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  1. Afternoon...Can Any of you fellas recommend a good 20g cartridge for geese..also shot size ?...thanks
  2. I'll have to inquire about that then unless anyone on here owns a kofs and knows...
  3. Evening all..can anybody here tell me if a armsan 20g auto choke ok to use in a kofs 20g o/u if the threads are the same?? My son has both and was going to try the skeet choke out the armsan in the kofs providing it's OK that is so he can shoot skeet and skeet on his sporting clays.Thanks..
  4. Ok boys ill look in to both of those 👍
  5. I had a little accident the other week whilst out on a shooting with my son when a large stone on the top of a dry stone wall somehow dislodged itself fell and Cought my gun a few times on the way down making some fairly serious and deep scratches mainly in the butt and grip. Was wondering if there's anyone in the Durham area who repairs woods on guns. And could be reasonably priced. Thanks folks.
  6. I have a couple spots local to home with a few rabbits but not huge numbers which means ive got to travel, i dont mid travelling the 60 mile or so to a good patch with plenty on. Its usuall 100+ mile round trip to get to my other farms.
  7. These were the last couple nights out on the rabbits about 3 weeks ago ..going to leave them for a bit now let thm settle. Still plenty about .
  8. As from about half hour ago from what i can make out
  9. New licenses just came out for pigeons and canadas
  10. Im in co Durham but i shoot on the dales ..ive not noticed a drop in numbers on my patches
  11. Another 33 saturday night .. bit more luck than lastweek
  12. No i dont have one i would think about having one if one came up cheap enough but i have always just guessed the range and hold over which has worked well over the years but would be it would be nice to use the scope to its full potential. On the other hand i couldnt rangefind each and every rabbit on a night out id be on forever when u trying to shoot big bags. I dont usually take shots at anything over about 75ish yds under a red light anyway.
  13. Came this morning no there wasnt mounts but never mind ill.just use my old ones. Spot on the delivery only ordered yesterday morning.
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