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  1. I had some bonaghi ammo once that was about that 35/36 gram, was ok ammo but never found any after that one time. Reloadings best option, with a little set back you might squese a good load in a sam 1 RSI wad in a 70mm case, or trim a B7P35 down to keep the RTO fold off the wad lip, or use a less bulky powder like M92S or a ball powder of some kind HS6 perhaps. Or vectan SP2. Use a CCI209M or federal 209A or G 1000 rio with the ball powder if use it in bad cold IMO. .
  2. Ideal the supper solway , the 32 inch aspect i favour in an SxS magnum, but thats just my choice. not everyone is the same in what they like.
  3. I have a 425 vwaterfowl, 3.5 inch, and it is a gun i will probably die owning, it is versatile. But with O/Us you have more gape , and loading unloading is not a one hand on both cartridges, job, like the SxS guns, which have less gape too. Loading an over and under in the confines of a hide or tight hole in a hedge, is never neat and tidy. The top barrel cartridge can slip out on an open breach, the SxS when its partially shut is both safe and ammo is sliding out no where. Alowing you to close the gun without juggling cartridges into the breach . Longer barrel in my opinion helps too in hides as the muzzle is slightly above a typical low hide net compared to a 26 inch thats into the netting, Your opinion might be different but its how i find longer barrels in use. Waterfowl is heavier than a SxS magnum too, may not be an issue to some peoples requirements but what i do and how i do it, as a one gun the SxS has it over the O/U. On ergonomics of use and lighter weight generaly. This would be my own choice 32 inch 3 inch mag Sxs. .
  4. Me too BASC a god send without them we are screwed. You will always get haters, let them hate i say. But Real world shooting issues BASC do a sterling job and for what we pay, nothing else gets even close on value for money support when you take their experience into account and what they do elsewhere, largely unseen and unnoticed. Wildfowling consents advice etc. its endless. A good organisation BASC.
  5. Presume we are talking shotguns, but if i were to pick one rifle .2506rem .in a typical sportster weight rifle. So shotgun. It is going to be dependent on what you do. Im my case that is wildfowl Fox rabbit Crow pigeon partridge and then other game in roughly that order of regularity and preference. I think i need a 3 inch magnum, a double long barreled 32 inch and light, not fused on choke (i reload) but full or close to full would be good, i supose half in one barrel might be acceptable, but if i had a choice FULL. It will be side by side keep weight down and ease of loading and unloading / reduced gape in mud etc, Got to be side by side. Trigger. Double trigger no selector to sieze or wear and i can instantly pick the other cartridge or if gun had say half and full i can pick what choke i want instantly. Sling swivels make it easier in mud and i do not want an ejector, this makes it more practical in pigeon hides or busy duck sessions, but non ejector is less to go wrong get all the cases for a second load, and it help keep the place tidy with one less job to do when packing up. Steel bismuth or tss gives you a broad spectrum of use in the humble 3 inch 12s non tox range. and 1 7/8th or 2 oz bb to AAA lead has the fox covered at range. in the full barrels, so obviously on pigeons etc it can handle 1 oz etc, not even the remotest chance of a siezed inertia trigger reset cycling re cocking issues as on some O/Us in bad conditions, (being picky here i know). So 12ga 3 inch magnum, 32 inch non ejector. , the AYA no 3 above is good advice.
  6. I think shooters as a whole do not shout enough about what they do anyway, BASC could do some promotion on shooting, and it might do some good. But clubs and syndicates do not shout enough about their existence, The grouse moors are like they are because of shooting, Wild fowling clubs are stewards of their marshes and know more about what goes on than any body else. I think shooting needs more high priority success stories, but As a member of three wildfowling clubs despite trying to get projects off the ground, Environment agency and NE seem to be far less forthcoming to allow wildfowling clubs than non shooting groups or the RSPB etc. I acept these set backs could just be individuals in the NE and EA in the local area, and others may have good support in other areas, but non the less, getting ground or in some cases permission to do improvements to habitat can meet opposition, even if sound conservation ideas. Again BASC advice goes a long way, and they come out offering advice anytime we ask, which is good. I am not sure exactly how we could ever get the areas like the RSPB have at their desposable, our income is not on their level, but its aq crying shame to se so many Reserves run by site managers with their idea on what will work in their site who chose to ignore advice even when it is sound conservation advice. It seems to be its more about the RSPB being a people pleasing org not one with a genuine interest in true conservation.
  7. BASC are there to advise us, try to direct any pending legislation etc, They got no direct say, and they can be as vocal as they want, if the Government or others wont listen. They can do no more but look at other option, to try and help the shooters out. Look at the medical certification , they are trying to help there until hopefully things improve perhaps through law. They did what they could a year ago on the GL s / Packham fiasco, and i think they did a good job and will continue to on this. But they are not law makers (sadly0 they can just advise and hope the powers that be listen. We need to get behind them, ask them for advice start writing to MPS , remember we have a conservative Government now, it might or might not help our position. But I think we could all do more by asking BASC what we can do. The surveys questionares they present we should complete, Just thinking my say wont matter, is rather along the lines of not voting at an Election, we really Need to get involved all of us, and not just cassualy. how much do we love this sport? Lots i am guessing ALL OF US. Slating BASC is not doing anybody any good. If we can not UNITE. at least lets agree we need each other to win. BY WIN. I mean Survive.
  8. Agree on the plastics, bio wads etc should one readily available combat this. Hopefully. Lead again use it until its banned ok. But do not expect any miracle eco lead alternative its not there, and anything directly comparable to lead will come at a price.
  9. Like martin Luther king. I HAVE A DREAM, In this dream we all do a very strange thing, we get behind our biggest shooting organisation. Some nights i have a nightmare , When we don’t get behind BASC. Unite? I am a realist, but an ever hopeful one, But one thing is for sure we will never do it without we get on a horse, and only horse we have IS BASC. . Explain 4 a little more.
  10. Lead and the fever to retain it has damaged the shooting community from the day it disappeared from wild fowling. The stupid thing is the wildfowlers are not that bothered, nor would the game shooters if they just moved on. Lead will go . Its just a case of when. BASC have done a pretty good job with lead and trying to keep it. The Afro eurasian bird agreement sealed leads fate in wildfowling. To be honest i am surprised it has survived as long elsewhere as it has. Lead is toxic it will go, and like a bad tooth we will notice its not there but the pain will have gone with it. and perhaps we might then be able to unite in the real threats to our shooting, rather than the constant mythering about LEAD.
  11. Trump has started proceedings Rightly or wrongly?. Either way They have reacted and now he is going to have to react back. With no obvious Solution other than escalation of action from both sides it will not end well. This region is trouble Has been for hundreds of not thousands of years I am no Historian but Roman times. And none of the big nations Great Britain Russia And others, have ever been able to stop the bother. No losses known yet but suppose its inevitable some died, lets just hope intelligence was good and the US forces got bunkered up. But I doubt that very much, so imagine more lives to go yet.
  12. They do seem to it must be said, I never believed the crows last year and i dont believe this either. I think this time they played this hand once too often. the General public can not surely be stupid enough to take this seriously.
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