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  1. agree BASC have been brilliant on this thank you BASC they are worth every penny without them we would be sunk. If you not in BASC JOIN! is my advice.
  2. As they say patience is a virtue and in the fullness of time BASC and others have helped the issue of these ne GLs which is a positive step in the right direction, Basc and the other organisations are to be applauded for their steadfast approach to resolving most of the problems created by this whole fiasco. Business well for the most part as usual. I am confident BASc the NGO etc can uphold our position in the consultations now to follow. We are so lucky to have the likes of BASC NGO etc fighting our corner , we all need to give credit where credit is due now stop all the bickering and anti BASC negativity and get on with the job in hand . TOGETHER!.
  3. lancer425

    The War

    I think it is just how you are feeling about the WAR, only you know why you feel the way you do, and the reasons could be many and varied . but in the Majority people veterans or otherwise, Want remembrance out of respect for those the suffered and in many cases died for us. the Veterans to remember those who fought alongside them and paid the price or even those who have subsequently died since the wars. Others far too you want it out of respect and to show any veterans they appreciated what they did for us all. Every TVradio or Internet device has a switch you do not have to watch or read if you dont want.
  4. Natural England have been on this years its how they are restrictive biased against shooting and against anybody enjoying the country we live in. NE are a joke organisation and i am yet to see a single thing they have done that benefited anything. Last time they tried Rabbits. HERE! https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/news/natural-england-scraps-rabbit-control-legislation-29337
  5. https://owlcation.com/humanities/World-War-1-History-Germany-Declares-Shotgun-Inhumane
  6. Yes it surprised me i did expect far more support for BASC too .
  7. Norinco i think it is Chinese/ Taiwanese do a version of the 1887 have made them for a few years.
  8. Agreed Lord V it is a beauty but this one from 2 mins in is in better condition but a TAD on the SHORT SIDE.
  9. Good call and you are right, but i already asked this gun is BNP stamped. I bought an LC Smith 10 bore years ago from an American pilot, Got it on RFD and had it re proofed in Birmingham . American guns as far as i know are just proved in house the factories prove them. Lots of Remingtons in the late 70s 80s seem to have german prof marks think some big importer must buy them in and sell to hull cartridfe over here. my 1187 about 1990 had the cGerman marks with a circle/ oval and REP stamped in it not sure what the meant but i remember it clear as day that gun came to me via Hull Cartridge long before Edgars got remington. .
  10. One here , the gun i am getting apparently came via a US Airman stationed over here on an airbase in Lincolnshire 70s 80s at a guess. https://www.gunauction.com/buy/10865267
  11. NO not the Redhead from Cambridge. The gun you never should have sold. We all have one or two over the years we wish we still had and should have never parted company with, it does not have to be special just special to you thats all. Thinking long and hard , My choice is a early 80s Remington 3200 i had for a bout three years, i did a lot of shooting with this gun and it fitted me perfectly , one day i had an offer for it at a clay ground in Lincolnshire , the money was there i had other guns at my disposal at home so i let it go there and then, and even on the drive home i remember feeling that nagging regret " What have i done. "
  12. Mate got it never used it just sat there, i never seen it but heard him mention it i asked the question and he offered me it at cost i agreed. ive always been a browning / miroku fan Have had a few in the past, one a 7000 game gun i should never have sold, but thats the way with many guns.
  13. Cheers gunman, i have not seen it yet but mate has had it about two years bought for next to nothing off an old beating lad who was trimming his flock. It is supposedly good wood no chamber or barrel pitting no dents its tight as a drum, feels "NEW tight "when opened, and apart from a couple of bloody finger print bluing marks it Sounds good . £150 what he paid for it, its mine for same money. I am going to get it next weekend. I know what your saying on the v springs but i think at that money i am up for a bit of a gamble. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Yes as long as i am still a uk resident and only stayed there90 days at a time, i was inssured when i was over there before with just my BASC . I have more than had my £500 worth out of BASC this past 35 years, paying £50 a year over ten years was not fun when your mates were paying £20. but its paid now and i saved 25 years of subscriptions which amount to somewhere around £1200 to £1400 so i am fine with leaving my membership as a donation if i permanently migrate. What is it £1600 now if you got the cash buy it its done then, they got the money you have Insurance and all the other benefits for the rest of your life.
  15. Claygame is closer than folkstone Engineering. Claygame probably your best bet. ,
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