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  1. £300! Wow that's exceptionally excellent value given the cost per hour "in the trade" of a gunsmith's time.
  2. It's like the guy with the Abel reel and the Sage rod quibbling about the cost of the nine feet of "cast" at the terminal end of it all! The five hundred .22 will cost more because they weigh more and are larger so more lead to make and a bigger tin. So when shipped or sent being heavier in weight and greater in volume will also cost more in carrier's charges.
  3. Much as I dislike them for no rational reason (my father had one in his later years so I don't know why) spending money on any decent 20 bore makes better sense than the same money spent on a 28 bore. For the 20 bore will £ for £ be the better value.
  4. I may be interested. Are the flip-up aftermarket covers glued in place? And do you have the original rubber rear eyepiece ring for it?
  5. And where are the two men sentenced for the murder of the two poor b's Derek Woods and David Howes from the Royal Signals that were murdered in 1988? Released in 1998! The "Good Friday Agreement" should have granted amnesty for any future proceedings against members of the British Army also for all crimes committed (or alleged to have been committed) before 1998...including the (so called) "Bloody Sunday" killings.
  6. It's a scam. Except it is eBay itself that is doing the scam. There is a thread on The Stalking Directory "Off Topic" Forum. Here's a cut and paste of my input to that. A scam, yes, but an eBay official "increase eBay profits scam" no less. With the current "Buy It Now" if paid for by Paypal you get your money as soon as the buyer pays. With this eBay new requirement you will not! If over say this Christmas you'll be waiting nearly FOUR DAYS for your money.Here's some of transcript of my recent conversation with them about this "eBay Managed Payments".I do VERY STRONGLY urge others t
  7. I use this. It is rubber covered so "dead" when rolling about in a fibreglass boat and also doesn't damage the rims of the reels if it comes into contact with them. It also doesn't slip from your grip with bloody or slimy hands.
  8. I think that with O/U guns you may have some validity in what you say. My reply was based on the Browning have its comb merely adjustable for up or down and the tilt of that up or down. If it is fully adjustable it should, as you say, allow both to be adjusted. But for sure in a S/B/S it is most unusual for a gun not to be cast. And to a lesser degree in an O/U depending more so there on the style the owner shoots it in whether head relatively erect or (the same way I shot my Greener GP) with head down and across.
  9. Yes. Cast-off by bending the stock through the hand to left or right accommodate someone with a "fat" face and/or broad or narrow shoulders or cast-on for a left handed shot shooting from the left shoulder with a left master eye. All an adjustable comb does AFAIK is adjust the drop of the stock where the shot's head contacts it along the length of the comb and not the cast.
  10. The Germans likely are the ones who began using it for woodwork on Mauser rifles. The advantages to them were that they were running out of wood IN SUITABLE LENGTHS for the near three foot long one piece stocks on their Mauser 98K rifles. We, the Brits, as a legacy of the two piece stock on the Martini Henry had on the SMLE and the No4 had a separate butt didn't so much have the need apparently. We only needed by comparison mostly short lengths. Now in modern times of peace supply of suitable long lengths isn't, as such, an issue. And of course in any case the length of wood...butt and fo
  11. As above. If side by side shotguns the cost of the work (yes an individual could do it themselves) if you haven't the tools plus the cost of the actual Proof House de-act paperwork will be at the rates charged by the people that do this work at least £100 per gun. I bought an old Belgian side-by-side BLE with a cracked through repaired stock to use as a donor for spares for an identical working gun (same make and model) with the though of then de-activating what was left and selling it. As what I want as spares...springs..tumblers and etc. is what actually now gets scrapped as the d
  12. Why? Members of the UK sea fishing industry voted for Brexit. I lost and many others lost our jobs and/or free movement and/or residency in the EU because of Brexit. Now its the turn of those sea fishermen to own the pain. Let them have it. I have zero sympathy for them. Shouldn't have been so stupid as to be led up the Thames by Farage and up the garden path by Gove. As far as I am concerned let them go to the wall and go to hell.
  13. And then what, exactly, would he Johnson have left to do his thinking with?
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