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    1. Davyo

      Funny eye

    2. Davyo

      Jag Land rover Classic video tour

      Brilliant watch,seen this guy reviewing cars on YouTube.Really like him.
    3. Davyo

      Funny eye

      Been to the eye clinic and after a bit of a wait i have corneal abrasion in my right eye.Good news is its not severe,I've been given a antibacterial eye drops.Can't understand how its happened but possible from working under the car on Saturday.Thanks PW for the advise as googling the symptoms got me bum squeaking just a bit.
    4. Davyo

      Funny eye

      It went away this morning about 10am after id spoken to Sunderland Eye infirmary on the phone.Got appointment in the morning but have to take bus or get a lift.Going to put something in my eyes which means i can't drive.
    5. Davyo

      Funny eye

      Same here mate playing with IR pills, plus sitting at a computer all day when i worked.Will get to doctors in the morning & get checked over.56 yrs old and starting to feel it lol.
    6. Davyo

      Funny eye

      Got up this morning everything fine.Then about an hour ago my right eye has gone fuzzy.Its as if there was a finger smudge on the lense of my glasses(readers).But its actually my eye,rinsed my eyes in case it was a eyelash but its still there. Anybody experience this, i know you can get caliderscope eyes if you suffer from migraine.I have no headache of dizziness and feel fine.
    7. Davyo


      A lot can happen in 5yrs when your old.If you don't go to the doctors for fear of losing your driving licence or Gun certs.Its no different from an old person who doent want to lose his DL.Plus they have to re apply be assessed ever 3 yrs .On my FAC/SGC renewal FEO couldn't be bothered to pay me a visit. Wife could of been sitting there with a black eye & me tanked up for all he knew..
    8. Davyo


      He's had a bump so what,if it had been anybody else then it wouldn't make the news.I bet there where 100's involved in accidents that very same day all over the country of all ages.However its taken the heat of Brexit ahh. I hope im still driving at 80 never mind 90 odd.How would PWers feel if someone decided that at 60 your to old to hold a SGS or FAC ?
    9. Davyo

      Beware cheap parts

      Same with Mazda parts, i needed a thermostat for my MX5.Mazda wanted £72, guy in the parts department told me to get down the road to Ford.Same identical part £21.
    10. Davyo

      New Jimny Launch

      The previous Jimny was sold in Europe with a diesel option 1.5.There was very little interest in it & petrol far outsold it.Probably the reason they didn't bother with the UK .Now look at the price of diesel, its anywhere from 10/18 per litre.The stealth tax on this fuel has already started and will get more expensive the nearer they get to banning it.Suzuki know that 90% of Jimny buyers dont do excessive miles therefore there would be no saving for the buyer if diesel continues to increase. Regarding a Turbo, most small cars fitted usually have annoying turbo lag.I had it on the Fiesta and also it was terrible on a 124 Spider i recently test drove.Ive not had a chance to drive the new Jimny as yet.However if its as punchy and smooth as the little 1.2 dueljet thats fitted in our 2017 Ignes then it simply won't require one.At 19k miles since June 2017 it's been a surprisingly pleasurable drive be it motorway or urban driving.I wouldnt expect to get in a Jimny and assume its going to drive the same as a family car or a Soft 4x4 heigh end offroader.Also regarding reviews, its ok to drive a car for a couple of hours and then conclude.However you have had to live with the previous model long term and then live with the new for more than just a couple of hours to make a comparison.I dont understand reviewers who jump into 4X4's and the complain about body roll ext.Its not a Family/hot hatch you intend to go to Ikea in and return 60mpg. Its also annoying that they assume fuel type is at the forefront when purchasing a Jimny. It clearly isn't the case as again they are wrongly assuming a large %age are purchased as a family car.
    11. Davyo

      New Jimny Launch

      Finally got close to the new Jimny today.Stoneacre Durham have one in their showroom but none to test drive.I love this car from all angles. The quality is vastly improved from the old model.I've had the 2 previous models & this looks bigger on the outside & felt much bigger on the inside.I think the box shape has a lot to do with this as its as square on the inside as it is on the outside.Love the plastic floor space with the rear seats flat. Really is a tuff rugged looking car.I can see what they were thinking, 'build it practical for the Stables or Farm or a little fashionable Chelsea Tractor.Salesman said 75% of confirmed orders are previous owners who signed without even a Test drive. I can seriously see these,unlike previous Jimny sales attracting people who will never go offroad.It just stands out and oozes character.Everbody doubted Suzuki's gamble to changing the Jimny because it simply didn't need it. Customers didnt want it,however the style will bring in a new type of customer. Would i buy a new one? not @ 18k for the spec id want.Will i buy a used one ? yes if and when they come onto the market as x demo or low mileage used. Whip it off to get a proper underseal job done and it would be a great car.
    12. Davyo

      New Jimny Launch

      Must have been something wrong with it (prob kingpin), i've had two Jimnys. One with a 5" lift and full muds, not exactly great on tarmac but acceptable for what it was.The second was standard car fitted with all terrains and was like any other cheap car to drive.I lived with mine 24/7 as wife used the other car and i had zero issues. If i wanted to drive it hard than i might complain about mpg, cornering,stopping and body roll, all of which it isn't built for.As far as fuel goes then that's a personal choice, if mpg worried me so much i wouldn't consider any 4x4.The new Jimny as a second car (40 mpg combined) would be better for me any how as my daily drive only does 29 mpg. I don't think we will ever see a diesel introduced in the new line due to the clampdown on emissions. Come to think of it the clampdown is already happening with diesel as some garages in the North are already charging 10p a ltr more than unleaded.Some even as much as 15p a ltr so unless your doing megga miles then a diesel isn't viable.
    13. Davyo

      New Jimny Launch

      Now Martins a Guy who knows Jimnys and will tell it how it is.I couldn't believe i saw my 1st today on launch day of all days.Parked up outside The Boat Shack Cafe at Derwent Res.I like it even more in the flesh & it was getting plenty of attention from people parking up. Your bang on Velocette, The Jimny is what it is and owners don't care about the fuel consumption or size.I miss mine & every time i see one,be it a new one or a tatty wreck i end up on Autotrader app.
    14. The 5 has been cleaned and polished.Leaving for Newcastle Quayside in 10 minutes to see the Fireworks.Then its roof down,heater on full wack,up the Military road to the Scottish Borders with 4 other MX5's to blow away the 2018 cobwebs.