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  1. Have you any evidence to back up this statement please.?
  2. I have the statement and i have quoted from it multiple times on these related threads. i am confused why you feel i have any more insight or interest in any more insight into this subject.
  3. Could that information be found out via the freedom of information act.?
  4. And costs a great deal of money to counter such challenges, money BASC can not afford to waste on elements in their sevices Like the subject matter of this very thread.
  5. They "WJ" just need to be important and be recognised. That how they exist, they have to stay centre stage . Shame on you for ever giving them air time here. you are exactly what those vermin need to keep afloat. some mupet like you dishing A pro shooting organisation, By promoting their case. You are a disgrace.
  6. They did what their advice said. not saying i like that or disagree as such, but they did what they did and had the legal advice to support their actions. could be a good use for any fighting fund, ASK them. i would dearly love to see the police licensing tail feather trimmed. but IS IT POSSIBLE? suggest it to BASC, or ask for a more detailed explanation.
  7. No sir it is indeed you who has no idea what he is talking about. Playing verbal tennis with some geriatric half whit on a pigeon shooting forum trying to educate the same pork is hard work. forgive me if i offend here but if the cap fits ya wear it. . Roll over suits you fine.
  8. I deffinatly did want BASC to take action, but they went with their legal advice and fair play to them. we are where we are and not down to BASC or its lack of action, but down to the powers of the police and the legislation / guidance they are using and how they are interpreting it. no one has an answer to the police problem no one.
  9. 1. be great full they tried, you can not defend the indefensible. Lead is toxic and its WELL DEAD. 2. we live in harsh times, be great full 50 cals did not go too. 3. He shoots he did not score. HAPPENS. Bring more LOTS MORE.
  10. But it is not rubbish, the US is losing its grip on gun ownership, The black guns are under scrutiny and the state system mean its not all states but a gradual erosion over time. and The NRA in the states comes under just as much criticism over there as BASC does here if not more so. the second amendment its self has been questioned of late something never envisaged in the history of America. They are in a much stronger position than we ever have been, and a long long way to go to reach out level of despair. But not without a growing critique, that is making more of an impact now there than it ever has historicaly.
  11. And if they had decided to go for a challenge and lost, you would have been baying for blood along with all the other usual suspects. BASC can not win, do nothing WRONG. Do something fail WRONG. Do something Get it right. OH! well done BASC. But generaly with the caviat of Pitty they did not do so well with X OR Y. . PS sorry to use the XorY here. but i did ask you guys for examples but any forthcoming the doctors letters example we easy answered. Any more for any more. What did they do.?
  12. FIGHTING BATTLE COWARDICE WHITE FLAGS. give to a good old bellows pump with THE YOUNG SHOOTERS. lets not hold anything back here hey? There is only so much any shooting organisation can do no matter where they are in the world or how big a membership or how much money they have. The NRA in the states huge ny our standards, and even in a pro gun country struggling to hold on to shooters rights, even if we would never want such rights to do our sport on these shores. Basc can challenge what they stand a chance of winning, to expect them to go against their legal advice to challenge the doctors letter etc. is unrealistic. Debate here surrounding the core point of this thread is long exhausted. If your not happy with their decision tell them.
  13. Advice in all aspects of shooting third party insurance . Support assistance and representation for wildfowling clubs and others. that would run up considerable costs if done outside of BASC year on year. I have just highlighted a few of my reasons here but there are many others. I think i get my moneys worth easy, if i did not i would leave.
  14. Re the legal Firearms cover element. it was not required by many, 1 in 1000 and even then only 1 in 2000 got taken up. out of theose adopted how many were successful ? the element was nice aspect of BASCs package but given the figures is it prudent use of funds. / they obviously did not think so, and i tend to agree with them. YOMV, in which case complain to BASC.
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