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    1. My dog enjoys a raw carrot as treat, and i take a little bag of sliced carrot out a treat/reward.
    2. Moved back to Sky last night after PO failed to answer the phone yet again! Sky picked up after 9 minutes.I was with sky for 7 yrs and had no issues (standard BB) increased to £25 pmth. My young son kept going on about fibre and i saw PO fibre for just under £22.So greed got the better of me and i switched .Anyway way i told the Sky adviser last night this and they have given me Super fast Fibre for £25 with a upfront fee of £20.Free calls to landlines & mobiles but no good to me as i don't have a phone connected to landline so they brought the price down from £30 to £25.
    3. Foolishly i went from Sky normal BB to Post Office Fibre, they have failed to send out a tech on two occasions so i can leave if not resolved within 28 days. I have now been trying to get through to PO for 1.30 hrs with no answer. So is the such a thing as a provider that actually answers the phone.
    4. Same with the Stype,thankfully we always had a small car to use if a bit & I mean a bit of snow.Autos are really scary in the snow when creeping as once you tap that brake your a sledge. Once had to leave the Stype parked up in Hart Village as it just slid I to the curb.Eventually the park brake jammed on.Susan rescued me in a little Renault Twingo.
    5. Same with the MX5 ND, they went backward, smaller than an already small car MX5 NC.This time no glove box at all and a boot with the corners cut off plus wafer thin paint.Think the salesman had a chat with service(to loan me an ND as courtesy) in the attempt to get me to trade in my NC.Terrible car, esp in the 1.5 Sky active, had to plant your foot in the carpet to get any response. Saying that however there is a 2 ltr, as they pointed out. But the car is just so ugly (reason for design was due to Alfa potentially sharing the same platform but Fiat partnered instead, i.e the 124 Spider) Mazda saw the plans for the ALFA, panicked and got it SO SO WRONG. I had test drove the 124 spider (put my name down for one)and it was 10 times the car the ND is, pity they withdrew due to emissions (order cancelled) ? Personally i think Madza had something to do with it, not purly down the emissions.
    6. All they need to do is chip in out of their expenses.Wasting 500k on a stupid dong when the NHS is in a mess and schools are dropping to bits.Looks like things will never change we will still be waiting millions on feckless ideas.
    7. Ditch if you get a chance have a drive of the 1.2 Dualjet especially in the new Ignis.With the car being so light it has ample grunt and the Suzuki gearbox is as smooth as silk.Even better that the short shift in my X MX5. My wife went out and got another after I traded her 17plate in for a new Swift ZT boosterjet.I like the little Turbo it has loads of oomph.But I enjoy driving the Ignis more as it's just so comfortable and smooth. I've had many cars over the years from 2.7 twin turbo Stype to a 300bhp BBR mx5.But I love the little Suzuki's.Wish they would change the back on the Ignis though LOL.Id trade the Swift in immediately for one if they did.
    8. Son has outgrown his Scott MTB.Everything works as it should, has a few age related marks and rear tyre could do with a change.Small frame so could be ok for a 10 - 14 yr old. Good starter bike for getting into Mountain biking. £70 Collected from Durham or I can deliver Free within 30 miles.
    9. Davyo

      Muckboots kids 5

      Someone was asking if long or short boot.Pic against womans hunter, & my Aigle.I think it's long but remember this is a kids,small teenager or Muckboot size 5.
    10. My son has only worn these once,so no wear at all.Size 5 he went to put them on this morning and they no longer fit. Size of boot compared to womans Hunter and a mans Aigle in the last pic. £40 Collected from County Durham.Could post if cost covered.
    11. Automatic I think is higher CO2
    12. I agree but we cant do anything about it.Some people just dont read the small print,they just see £££ signs.The amount of taxpayers that tell me they haven't signed anything is astonishing.Even though I tell them I'm looking at the DOA with their signature on it,and they still deny they signed it.I've even had to send them a digital scan of the DOA.When they do accept it,they then blame us for not withdrawing the DOA.We would like to do nothing better than withdraw the DOA but it's a legal binding contract between the claimant and the Claims company.A DOA can only be withdrawn if both parties agree in writing.We all know that these companies would not agree to that. When a DOA is signed it is worded,I Mr Smith give unconditional authority for XXX to receive any income tax refund for tax years 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19.What the taxpayer also doesn't understand is that the wording ANY tax refund doesn't just apply to Marrage allowance If the taxpayer is due another type of repayment during the years the DOA covers,then that is also lost to these vultures.
    13. 15/16 is the year it was introduced so nothing before that.However 15/16 will have to be claimed by 05/04/21.Like all tax rebates claims can only be max 5yrs.So every new tax year the earliest year falls off the Calander.
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