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  1. Vince green i checked Rifle mags Uk and they are out of stock.
  2. Wanted sportco .22lr magazines the first variant with all steel construction either 10 or 20 round capacity. Thanks.
  3. Ill get in touch with stuart, many thanks.
  4. I have a browning standard 16 bore auto 5 ( FAC) in need of a stock repair as it has split and could also do with the recoil shoulders of the stock mating back up to the action as well as, A front bead sight. Anyone on here do stock repairs or have a bead sight they would like to sell? Also would like a magazine extension for it. Thanks Clay Cracker.
  5. Thats great please let me know edd, Regards clay cracker.
  6. Wanted: sportco semi automatic .22lr with removal box magazine generally called a “model 71” , Thank you.
  7. Rodger mcphail shooting season and fishing season books £20 posted. And a bundle of wildlife books £30 collected from skipton area. Thank you.
  8. Wanted: FN Browning semi automatic .22LR. Vintage model which loads through the top of the stock not the side. Preferably in good original condition.
  9. As per title left handed 12 bore remington 1100 on fac must have wood stock.
  10. .410 cartridges now sold all 12 bore still avialable for £90
  11. .410 A slab of eley 3” fibre 6 Shot £60 12 bore 150 Eley vip game 32 gram 6 fibre 2 1/2” A cartridge bag full of random 2 1/2” 12 Bore fibre game cartridges (bag not included) Approx 150 cartridges total Aprox 20 2 1/2” bismuth loads Shot size 4 and 5 £90 skipton area certificate holders only.
  12. No idea what it's original purpose was intended to be. Box is solid but paint peeling ). £10
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