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  1. Thanks for the input. In truth most of what game I shoot isn't much more than twenty five yards or so. And pigeon I'd hope my decoying skills are such that I'm taking twenty yards shots at most.
  2. One of the best songs ever, Lovely Day.
  3. Does anyone here have direct experience of the old tin shot? Now and again you see slabs of it, cheap, at some of the auction houses.
  4. Safety is the biggest advantage in a hide, of any repeater shotgun IMHO as you don't have to break it to reload. This therefore means the thing always remains muzzle upwards. So TWO safety benefits of that are 1) No risk of a blocked muzzle from putting the barrels into the earth 2) No sweeping of the loaded and closed gun through the horizontal plane as it can be loaded with the muzzle upwards. Personally I never shoot two in a hide if it can be avoided but if it can't then I always have one gun in use and that by the front occupant and you sit in tandem not sit alongside each other.
  5. Maybe a bit but it makes the point for don't forget that like the Boss self-opening system you need the bits you have on the left side also in duplicate on the right side. The Holland 1922 Patent has one set of bits only. Centrally between the barrels. And a part that is independent of the process of either cocking the gun or powering the hammers.
  6. The standard Boss works off the ejectors pressing, powered by coil springs, against the breech face. So an easy opener that only self opens if it hasn't been fired. The small number of true self opening Boss guns use a set of, either side, a V spring and lifter. Here's a link to an interesting article. Holland's system is superior IMHO in that it is simpler and doesn't need the action stripped to say nothing of the benefit of using (as do Boss ejectors as noted) coil springs. https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/the-boss-self-opener
  7. The Holland's is all under the barrel. Effectively it is a tube, a "compressor" and a spring that can in fact be removed in its entirety from under the barrels and the gun will still function perfectly. Here's a recent article about it: https://hirvikota.wordpress.com/2019/04/30/holland-holland-the-royal-simply-the-best-the-field/ Here's a picture of Holland's system. I can't find a picture of the Purdey completely disassembled but I've seen enough so disassembled on gunsmith's benches to be intimidated such as to never want one for myself.
  8. Holland's 1922 Patent. Holland's spring tube was a sublime design of pure genius. Did with three parts what Beesley (as in the Purdey) did with a whole basket full of limbs, springs, cams, lifters and levers! I had a pair of 16 bore single trigger sidelocks with Holland's spring tube system. Somerton Guns which were actually top end Arietta guns. My two French boxlocks, Manufrance Model 28E one in 12 bore and one in 16 bore have the Saint Etienne version of it. The picture below of it I've posted isn't of either of my guns however it of a Model 28E from the internet.
  9. Oh! No! I'll be wanting my money back! It's a Boss, of course, always wanted one from reading Purdey's book "The Shotgun" oddly enough, when I was twelve or so, and the poem "The Battle of the Guns". Heres no occasion to be wordy, my guns the gun! said Mr Purdey. No gun but mine is worth a toss! thus spoke the valiant Mr Boss. You may in your armchair lolland shoot with mine! quoth Mr Holland. Find me a gun like mine! you cant! thus up and spoke bold Mr Grant. Just try my gun!now that's your style ,eh? remarked irreverent Mr Meilly. My gun will make your play go bang, and give you game! punned Mr Lang. A good gun needs no note of bugle! observed sententious Mr Dougal. No gun could neater be, or cleaner, than mine is! pleaded Mr Greener. On my guns fame no rival can cast a slur! quoth worthy Mr Lancaster. no gun can beat our gun, we say! thus proudly Messrs. Moore and Grey. Oh not for worlds would I speak coarsley, but some folk fib, sighed Mr Horsley. Prevent your shoulder getting kicks on, and use my gun cried Mr Dickson. all sportsman have for mine good word ! rejoined discreetly Mr Woodward. On better barrels never shone sun than mine! quoth modest Mr Johnson. No other gun has got a leg, to stand on! boasted Mr Egg. The best of guns ( to say it i glad am)`s mine! said honest Mr Adams My gun is the best gun, confess`dly! adjusted Mr Richards (Westley). To find a word on which to pitch hard`s for a rhyme with Westley Richards . But had to wait until I was in my late fifties to actually buy one. Purdey guns never floated my boat...over complicated IMHO...even though I have shot one way back and briefly owned a Holland. But I also think that a fully engraved Lang gun is nicer than any Holland. But of all the gun fitting places Holland's do it best. But just ask them to give you "normal" specification not their bespoke "swept" style. The best looking of the Spanish guns is the old Gunmark Kestrel. I bought my son one, secondhand, for about £600. It's "engraving" and brushed white metal finish to the action (which is rolled on actually I believe) is just nicer to look at than the hammer and chisel job and cyanide colouring of any AyA No2.
  10. Yeah! LOL! Purdey? Not for me. I use one of these.
  11. Purdey. The the gun for those that aspire to "best London made" but, like King George VI, can't quite afford it.
  12. Is that Boston Roumania or Boston Lincolnshire?
  13. An old early BSA Hornet PCP is similar size. I know this as I had a Ratcatcher padded zip case that my BSA Hornet PCP fitted into.
  14. I had, back after the 1988 legislation, a Browning Auto-5 in 16 Bore on my FAC for flocking birds (seagulls) over my pond. It remained so until I sold it in (the pond) about 2001 or thereabouts.
  15. I'd check out independent reviews on the internet and also cost of spare barrels and/or chokes. I think that your choice of 3.5" is sensible or 3". But whatever I'd certainly want the thing future proof by being "superior steel" proof with the fleue-de-lys marking. If purely for pigeon I'd check out what's popular with the CLAY pigeon guys as their guns will shoot one hundred cartridges in a day...often twice...week in and week out. So the guns they use they choose for comfort of shooting, reliability between strip down and clean and longevity.
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