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  1. They look good quality
  2. Evening all... can anyone recommend a decent game bag something that doesn't cost a fortune. This sort of thing.
  3. I was thinking I'd be looking at about £15-20 a month which isn't out the way as vet Bill's can run into thousands these days .. was thinking about not mentioning about working as it's not that often and at end of the day accidents can happen on a normal walk in the woods.
  4. Hi folks I'm looking at getting my pup insured hes a cocker use him occasionally for a little beating and in the hide can anyone recommend a insurance company what doesn't cost the earth. Ti
  5. Exactly what I'LL be looking for just waiting on my variation getting sorted.
  6. I got intouch with hawke as the scope on my 22rf, an old early model night eye had a fault with one of the lenses inside, they asked me so send it in to them which I did .few days later they rang me and said those models are now obsolete and said order anything out the catalogue and get 50% off
  7. Thanks lads ill be having one of those I think not to bad at them prices
  8. As above my whip on the bottle has blew whilst filling the gun..wasn't a surprise it was kinked for a long time so it was going to happen eventually. What price are they these days? Can't fill the airgun until I find one.
  9. Arrr wrong end of the country...my lad uses them.
  10. Just curious how much individually? Chokes that is. Thanks
  11. Chokes to fit the above gun preferably half & 3/4 if anyone has any spare ones. Must be cheap. Flush or ext. Im located in durham. Thanks all.
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