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  1. Is it still for sale chap and what is the barrel length, thanks
  2. I was thinking of parting with my browning gold semi auto for £850 it's a 2013 in the nicer green cam pattern duratouch. Video
  3. Very nice how many ounces of shot can it put in the air fella?
  4. My gun for sale above just dropped price to £150.00 Can check RFD transfer if needed.
  5. Great pump action wouldn't want to part with mine, is that a spare barrel with it on the desk? If so is it for sale and if not where did you get it, cheers.
  6. I can tell you its pre war as Simson was a Jewish gun maker in Germany before the nazis shut them down, the year will be on the gun somewhere if you look. Ultimately it would be marked krupp somewhere on the barrels which was the finest high grade steel you could buy in the world at the time and the gunmakers would stamp the gun to prove so. It would pay you to google the gun for a while before selling as I am sure this gun is quite collectable in the right country.
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