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  1. lancer425

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    I have only had autos 50 years and just like you i have never had issues, but i send it home under its own steam overtime never had a problem. If its slam firing on first loading it can slam fire on second or subsequent firings, every time it cycles its slamming home, its your choice what you do and i explained why i do what i do along with 99% of the other semi auto shooters in the world. If like this rouge Franchi a guns slam firing it is for a reason it could be any number of things bur in firing pin hole a little swarf binding pin spring rotary bolt issue or any number of things i have not thought about. It could well never do it again in its life because it cleared the metal swarf that was there from new, will never know. But a good look at by the importer could reveal the problem if there was one with the gun.
  2. lancer425

    Remington V3 waterfowl

    can you bypass the uk dealers buy in the states and personaly import through an RFD yor own gun here, the dti used to be helpful importing from states years ago a mate used to buy american cars and import them regularly.
  3. lancer425

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    Fowling ends on Wednesday so starting on foxes now went out friday night first time this year , got 4 dogs 3 with .2506 and one with shotgun HW18 reload . Total 97
  4. lancer425

    Remington V3 waterfowl

    I think its the importers here when hull cartridge brought the Remingtons in the prices were comparative to the states almost alowing a bit for shipment, but once they changed importers they went silly money. i got my first SP10 from hull cartridge the next one from edgars was noticeably more expensive.
  5. lancer425

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    That is your choice but if you think about this logically every time you fire a semi auto the bolt is slamming home , so easing it on loading the first round is doing very little good. The Original poster here did the right thing he used safe gun handling something thats the important thing. As an adition to the easing bolt forward slowly it might not lock up properly if operated like this, the momentum of the bolt traveling forwards is needed to ensure its locked up if its not and only partially locked up on the lugs it might not be out enough to prevent it from firing, then it could effectively free blow back almost this as potential to injure people or the gun. Chamber the round point it in a safe direction and send the bolt home by pushing the release is my advice.
  6. lancer425

    Remington V3 waterfowl

    Looking at getting one of these for next season the waterfowl , any members here have one or experience with the V3 Remington.
  7. lancer425

    Lanber extended chokes

    If you get a webing oil filter removal tool the cheap ones from most discount motor factors. You can generaly get extended chokes out with these,
  8. lancer425

    Is fowling still as popular ?

    I recognise what you are saying marsh man have seen such activity , this is how some chose to go about the sport. I will admit to being primerily a goose shooter , but duck are far too good sport to miss out on by dedicating your fowling to just geese. The way i see it is it is their choice and they that are missing out , they are not in a minority once the pinks show up on a marsh the word is out car park next morning rammed have to park on the verge if your not there with several hours to spare. Mobile phones and media have people 100 miles or more away knowing how many you shot what gun you had and the breed colour of dog you had long before you got chance to phone and tell the wife. I do not think anyone begrudges helping a felow wildfowler out especialy if hhe is from out the area, but in this sport the old saying loose lips sink ships is evermore relivent with todays world.
  9. lancer425

    Best fowling locations?

    I dont think its any detrement long term, being in two west coast clubs its worth the wait. I applied and just forgot about it got on with Wildfowling, The years slip by fast enough i am only glad i got in when i did over there.
  10. lancer425

    Best fowling locations?

    Wildfowling point of view? dependent on interpritation . I Believe if you live in central England and dont want to travel 5 hours or more to Scotland and its islands dont want lengthy waiting lists and want a true wildfowling experience the western wash to west norfolf wash has everything even the most die hard wildfowler could want from an area. Club vacancies are generaly available in a few clubs there, and not all are local membership catchment only. Many of these marshes get reasonable numbers of duck and geese and some clubs have further acces should you so wish for inland washes on one or more washes for a small fee. The forshres around the wash can if you do your homework produce good bags of both duck and geese some of this sport however can involve a bit of walking and working out where you need to be and how to get there. I think the wash generaly is a honest place i feel you get out of it what you want, you can fall out of the car plonk yourself down on the bank bottom and you might get lucky, but if you put a little more efort in because the marshes are big and you get out on the marsh you can reap more rewards is how i see it. But whatever you want to do on the wash you will be Wildfowling make no mistake, you can generaly see whats happening then go there next time the areas are big enough generaly but boundries can get in the way sometimes i think the wash is a truly awe inspiring place.
  11. lancer425

    Winchester Sx4 or Franchi Affinity?

    The Franchi gets praised by most i have seen with them, and the SX4 looks good vallue but a close friend had a SX3 for 6 years it was getting rough looking so he bought an SX4 in August for the start of the wildfowling season, first day out first of september it jammed , was in pieces on the forshore as geese were flying over him. It settled down once it got some work and he used it until November, and on a trip up to Inverness he was talking about how he prefered the old SX3 and the next day on the moray firth first day of the week and first shot it threw its bolt handle out, Ended up managing with it but went after flight and before breakfast to a well know highland gun shop where he traded it in for a second hand Browning 525 Gold duck 3 inch, he finnished the week up there with that loving the 525 and when he got home resorted to using the old SX3 which is as good as it ever was despite battle scars and rust. If it were me out of those two i would get the Franchi.
  12. lancer425

    Best fowling locations?

    Wildfowling areas can all be good when the birds are there trying to work out where you can get birds is all down to knowing your way around an area or a region, and what acces you have to that area. So having stated the obvious where are the best wildfowling places,well in my opinion and for what i like doing My favourates are in order of my personal preference . West coast England Northern firths The wash & N Norfolk This is not that i dont enjoy other areas i just like the above .
  13. lancer425

    Pleased with retrieve this morning!

    You are right i wont. the worrying thing he is doing ok on the ducks too, being very steady waiting to go when told . But he has bad manners he belches after food and he gives me a filthy look when i miss.
  14. lancer425

    Soft 20

    I know what gordon system is i have just never seen any Gordon type cases in 20 bore i load 12s all the time for steel and copper duck loads in once fired Diamond cases .
  15. Was out this morning on River (Tidal) wildfowling, just as it started to get light geese were on the move. About 30 greys went wide of me over a line of trees but three behind them looked to be coming straight for me, i dont think they saw me but they turned away a bit too early but the bird closest to me was just about in range so i shot it it folded i swung on to next bird hit that but it dropped and glided so i hit it again it fell out and dropped over the oposite side of river about 100 yards away as the crow flies but 25 miles round trip by car. miles by car. LOL. My young Labrador nearly two years and only been using him since november, was on the goose on the water he retrieved it to me at the bank edge and he went again crossed the river i was in two minds to stop him but he is obedient and i am as confident as i could be he would return and time i called him back. He reached the other bank climbed out up the bank over roughly where the goose dropped and he was out of sight. At this point i was nervous as hell, i wanted to call him back. he seemed to be gone ages but supose it was only two mins max, then about 4 yards from where the goose went down he came back over the bank down into the river and swam back over the grey retrieved to hand at bottom of bank. I will admit it now i felt quite emotional not sure if i was anxious then relieved, or just so proud of my little dog all grown up and done good. But anyway i am as very pleased with him and so pleased i thought i would share his success here.