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  1. can i also mention it comes with a check rest, a good leather strap and leather gun bag.
  2. Exactly big bill, i cant understand whats taking these people so long.
  3. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TTT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< PLZ
  4. Chinese five spice is very nice on duck breast.
  5. BleeDingGums


    Dam do you guys know of anything like this down in the surrey area.
  6. BleeDingGums


    I gave these guys a ring yesterday and hes gonna send me some details. When it arrives i'll put some details up.
  7. I have for sale. One Feinwerkbau Sport 127-cal .22 with a brand new Nikko Stirling 4X40 scope and a brand new Logun scope lamp. Note that the scope and lamp have only been on the field once. It has also been done up in camo tape but this can be removed. Iam open to offers. PM me or email me.
  8. My apologies, I'm afraid i didn't see the 'for sale' board. please delete this at your conveiniance. -Joe
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