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  1. No not a good thing as it is going to be used like they sell train tickets. Peak times = higher prices.
  2. Best system is prevention is better than cure so that may mean re-siting the cabinet or making sure that there's no damp being introduced into the cabinet. Also a old oily...but clean...rag helps if you rub down any exposed metal parts.
  3. Yes. Vote Leave to take back control. Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, Clare Fox, Frank Field who campaign for "Leave" to take back democratic control. Where are those four now? Oh yes...in the unelected House of Lords at £300 a day attendance allowance. Zak Goldsmith MP another Leave campaigner? Or rather Zak Goldsmith ex-MP because TWICE the voters of the constituency in which he stood in a democratic election rejected him. Where's he now? Oh yes...in the unelected House of Lords at £300 a day attendance allowance. Funny that having campaigned against the EU as they claimed it was a
  4. enfieldspares


    If he's not insured with an appropriate risk notified to his insurers then if the muck hit the fan they'd likely walk away from paying on on any claim on his house insurance. It may also make him liable for business rates and, indeed, he may also be in breach of planning regulations. Plus of course if he's making an income from it and isn't declaring it to HMRC they wouldn't be at all happy. But if he's crossed all the "t"s and dotted all the "i"s the only pitfall I can see is that his activity may adversely affect your "quiet enjoyment" of the street and also the safety of children and other
  5. Excellent post. Indeed if they were invented now motorcycles would likely be banned.
  6. Of six planted two, or three, have borne fruit. Here's pictures of two of them. This was taken last week 18 September. My egg plants have done nothing at all and out of six plants there has been one flower only.
  7. I think I remember the whirlybird? Was in an attempt at introducing "ZZ" shooting to the UK?
  8. We shall have to disagree then it seems on most points.
  9. Utter rubbish. Twaddle. Public perception of shooting won't change if we ban lead shot. And you seem to overlook this below. In forty plus years of shooting even with bags of one hundred plus it is only once outside of commercial "let days" that I have been in a syndicate where the game was ever sold and in all the others it was shared between beaters, pickers-up, guests and guns in that order. There never was any sold. Ever. The saleability of game has absolute irrelevance to the farm shoot, the syndicate of friends, or the old school traditional walked-up syndicate where it is shar
  10. I note the comments about possible exceptions as "with fishing weights". The law on fishing weights in the UK is that you can only use lead weights if they’re .06 grams or less or more than 28.35 grams. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/815/pdfs/uksiem_20150815_en.pdf In terms of spherical lead shot 0.06 grams is .925 of a grain and 28.35 grams is 437 grains or in "old money" one ounce. So in practical terms based on what shot sizes are actually in use that is UK #9 shot or #10 and #12 sizes (UK #8 weights .97 grain, UK #9 weighs .75 grain). Or a one ounce 12 bore lead
  11. How much? Waste of money. Use an axe as others say and then did the pieces of root out. Anything smaller a normal spade. Or call Beddows Tree Specialists in Leicester and ask them for a quote to drill out a root.
  12. Don't please assume to educate me or others about what or is not a "wetland". I owned a SSSI for near on twenty years and before that my family for near on fifty years before that. I know perfectly well what a "wetland" is defined as. And I also know that what a "wetland" isn't is the inside of a concrete Atcost bulding yet....Yes or No....you proposals will, will they not, require a voluntary ban on shooting rats with lead shot loaded 9mm R/F and .22" R/F garden guns in such and similar structures...henhouses, back gardens, outhouses and stores and etc., etc..
  13. Well BASC and others (unlike the EU REACH) will ban using even a garden gun in 9mm R/F or .22" R/F for those rats too. Be they in a stable, henhouse, barn or even a concrete floored prefabricated Atcost building.
  14. So BASC and others have proposed a voluntary phase out. Totally. For the use of lead shot everywhere for all live quarry be that pigeons over rape, squirrels in trees, partridge over stubbles even if that terrain in those circumstances is neither a wetland nor within one hundred metres of a wetland? And for all gauges and bores of guns even down to and including 9mm Rimfire an .22" Rimfire garden guns? If there's no response "No" then the answer can be taken as a "Yes" can't it. And what EU REACH have set in motion is a ban of lead shot only over wetlands. Nowhere else. But only over wetl
  15. Of course those that bash the EU have looked at it from the "banned it" point of view. So let us compare what the EU proposed with what the "good old British" BASC have proposed. And then decide if in fact the "spin" on this is all wrong. The EU have proposed a ban on lead shot over or within one hundred metres of "wetlands". Which is pretty much what already is in place in Scotland? BASC have proposed a ban on the use of lead shot for all live quarry shooting anywhere and everywhere regardless of if a wetland or not. Correct, yes? So under EU REACH a pigeon shooter could
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