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    1. Davyo

      Bees in the barn

      Ours are camers shy and have been here about 3 to 4 weeks.The hive has grown as i can now see the comb is visable in the hole.Im going to leave them as its an area i can avoid.But they easily get upset. https://youtu.be/pkVJVtSPIvY
    2. Davyo

      Bees in the barn

      If they little bumble bees, the will be Tree Bumble Bees, we have them in the bluetit box.Wife got stung couple of weeks ago, funnily enough on the eye brow. Apparently it was my fault!
    3. I stopped shooting in 2015 and stayed away from PW for that reason.I purchased a MX5 as a hobby and project.Although there is specialist forums there is no compassion other that criticism. PW has such a good bunch of folk, argument yes but always an apology @ the end of a heated debate.Although i no longer shoot i missed the Off Topic,Craft and Motor sections. However getting back on subject, I needed some advise on a compressor to make undersealing (Dinitol ) an easier task.I don't need anything too expensive as it wont get a great deal of use.Lots of very helpful advise and recommendation as one would expect from the PW massive.Out of the blue a PM from figgy stating he has a spare one and i could have it for FREE! Now I've met figgy on a number of occasion and the guy is a gentleman and in particular very good crack.I went down today to pick it up and he wouldn't take any money for it.(i will make a donation to War Hero's) figgy your are a gentleman & you have made a job a lot easier for an old man.
    4. Got an email back from Stoneacre,the car advertised is their demo (cant be sold for 12mths?) and not actually for sale.They state that its placed to attract interest.However there is no indicator anywhere within the advert that it is anything other than a car for sale.Sure thats a breech of advertising somewhere. I wouldn't pay over the list price for one but keep seeing them popping up for 3/4 k more.Was shocked to see an actual authorised dealer advertising one for nearly 4k over list.Even though they have admitted its a advert and not a for sale add its still wrong.Why didn't they use their usual Auto Trader add if that's the case.
    5. Brilliant, I'm going to fix an flapper on my Arial.No more speed awareness course.
    6. Everyone knows the new Jimny has a waiting list of 12 to 18mths.Some lucky enough to get one have sold them immediately for 3k more than the list price.Nothing wrong with that i suppose.However when it comes to a Suzuki dealer doing it is it wrong?i.e Stoneacre advertising a shop soiled Z5 for £22,995 when if your order one from same dealer and wait will cost you £18,035
    7. Can you recommend cheap compressor for DIY waxoil / under sealing.
    8. Need one to keep on the car from October through to April (MX5) when its put away for winter. Keep hearing Ctek getting mentions.Any recommendations's ?
    9. Davyo


      Thats all you need mate
    10. It is good and i use it a lot.Mainly to check what the previous MOT's hold rather than the latest.I don't trust the latest MOT especially if the garage that is selling said car has done the MOT. This proved evident when i bought a Jimny from Stoneacre full MOT with no advisories.I had my suspicions after one front caliper started binding.Took it to my local garage (even though it had warranty) to have the whole car checked over.Corroded brake lines,excessively pitted front discs, unbalanced braking distrubution and quite a few advisories. What i tend to do now is on the prev MOT's where their is advisories i ask to see paper work to prove correction.If none & a casual "its been done"attitude i walk away.Stoneacre took the car back after a long battle.
    11. We couldn't get finance due to mortgage paid off in 92 and no credit cards.Apparently having no debt means they can't judge your credit rating. Wife did mange to get her car on a PCP which she will keep by paying the ballon fee in June 2019.I just buy my cars cash, but never spent more than £7000.Ive always managed to get the screen price of below with the warranties ect.The last onei got a straight swap and £500 back when i swapped my 2013 Nissan Note for a 2006 MX5.The 5 is my hobby and project car so no more cars for me.The only ride after the 5 will be in the rear of a herse
    12. Think they are called a Tree Bumblebee
    13. figgy, they are a tiny little bee,they are nesting in an old bird box.
    14. Im in there now figgy with a bottle of red.Got the sting out but can't stop laughing at the pudding of an eye.
    15. Bee been bugging me in the garden, got sick so chased it away by waving my arms about.Leave it alone! she shouts,its only a lovely little bee. He then comes back and stings her on her eyebrow.Now he's a little (god the language).Looks like she's took a punch off Joe Bugner and its all my fault apparently.
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