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  1. No but i do usually organise for me to go in there i like it . Will be on A********* *** that evening. Not sure where i will go First thing Tuesday Thinking C***** ******* *** but another closer to Nairn might be a go depends how i feel, i got some local intel via mate up there and Nephew but ill work it out i know my way around up there been going up most of my life from a small boy with my dad he was born lived just west of Beauly until he was 21. I have a few little inlets in mind up there i for latter this week mostly greys and ducks, not had a pintail since late last season so that would be goal for me. One thing is for sure nothing i take will be coming into any fields and i am only taking four duck decoys and no goose decoys. Think you get the picture. Taking one gun Remington SP10 .720 Terror and just steel loads all Winchester cases & RSI wads .A 381 BBB and PSB2 2s.
  2. That is the way but it is a faff i end up writing **** on it and just walking in perspiration soaked when i get in position . I do think i might go back to thigh wadersand just use chesties when i absolutely need them. Remembber the old days no getting out the car at 4AM to put chesties coats bags all this stuff you done a shift before you cross the style on to the marsh. Back then Thigh boots you can find keys have a slash or more without taking everything off and going back covered in the marsh.
  3. Thats the trouble with neoprene in general. with chesties and , the cabelas is way too warm, rivers west still too warn you end up with that Horrible 3/4 hour as its getting light shivering due to the condensation/ sweat from the walk in. I swear sometimes i think about going back to thigh waders, and could probably get away with them most places with some thought.
  4. Going further up henry i will be setting off tomorrow night doing a morning flight in the Borders region, breakfast with a mate and make my way up through Monday and up to my favourite little widgeon shooting bay by late afternoon.after flight to my uncles place. i have an eldis tornado Tourer under one of his sheds set up for me and my Labrador. shower and mikuni diesel heater Turn my phone off just check in every night at SWMBO & CO. .. back at work 6pm Monday 16th . Bliss.
  5. Your shooting has nothing to do with anything involved here, if you are lacking ability / technique that’s no big problem can sort that latter , you can not get consistent no matter how good you are when the ammo is not consistent or up to the task. A change of ammo might improve things it might not. First you need to get a pattern on paper you can work out whats going on, then start altering things until you see improvements. If you get some paper table cloths on a bale end its a start not 8ft but its easy, i do this sometimes messing with powder charges for detail changes, if i see a trend i look at that aspect further. Will be better than a food sack which might be adding some confusion even doubt where it might not be waranted.
  6. Oh really, Now that was a complete surprise from you wasn’t it, perhaps if you put a bit of time in did some patterning, you would not make yourself look so ridiculous by making wild statements about consistent clean 80 and 99 yard pheasant kills. as for work not that its any business of yours anyway i can keep one eye on you and one eye on keeping the place running every now and then we get a problem some times i need to get involved but mostly i am just clock watching. And i know i am way inferior to you the amount of money you throw about that is if you do is astronomical. and TIME you must get that from the same shop you buy your 80 yard pheasant killer loads.
  7. Welcome to the real world cpt hastings. And congratulations on at least trying the pattern of your gun and load. The box idea its not the way to go , you have to have a close to 8 ft square. target. You can do this anyway you can dream up. big heston square bales or two three metre pallets on two lengths of scafold pipe. Anything. I have been using two 8ft lengths of 4x2 scrap timber wired to a chain link fence line with pallet wood tie wrapped directly to the chain link just 12inch pieces about 13 ft apart along the top and bottom and five pieces about half way down . for the join to pin the pattern sheets too. You can buy CAD printer plotter papper that is 44 inches x 50m for around a tenner posted. These two wont quite get you to a real 8ft but close enough i use a combination of ex scrap jump lead crocodile clips market stall sheet crocodile clips and some big bulldog clips i found in a skip.( i know i an a scruff the wife is forever telling me) So you have your rudementary but fit for purposeclose to 8ft ish square frame and two runs of the printer plotter paper in position, you can aerosol paint or felt pen a dot in the middle if you want to try for point of aim x point of impact if you want. . Measure 40 yards shoot off a rest i like to sit down on a folding garden chair ir a ikea steel stool elbows on car bonet or fence line anything.Rest or suport is how i like to shoot patterns. Take aim on centre or your dot and shoot just the one pattern. Go to target and see how you did take a photo of the pattern. Now i use a old kids plastic hoop i chopped a piece out of and rejoined it with some push fit plumbing fittings i got a rough 30 inch circle. With a sharpie i draw a circle in the densist bit of your pattern ignore the dot in this equation. it helps usually drawing the circle to have help its hard alone doing this. Photograph the pattern again take a couple of shots each time is best . Remember to mark the pattern in a place near the pattern with range gun choke load details and if you count up there and then writh the %age on the same sheet that way you got it all there on picture you can download to your pc if you want. Before you take any pics it wont help to cross every pellet with a marker pen, this makes the pattern clearer on picture. Now go back and repeat again. this time you will have to look for all the unmarked pellets try and count them and draw your circle disregarding the first altogether. count the inner circle and work out the %age again and write this on the paper next to the other info as X2 % . then take another photo. Now this is as far as i go for initial one gun choke load and range. (note initial) You should shoot about 8 pairs like this to truly evaluate anty load choke range shor size etc. Doing it my way is cutting corners but ok for a start (my opinion yours may vaarry) Basical this is vthe routine you need to repeat again and again marked and unmarked pelet holes giving you roughly two pattern sheets for the time /price of one . Its not perfect but you got pictures its easy to store on phone i pad playbook etc. and no mice get to live and breed in your stack of sheets in the back shed (been there done that back in the day ) Get a load you like then get a bit more serrious with that load then, and do more repeats get accurate % figures. then move on with chokes another gun for comparison and or load mods if the load is your reload. OH! one last thing please post up any 80 yard patterns you might do Just joshing with you.
  8. Jeep cherokee limited 2.0 CRD or mitssubishi outlander .2.0 diesel both these VW engine.
  9. Wrong doers will get guns if they want them regardless, here is evidence. The old white card licence worked and for all the hoops they give us legitimate shooters to jump every renewal this still goes on like it always has.
  10. had a quick look this morning, on the river not usual to get any pinks there, but they were roosting on a flooded stretch between the river and the flood bank . First time i ever seen them do that there. I was wrong end they were too high where i wads but, the other end 500 went out low they were not 20 yards up. Oh well i enjoyed every moment got a widgeon on the way off so at least i did not fail completely. These frosts are upping widgeon activity i could have shot my 6 limit i think but let them go as waiting for the geese to move. Great morning really enjoyed it. Scotland tomorrow makes me wonder why i am going.
  11. Looks Remember first time you walked in a shop and saw those fiocchi loads that had 900 bar wrote around the top of the long high brass rim. LOOKS! All cases should be ACTIVE style, sick of having to rub up the rusting rims on modern cheap high bras fowling loads, no matter what brand they are all rusty in too short a time.
  12. Never seen one, But the FINN and the Marochi aspect . There is some history there and i know the companies were linked or at least were linked in some way. Think from the 80s Marocchi and Tikka had some connection, certainly by the 90s Tikka had a Italian style O/U in the line up and started making or selling at least Tikka shotgun which was basicaly the same as the Finnish valmet O/U from the 50s 60s 70s which was as sort of clone of a Remington model 32 which went on to spawn the Fantastic 3200 in its various options. JLS the tikka importers for many years imported a few Tikkas i can not remember the model numbers now but they were nice finish to them no pun intended, and they looked verry Remington 3200 like . About earrly 90s the marochi name came into it, and Tikkas italian styled shotguns i presume were Marochi , this again might have had something to do with the ever popular trend of remarketing re badging guns which as gone on forever. Remington sold a range of guns in the 89s about this time the Premmier which were Sabatti made guns . So a few broad dates and names and gun models that may indicate the Marochi FINN is like a modern day REMINGTON ?VALMET?TIKKA shotgun . I have never had a tikka shotgun, or marochi. But i had a valmet and i had a Remington 3200 and they were both great guns, the valmet was very old when i got it but the 3200 was a close to new Skeet gun and that gun is in my list of guns i should never have sold. Remington did sell a 3 inch mag ren choked 3200 for a short wile it had skeet proportioned woodwork and 28 or 30 inch barrels in the same 3200 style. i would like to find one of those one day but i think they were probably Remington custom shop guns, or certainly short run if not, Hens teeth. . I think you will be pleased with the gun, its dependent on condition but the pedigree is there no doubt about it, and it being a bit of an odd ball there is room to haggle the price down i imagine. good luck and google a few of these names and models and i think you will see where i am coming from in my long winded but straight from memory description of what your gun ...MIGHT BE!
  13. All that is needed there is a ....TEAM...
  14. Sorry to hear that he was a likeable funny and witty man. RIP... CLIVE.
  15. Never been impartial the BBC.
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