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  1. Heard one on Saturday Morning down the wood been hearing it on and off since. Its been cool breeze but today its nice starting to warm up a little now, might get a nice Easter you watch now it will rain just blame me everybody else does.
  2. Please dont get off your soap box your right in everyway, in my daughters case how is she ever going to get to be able to tow her horses to events without her mother or me being involved, its not helping young people who want to conduct their lives in a responsible way, not every youngster turns into a raving lunatic the second they get behind the wheel of a 3 litre 4x4. Quite why they insist they get 1 litre shopping cars is beyond me, should be power to weight ratio. or governed to speed not ccs and car size. premiums are too high police are on the bandwagon now on named drivers on adults policy so that route is virtually gone, the insurance company’s are going to get their money whatever. We live in a society that’s car orientated now by extortionate premiums we are alienating young people who all crave independence as we all did but insuring my Anglia for £23 a year was fair a weeks wage in a year. Thats £300 to £400 that acceptable but how they do it now is just robbery. Premiums on youngsters in France and Belgian Holland are not as comparatively high why here.
  3. Pliars crush if its flat you got Lead, if it Crunch up its Bismuth. Bismuth can be tougher if its bought not hand moulded or dropped at home , Home made many run lower tin makes denser shot higher brinel hardness. And as long as its Loaded with this in mind will not break up with the internal ballistics on shotguns loaded within recommended pressure limits. . examples in comonly encountered Eley/ Rio bismuth is higher in tin than Roto metals hence the roto metals is denser comparative.
  4. I release all the bass i catch always have even before the restrictions i dont bring them home, Bass are amazing things they take many years to grow a 4 to 5 lber can have taken 11 12 years to get to that size . Rules off the net 2018 BASS RULES FOR 2018. Anglers have been banned from taking bass during the whole of 2018 due to fears of a complete collapse of the species. It means you can only fish catch and release for the popular species, but there are hopes of a relaxation of the rules later in the year to allow a one fish a day bag limit. March this year sizes limit. The daily bag and possession limit is five fish in any combination of species. The minimum size limit is 14 inches total length or 10 inches alternate length.2 Mar 2019 Not sure about this bit but nets look under legislation You are not allowed to catch and retain bass with any other gears, including nets that drift with the current or are capable of doing so. You cannot catch, retain, tranship or land bass if you have not been issued an authorisation.19 Oct 2018.
  5. Black box technology? Its not space age and its fallible mates daughter has one on her clio way he explains it to me is its like a pendulum it just triggers negative reading if you brake hard or accelerate hard, She got an extra added monthly premium when she drove in to university in heavy traffic had to brake hard a few times and accelerate away quick and this threw this up hence the extra premium that month. I said to him you best not borrow it to go foxing up the lane or you will end up with a grand bill that month. ITs a money making device and premiums are still excessive anyway for all drivers the amount of cars on the road insured is astronomical even with the uninsured drivers ( Dwindling all the time with VNPR) allegedly upping the premiums the profits must be huge. I think if any aspect of consumerism needs looking at in detail its insurance and car insurance especially. As for cars and young drivers mere capacity is not the whole story some small light cars are relatively fast and some youngsters can not do what they want or need to do because of this my daughter 18 has horses needs a 4x4 but can not insure one my mates lad 18 is in to drag bike racing needs a van can not insure one . cheapest insurance he could get for a 2000 year none turbo VWLT 70 BHP about as slow as sprinter size vans get £1300 for a 20 year old £1000 van. Power to weight ratios like the old 60s tax rates need revisiting or look at restriction like New motorcyclists have to do now, Low HP models or restrictions to engines.
  6. Do you know what! I think the insurance companies are milking this young driver insurance for all its worth, in fact all insurance now is getting excessive . Government needs to look into this, its law we must have it in this country it needs to be at least fair. .
  7. I dont think they will live with a good constriction choke, i have seen lots of patterns of my mate and with identical loads The tighter Constrictors do better on the pattern sheet and in the field in my opinion. One place they do surprisingly well is with F and T sthe W W in 10ga was only about 6% down on .720 terror and with this big shot it needed .705 to gain any significant advantage 15 to 20% on average . With all smaller than T sized steel the .720 faired much better. So might be a good idea if using Ts OR Fs or possibly BBB in a 12, i dont chose to use BBB in 12s but if i did decide to i would consider using a WW choke or buy a 835 or 935 Mosberg just for BBB but this is hardly likely and i will stick to BB in the 12bore. .
  8. lancer425


    ATV owners manual will give you the official figures, but unofficial its surprising what they will pull if you abuse them enough. A mate had a kawasaki Byou abot 300 to 350cc was a two wheel drive he coupled it to an ifor williams twin axle 16foot with about 30 bags of potatoes on it. after a lot of bouncing rocking wheel spinning he eventually got it to move ( on compacted ground not tarmac) and the quad did remarkably well for its size. they are stronger than you would think if you are prepared to murder them with no mercy.
  9. Thanks for the link forgot about wikipedia . 136 BHP
  10. I will admit they pattern well, and i am not for or against them, i have seen them in action and they do work. I will go on to admit i like the no restriction idea but if you put them up against the over Extra full steel chokes you start to see a shortfall in pattermaster performance. Speed upsets them too they are erratic and unreliable if you go a lot over 1400FPS which is neither here nor there to many wildfowlers. I have only direct experience with Wad Wizards through a friend who has two, but i have seen Pattermaster in use, and i think most like pattermasters who have them. I will go on to say it has been mentioned on other websites that the firs old type patternmasters are better than the newer ones. If true or not i have no idea.
  11. Larsen trap is the way to go with this one.
  12. 2 litre TDCI 2005 C max it has 6 speed box. A question. What HP is this likely to be 110 or the 130. i though Mondeos had only 130s with the 6 speed box but anybody know for sure with C Max. I dont have a number plate so can not find out online. .
  13. Yes they can see it and it educates them.
  14. I do not doubt for one second fibre will give trouble, and it will only be with lead just to see for our selves. With tight chokes the cheap hard fibre wads like you get in factory fibre wad ammo all the time they do crumble up in the tight constrictions i have a briley ported turkey choke in ten bore its 655 constriction fibre wads do not like that choke, but when you use the soft sticky fibre wads with nitro card undershot the soft wad underneath it not only seals but the felt wads integrity support the nitro card and i have found then that still though undersized from new are still intact. Gas seals do not fair very well in tight chokes with ports set up like briley have theirs. My thought on factory fibre wad ammo is not printable here and quite how they have the gaul to offer powder slap a fibre wad in and bang shot on top calling it fibre wad is disgusting. Look at old eley grand prix from the 50s and 60s they were way more than just a fibre wad and perhaps a nitro card offered in today’s excuses. You only get out of a cartridge what you put in it, this is clearly evident when you look at most fibre factory ammo vs their plaswad opposite numbers. You can get fibre to match and sometimes exeed plaswad performance, but if you are about churning out ammo making money plaswads perform better than fibre wads when your throwing ammo together and dont care. . Ok. Is it the principle of these chokes the check wad promoting what is effectively mild controled balling ? Or is it shot string or lack of it you feel is not working. ? Genuinely interested to know.
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