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  1. Then why did you say he is talking himself out of a job.????
  2. What with no 90 yard patterns from the 90 yard pheasant shooters. Pray hazard a guess why that might be. ? would so love to see a 90 yard LEAD pattern from a 12ga with 36 gram load. BRING IT ON!. 👓
  3. It is a low pressure or too slow a powder issue, been two such cases on here in a week. Could be atmospheric but that is just a wild guess. But for sure its Low pressure / Fizling, damaging case mouths. not uncommon in subsonic or reduced loads low recoil ammo / tame reloads etc.
  4. Wait! So let us get this right. You think the Aspects of shooting commented on by Peter Glenser promote our sport. RIGHT?
  5. Harder lead will not deform anyway as essay as soft pure lead shot. You can expect see some improvement in patterns and thus performance in simply assembled ammo with this higher antimony Lead. With more care and attention to the soft lead it will improve and has the potential in some loads at some speeds if correctly loaded to surpass the harder shot from a lethality point of view. But it is the harder lead which will Give improved patterns in typical unbuffered or typical factory offerings. Harder Lead is less dense bear that in mind, its not vast but when we are dealing with from steel @ 7.8 Copper "Pure" @8.95 Bismuth@9.79 And Lead "Pure" @11.34. And not forgetting Hard lead melt antimony @ 6.68 . We are not dealing with a broad area of specific gravity in any of these shot types, and this fact puts into perspective the Real potential of Tully Lethal Tungsten based shots @18.5 and a bit more some Blends. When your dealing with density between 7.8 Steel to 11.34 Lead We are not talking massive differences and How they pattern and velocity potential certainly at closer ranges starts to become more significant to overall performance than density alone. .
  6. Just to add to what clem fandango said on winchester double x ammo. the wrapper/ Buffer all helped to get the lead to pattern. Not one of the game loads AFAIK use buffer of any kind. Not something good lead waterfowl ammo of the old days, or coyote and turkey lead of today would be without.
  7. I fear you are right and nothing can be done that is the sad part.
  8. Do not start bringing common sense and reasoning into this debate whatever you do.
  9. As i am sure your well aware, this is typical of steel shot in the field. I said earlier i think steel shot was introduced to the shooting world"wildfowling " Here over 20 years ago now with a lot of misinformation"Chokes to name but one aspect". I do not think this helped the move to steel, but most have worked it out now and it is doing its job.
  10. By the tone of your post and the inclusion of my expected response being PRICELESS. I can only guess you are expecting some wild out of touch with reality Claim/ claims on my part here. Sorry to disappoint but i am offering nothing outrageous just plain old facts , devoid of fiction of fantasy and above all HUMANE with regards The Pheasants . To break a clay at 155 yards is possible with a shotgun, and it could even be possible to break a clay in flight at that range. Now doing this consistently enough to look at translation of that achievement into Humanely despatching / consistently a living breathing pheasant i remain unconvinced.
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