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  1. I am after a antique muzzleloading percussion shotgun, Ideally a side by side. Must be in useable condition.
  2. Ive got a browning bps 7+1 capacity 24" barrel. Straight cast stock, top tang safety, bottom ejection and feed. With a wood stock and corn cob forend. Its completely ambidextrous im left handed and it suits me perfectly. Near skipton but can rfd at cost.
  3. Ive just realised what you ment by variation times as its on fac, its still a very kind offer but ill see if i can find one on an sgc.
  4. Thank you very much walked up, I hadnt noticed that. What a kind offer, Ill drop them a message now.
  5. Im after a bolt action 9mm shotgun with a v notch rear sight preferably on a shotgun ticket to save a variation. Thank you, clay cracker.
  6. If it is Austrian as people have suggested I don’t understand why it bears german proof marks only prior to being sleeved unless, It was made in Austria for a German company then rebranded and was proofed in Germany possibly? Either way after looking at both German and Austrian game guns they appear the same style to myself so, I think it would be more plausible it was Manufactured and sold from Germany.
  7. I feel the 16 is the optimal bore if wanting lighter carry, faster handling yet something that dosent feel like a broom handle in the hands. Also the barrels are stamped as prima fluss stahl which is the type of steel they were made of.
  8. If it wasn’t stamped sleeved on the sides of the barrels i highly doubt anyone would notice that its been sleeved the join is practically invisible to my eye. I think whomever did the work they did a good job of it, The balance is spot on and comes in on the scale at 6 pound and 3 ounces.
  9. On top of the barrels is stamped rauchlos beschossen which is to do with german nitro proof, there is also a symbol and writing which i cant recall from memory but is to do with the type of steel the barrels are constructed out of.
  10. I believe it only has british proof as the barrels have been sleeved as such, some of the proof marks have been scrubbed out on the flats but some still remain.
  11. On top of the barrels is stamped rauchlos beschossen which is to do with german nitro proof as wells as something in german to do with the type of steel the barrels are constructed out of. As others have stated there are other german proof marks but nothing thats helped me date it or identify it to a manufacturer.
  12. I have recently purchased this SxS 16 bore, Its a 2 1/2" chambered boxlock ejector with 3rd bite cross bolt, cocking indicators and a scalloped action. It has a horn buttplate, horn grip cap and horn in lay where a tear drop normally is. I cant find a manufacturer mark stamped anywhere upon it, could anyone identify it off of any of the remaining original proof marks? Thank you Clay Cracker.
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