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  1. To the OP. Phone you insurers. All calls will be recorded. Explain fully, ask for their position were X, Y or Z to happen in respect of the loft ladder. As they will be the ones to either pay out or in fact decline to do so and leave you literally picking up the pieces. Better therefore to know where you stand with them. For example the fact that you know a piece of equipment is "doddery" but permitted others to use it is not in your favour.
  2. What he says. And an other dark cloud on the horizon is the annual lobbying of the energy companies to change the law so as to make the property owner liable for defaulted tenants' energy bills if they do a midnight dash and/or are running a cannabis farm 24/7 or just like the heating on 24/7.
  3. Yes. My worry is that the very thin chrome lining will be worn away.
  4. I'd worry that steel shot won't be kind on the excellent chromed bores that Baikal shotguns have. If they still have chromed bores?
  5. According to reports on his post-mortem ""Mr Sutcliffe had a pacemaker fitted, was almost blind and used a wheelchair." Now he was sentenced to prison and that, and that alone is what the Judge saw fit. Not the hanging, drawing and quartering the rabid might demand. But to spend money and use up resources that could have been used for somebody else who has led a good and blameless life to fit Peter Sutcliffe with a pacemaker? This just isn't right. So now I have heard it all. Truly the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.
  6. Those figures are way, way below what the figures were before covid. Back in the day the figures for trucks was at least 10,000 daily and cars, of course, a lot more than this 100 odd. With a fully "belly" any of the Dover-Calais ferries on one trip will hold that number of cars.
  7. Farage? Does anyone really think that Farage cares one jot about anything other than his own self interest and the gravy train, for him, that has been called variously, UKIP, the Brexit Party and now the Reform Party of whatever? For a man that so hated the EU he certainly did very well out of it financially. Very very well.
  8. Why do people wear a tie when shooting? The same reason they wear a stock when hunting. It can be used in an emergency as a sling for a broken collar bone, arm or wrist. Or to splint a broken leg or as a tourniquet to stop someone from bleeding to death. The stuff about "respect for the game" is a much quoted modern nonsense similar to the other often said nonsense that people out riding to hounds in their red cloth coats are wearing "hunting pink".
  9. This...above. Thank you for saying it.
  10. William Ford were good makers. Yet of the Birmingham makers ignoring the top tier of Powell's and Westley's and the volume makers BSA, Webley and Greener are of the smaller Midland Gun, Thomas Wild, G E Lewis, Bonehill, Holloway & Naughton very little heard of. I've even seen Ford sidelocks certainly once I think. They are almost...and I'm sure some will correct me...now a forgotten maker. Very odd.
  11. Whilst you can overthink these things it does, however, pay to at least consider some things. I'll list them and then why I conclude what I've concluded. 1) What chamber length is your gun? 2) What weight is it? AS YOU ARE WALKING UP THESE ARE MOSTLY IRRELEVANT AS YOU WON'T BE FIRING THAT MANY SHOTS. SO UNLIKE A FULL DRIVEN DAY THERE'S NOT ENOUGH SHOTS FIRED TO WORRY ABOUT BRUISED SHOULDERS - ASSUMING OF COURSE THAT YOUR GUN FITS. CHAMBER LENGTH ALSO IS ONLY RELEVANT IN THAT IS ISN'T RELEVANT. YOU WON'T NEED 36 GRAM LOADS SO ANY 65MM OR 70MM CARTRIDGE WILL BE ADEQUATE. 3) I
  12. Very nice. For "eye appeal" I've never really rated the Aya and think that the Arrieta and Ugartachea made guns are better looking as also were the entire range of contemporary Gunmark and Parker Hale labelled Iberian offerings.
  13. I'm wondering...and you guys will know....if in fact a low velocity similar payload weight of shot through a "10" or better if such could be fettled from a standard 10 bore to make a modern version of chamberless 10 bore on the Heath principle won't actually achieve the same result? Here's one such original by the very highly reputable firm of Ford's: https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/Lot/a-rare-10-bore-chamberless-double-barrelled-boxlock-non-ejector-5967412-details.aspx Here's an American thread on these guns: https://doublegunshop.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat
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