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  1. Non lead wont damage any old gun nor will it under perform .
  2. There is no safe limit for lead in the human diet, its that basic. Its toxic. if it Lead that kills you or something totally unrelated is neither here nor there we know its bad news , Alternatives are there its pointless to keep on with this stuff in out diet. I eat what i shoot, apart from crows and fox. And as such i do not want Lead in my food, i have eaten loads of it and passed it and dont see any evidence its killing me but i know its toxic. It needs to be gone from Live quarry shooting. And People will not be subjected to the Lead ingestion us older people have been exposed to in the past. The move from Lead is a positive step with no downsides.
  3. I thought he was put to the sword, i dont think Lead was involved.
  4. Coke can is good idea, its thin too so in a 12ga load with say BBs glueing it to 16ga nitro card then card wrap shouldered to 12ga nitro card would be ideal. Would work in small bores too, where bigger shot could cause a problem. I have never seen 12ga CGR card cup wads but they recommend 4s as biggest shot size but no recommendations on 10ga. Is it as we know the 10 stacks bigger shot better or are there physical differences in wad wall thickness etc on the 10s and the 12s.?
  5. Now don’t you go bringing any common sense to this debate marsh man.
  6. Another option i did consider was shim steel sheet. But not sure what it costs . i have various thickness’s but never bought any, all came from my uncles engineering firm with the machines. But can be cut with scissors and stronger than aluminium foil. .
  7. Foil is your friend, wrapper inside then slit the WAD. i HAVE BEEN USING RICE TRAY LIDS. Looking at laminating tube from aluminim foil and card. Its best i have found holding up so far. Strange as it sounds the ten bore seems gentler on wads. And thats with BBB too. With 2s in the ten they were nearly reusable on the basic tray lid wads. I might just use ten for everything.
  8. I once remember a mate killing a pigeon with a .22 shot shell from a pistol at about 20ft. Small shot wont damage roof at all pretty safe, but get real close to keep it humane.
  9. Well i don’t want to be even out the gate, never mind go shooting .
  10. Clulite clubman on .22 rim fire and Lightforce 170 striker on cf rifles.
  11. But i mentioned early days of steel Eley never even made lightening steel and you said 1650fps was not acchievable that was the whole point of your lame post. People KNOW NOW OK i MIssed off the word RELOADS but i genuinely thought there was enough info in my post to make anybody read between the lines, even you.
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