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  1. I actually owned (before Thatcher's 1988 Firearms Act) a 20" barrel Winchester 1897 pump action shotgun (ex Royal Irish Constabulary not, alas, the American Trench Gun) and, yes, it was very effective on clays.
  2. Hellis made a "speciality" of twenty-six inch barrels (as did Robert Churchill with his "XXV" twenty-five inch barrel guns). And Holland's replied to the matter with their "Brevis". With even the powders available then thirty inches wasn't needed for a clean burn. Although with some of today's cartridges the powder residue left in a barrel is still to be seen. Three pieces of advice: 1) The longer the barrel the nearer the bird. 2) The shorter the barrel the nearer your ears to the "bang" and the muzzle blast. 3) The taller the man the less "stylish" short barrels look.
  3. My late father's go to load for when he shot at Woburn and kedleston until he switched to a 20 Bore were Sellier & Bellot "Mark II" 1 1/8 #5 in their orange paper cases. I tried a couple of years ago at Stapleford park then then new Hull loading of 1 ounce English #4 in a gun choked half choke in both barrels. All four birds shot on the first drive came down but not killed. For the subsequent drives I went back to 1 1/16 of English #6. Hull had touted this 1 ounce #4 as a "high bird" load in tightly choked guns. Hmm! There wasn't a bird of the four I shot over twenty-five yards.
  4. No. The Supreme Court of the UK is (like the Supreme Court in the USA...from where no doubt it stole its name) is the modern day replacement for what was at the time also the last and final tier and called/known as a Court as "the House of Lords" or "the Law Lords". The Supreme Court is now that last and final tier.
  5. Whatever else they'd make good fox medicine when the combines are out cutting. Number 3 is a good compromise for pattern and penetration. I remember shooting a old sheep carcass that was by then just the bones and English #3 would penetrate straight through the rib bones.
  6. Yes. They have a poor record on appeals just as do most guilty parties! The Begum ruling is a good ruling in that it states that a genuine and extremely serious risk to the safety of all must also be considered as well as an individual's rights. They have rightly said that whilst she can appeal the removal of her citizenship she will not be allowed to use that as a reason to re-enter the UK. It is a good ruling. 100% correct. So why do the Home Office lose so many appeals at these lower levels? Because mostly at lower tiers the Home Office lose many immigration appeals as they h
  7. I'd say no it hasn't. Usually its a bar the will be quite long that will "catch" the hammer if the bent breaks. It works by being lifted at the rear by the triggers so that the front end that does the "catch" seesaws down out of the way when the trigger is pulled to fire the gun. I can't seen such in the diagram. Sometimes a giveaway clue is a pin (aka screw) in (either side of) the side of the action that is in fact the pivot to this seesaw.
  8. The perks of my present job is that I save £££s on gym membership. Why? Because I'm lifting maybe ten tonnes of stuff a shift (from a few grammes to twenty-five kilos plus and walking maybe five miles. But do I complain? No because I'm too bloomin' tired!
  9. The old Maximum was 1 3/16 ounces in a case for 2 1/2" chambered guns. So this is a horse of a very different colour. Not at all what the old Maximum was. Thank you for posting that. I saw a video the other day of someone using 36 grams of steel on pheasants. I assume therefore that these birds must (many of them) be unsaleable as the bruising will be horrendous. Black, blue and bloodshot.
  10. I think the 2007 according to this. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/end-of-parker-hale-factory.177141/
  11. PLUS VAT of course! But yes she was rarely wrong. I do remember and always smile about her comments on the merits of her cleaning rods vs P-Hale cleaning rods. Hers were dipped to get their plastic coating. So hers...red...never shed it. P-Hale used a different presumable cheaper process. So theirs...yellow...would at the slightest cut or nick begin to strip and eventually shed that coating. And as she said you'd see so many of these stripped yellow coatings at the NRA Imperial Meeting that it left the firing point "Looking like a field of daffodils."
  12. No. I bought a box of ten or so of the one pint tins from Edna...remember she is A J Parker and not Parker Hale....after she died and the business was still open with a man called Richard behind the counter.
  13. I am going to stick my neck out here. It's actually an inferior product for doing what it does. It doesn't lubricate (a friend had a friend that thought it did...he soon was disavowed of that when his barrel loop went "bad") and it doesn't do anything that plain boiling water won't do in terms of saturating the residues left by corrosive primers. Indeed plain boiling water is better as the heat opens the pores of the metal and then dries bone dry very quickly. The competing product was Edna Parker's "A C Oil" which was a much superior all around product. A C standing for "anti corrosive"
  14. But Grease-Smug aka Rees-Mogg told us tropical fruit would be cheaper after Brexit. So given that the price hasn't gone down then surely we must now be getting a superior quality? A St. Vincentian "ex" told me that the best bananas to buy as ready to eat are the ones that show small brown speckles all over a good colour yellow skin. And she is correct. Try it.
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