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  1. Darne guns are a pain in the rear end for the modern user with his or her car. To take it down you have to hit...yes, hit...the muzzles of the barrel onto a hard floor. They aren't worth the aggravation.
  2. I think that AB Brnathawaite at one time were UK "major distributors? Meanwhile if you are looking for a case for a Fabarm I've one on eBay that came in a lot of three cases I acquired. It's on Buy It Now at £11.95 plus postage with starting bid of £7.95. Can be collected near M1 J21 at Leicester too. Enter this item number in Search For Anything: 143536208131.
  3. I would sooner give up shooting than ever ever ever use Gamebore cartridges in any of my guns.
  4. If I were a woodpigeon I'd be proud to have been tricked by such fine decoys! They look seriously good. And if Pimlico Pink wasn't named with woodpigeons in mind it ought to have been. I re did some of mine and used some old Humbrol enamel potlets I'd left over from Airfix model making in the 1970s. But when I did I also often wondered if UV reflective white paint would, if used on the neck area give super pulling power? Has anyone ever tried such paint?
  5. Thanks for the update on the law. I did my Common Professional Examination in Law thirty years ago and, in truth, hated Land Law! So I'm happy to be corrected. What I think we might all agree on is see a specialist in this and not an everyday solicitor whose knowledge of this is , like my knowledge, out of date and imprecise.
  6. http://www.landandboundarydisputes.co.uk/easements.php
  7. If you have used this land, openly, without permission and without payment of even a token sum, then after seven years of you having done that he loses title to it as he hasn't enforced his rights. Which can be by telling you during that time to "get off my land" or by giving you permission or by charging you rent of even 50 pence. See a solicitor. My opinion is that he's on the losing end of the argument. You MUST seek legal advice pronto. What he says.
  8. The engraving is poorly executed in typical Spanish practice on an already hard action with a hammer and graver. Here's a close up of a Gunmark Viscount and after a Powell Marquis with that cut engraving. Different strokes for different folks but I know which I prefer. On the Powell the area around the crosspin looks bloomin' awful. And the scrolling banner isn't proportionate to the enclosed name "William Powell". The Viscount image is topmost then the Powell below it. Here's a link to Powell's own video that you get a close up of their Marquis's action. https://youtu.be/ul8C6v8gRMw?t=28
  9. It's odd how some things however haven't increased that much at all. In fact given infaltion they've actually lost money. That BSA boxlock ejector at £60.00 can be found in the auction houses at not much more than £100 to £150 in 2020.
  10. Arrieta branded Arrieta guns(and other Spanish made) are just "nice" as are the ones done on behalf of some other past "English" makers. The very pleasant Gunmark Viscount for example. William Powell branded Arrieta guns aren't nice. Compare a Powell Marquis to a Gunmark Viscount and the Marquis is just horrid, horrid, horrid and many times the price!
  11. No, no, no! Alteration of chokes does not require re-proofing. If a so called gunsmith is telling you that it's BS! Yes if you want the thing "Teagued" to accept screw in chokes it'll need a re-proof. But not is you are merely having the chokes honed out from even as much as full down to improved cylinder.
  12. Thanks OLD'UN for sharing that link. I think that it proves that if you hold the gun straight and centre the bird that it's dead regardless of the shot being plated or not. Personally I tried Eley Classic Game in my gun (I only shoot side-by-side and my two "go to" game guns...my own Boss and my late father's Henry Clarke BLE he had in 1919 when on his twelfth birthday) are all bored at improved cylinder) and went back to using standard lead cartridges as perceived that the Classic Game didn't appear to me to kill as well despite the premium price. But I think that it's interesting that your linked article also seems to say as much as I thought it was maybe just my own personal bee in my own personal bonnet.
  13. I don't really know WYMBERLEY as there have been, supposedly, advances in the quality control of shot that our Victorian and Edwardian ancestors would have envied (and adopted). Certainly I can remember that game cartridges used to load a softer shot with less antimony content than then then premium clay cartridges. Indeed there was a murder involving a shotgun way back in the 1970s where the evidence to convict was based on what the prosecution called "trap shot" being in the victim and in the perpetrator's loft a box of Eley game cartridges that had been wrongly loaded by Eley with "trap shot". But I also think that the use of 5 1/2, or 6 1/2 shot or 7 1/2 also must give a better pattern as the grading of that half size must give a better regular even shot size than when the next grade between the holes in the sorting sieve isn't a whole size but a half size. The second point is that, supposedly, the shot used for being copper plated is less antimony content than the shot used for being nickel plated. Therefore if it strikes bone it flatten rather than penetrates. But I think it's more in the mind than in the reality.
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