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  1. Yes figgy to disengage the safety the front trigger is pushed forward upon doing so the middle and rear trigger can then be used to fire the right and left barrels.
  2. Swings nicely, balances right on the hinge pin. very nice to use overall. Believed to be half and full choked. Was originally 65mm chamber but has been lengthened and reproved to 70mm.
  3. Here are a few pictures PeterHenry. ( edit to say cant upload others due to size?)
  4. Hello, I have just purchased a box lock Non ejector 12 bore of the above maker “Chas Bowerman Birmingham” It has an unusual feature due to having three triggers! The front trigger is pushed forward to disengage the safety, The last two are standard triggers. I can not find any information of this maker ( or patent) upon the internet so was wondering if anyone had any information possibly upon the maker or patent? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Yes it is Gunman. Any more information or sources would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  6. I am currently trying to find some information about a manufacturer of shotguns called “cuje”. I have looked through various firearms books and had a search of the web and can not find any information about “cuje”. Would anyone have any information about this company/ manufacturer? Thanks Clay cracker.
  7. Family member found a bag of these recently anyone have some information about them or an idea of value? Thanks Clay Cracker.
  8. I have a left handed farbarm auto, with 30gram+ cartridges it cycles flawlessly, but willl not cycle anything 28gram or below. Very good quality internals, only plastic on mine is the trigger guard. I would recommend them for use with heavier cartridges myself. Wouldnt recommend for clays unless your ground allows heavier cartridges.
  9. To my knowledge there is no commercial rounds available that are 3” and have 6 or 7/7.5 shot size but, the closest thing i know of to your description is a Winchester traacker 32 gram 7 size shot but that is a 70mm hull.
  10. Very nice work there 1066! Quality. ?
  11. I think foam ear plugs would solve your problem Chris. Clay Cracker.
  12. Only just hear about this today, I don’t know any details but fingers crossed i suppose?
  13. Went to break some clay at the range and had a great time out, and good weather to top it off. ?
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