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  1. A multi tool removing various manufacturer gear cassettes from bicycles?
  2. The short drop into a liquid is also an acceptable method of production. Indeed very few shot towers remain and today much commercially made shot is now made by a short drop method of some sort or other involving "rolling" the shot as per what is known as the Bleimester method that dates from the 1960s.
  3. Now this has gotten me a thinking! The old "Browning Dispersante" and other similar purpose loadings used square shot. True! So in fact these may be in any case good if not better at 15 yards to 25 yards than pellets of more consistent roundness. A tip I was told by shotmakers was that if you tumble the resulting shot in a steel or iron tumbler then it does to an extent get more round.
  4. Most rubbish pellets such as the WASP that still trade on the misbegotten belief by the purchaser that they are buying ELEY Wasp are the product of worn out swaging dies. They are a false economy. Practice, even plinking, only has benefit if you are using pellets that are of a reasonable accuracy. Sell them on eBay...you'll get a better price than you'd need to pay to buy scrap lead to melt down for stock balancing.
  5. I did Latin at school, took an O Level in it. Got a Grade 9 when O Levels were PASS 1-6 and FAIL 7-9. I also did French and German and got a 3 and a 4, respectively, in those. Latin is of no use at all in the "non-romance" (aka not Latin based) languages which are near every other language other than French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. All they did for me was waste my lesson time that I could have been learning my French and my German to a better ability. I used both later in my life working in France for twenty years plus from 1999 to 2020 (and covid and Brexit) and going to Germany in my earlier life on many occasions. If there is to be another language taught in should be Welsh...so that at least we "Brits" can have a private conversation when abroad. We, the "Brits", already speak then language that the rest of the world learns, mostly, as a second language and many times I've heard a Frenchman talk to a German in English or a Chinese speak to a Frenchwoman in English. My objection isn't that Latin is a "elitism" it is that for the 21st Century it is pointless and, in fact, of less use in many ways than learning Ancient Greek.
  6. Lovely picture. In my attic I have a couple of duck, my first ever left and right on anything, of wigeon. The cock and the hen. Shot with my late father's 20 bore over my own water. And I'd only taken the gun along for the odd chance at pigeon whilst fishing. So yes I also had them stuffed. I'll maybe clamber up there and do a picture some time.
  7. What he says. A gag should be able to be squeezed together then allowed to return to the open position. Also they usually have "ends" like a duck's webbed foot and a cross piece to slide to lock the thing in a part open position for smaller pike. I don't see how this would do either function. The black stuff is cobblers' wax. Used for waxing the silk when fly tying. If it's used it'll have many small what look like thin shallow "cuts" on its edges where the silk has been drawn through it.
  8. Yes. Last fair I went was Weston Park maybe eight years ago. I didn't pay, glad I didn't and was in and gone in TWO hours. More and more the stuff is jacuzzis, hot poker carved house signs, investment opportunities and cheap thin cotton shirts and trousers. You can count on two hands (and no thumbs) the stalls it was actually worthwhile visiting.
  9. The problem with BOTH 16 and 28 is availability of cartridges with smaller shot as would be suitable for clay pigeon shooting. There's gaps in patterns of English #6 and English #7. Yes if the gun is held straight it will break a clay most of the time yet there's a reason that for Skeet, Trap and even "English Sporting" most favour #9, #8 or #7 1/2 size pellets. They if the gun is held straight will break a clay all of the time. I've never owned a 28 but have owned and shot a 20 and own now just one 16 a French Manufrance Robust 28E boxlock ejector easy opener although I did at one time have a pair of 16 sidelock ejector single trigger self-openers. And...yes...frustratingly you could never get anything smaller than English #7. My advice echoes that of others. Get a 20.
  10. That'll be the solution to all that nasty lead then. Use shot that contains among other metals...aluminium. There's a reason folk don't now favour aluminum saucepans and American soldiers no longer carry aluminium water bottles. Guess what that is? And now someone is proposing we use it in shotgun pellets? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7071840/
  11. Thanks for posting that. As I'm too mean to invest before I'd heard what others said. Is it, please, this UV paint that very much better than the same "deeks" with bog standard as it comes form the factory and/or Tippex white paint? And does it as have done my standard paint "deeks" get attacked more by birds of prey or less by birds of prey?
  12. LOL! They'll be next to the Jeffrey Archer novels and between the books by Mrs Obama and Donald Trump's "Art of the Deal"! There'll be bargains to be had if you've a carrier bag strong enough and big enough.
  13. Some say that the best white paint is UV paint. But to my mind I'm not even going to ask if that you used gloss paint?
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