyo

      Bees in the barn

      Ours are camers shy and have been here about 3 to 4 weeks.The hive has grown as i can now see the comb is visable in the hole.Im going to leave them as its an area i can avoid.But they easily get upset. https://youtu.be/pkVJVtSPIvY
    15. Davyo

      Bees in the barn

      If they little bumble bees, the will be Tree Bumble Bees, we have them in the bluetit box.Wife got stung couple of weeks ago, funnily enough on the eye brow. Apparently it was my fault!
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