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  1. atyl1972


    I'm having a shroud with internal baffler fitted so I've only been up at a friends farm plinking but when I get her back I shall post my very first groupings regardless of how good they are, or not lol
  2. Was offered a full carbon shroud instead of the 1/2 unf adaptor with a silencer and save £10, and have QD sling swivels attached to the stock and a pic rail with free sling.
  3. Hey guys, anyone had any experience with this company, good or bad?
  4. atyl1972


    Ok fair point, my local rfd doesn't charge anything to receive anything gun related, I'm in Cornwall, not sure your location?
  5. atyl1972


    That you are sir, that you are, I'm waiting off of air fective as this may be a cheaper option for me: http://air-fectivetuning.co.uk/store/product/fx-wildcat-full-carbon-shroud If not, how do we do business, pay pal?
  6. atyl1972


    Literally right now searching for a top silencer to match up with it, any thoughts mate?
  7. atyl1972


    How much? Yes, here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FX-Bobcat-1-2-UNF-PCP-SHROUD-ADAPTOR-FXBW-2/222997579622?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  8. Anyone tried the Klarus XT11GT?
  9. atyl1972


    I'm going to add a mod, probably a Huggett Belita, when I go hunting for the first time I'll check the sound but it is fairly quiet anyway to be fair, the scope is a cracker, Optisan EVX 3-12x44ir, absolutely love it, as soon as I zero I'll send pics, beware this is my 1st air rifle so ? expect too tighter groups but I'll try my best.
  10. atyl1972


    At last got the FX and I'm very happy, and I'm more happier that I adjusted the scope for sighting in etc, taking her out to a friends farm on Wednesday to zero and plink a little and then to the range on Thursday, super super happy. ?
  11. Hey guys, quick update on my perilous journey into buying my first Air gun, basically was waiting for an FX Crown, viewed back and reflected on what a lot of you Gus said, especially from a few of you guys (you know who you are) and as ASI were being a massive pain over the crown especially I've decided on a Wildcat MKII in .177, synthetic stock and buying very local to me as well, I'm adding an Optisan 3-12x44 scope and cannot be happier. If anyone knows whats best to add a sling/bipod then please let me know, was thinking of adding a pic rail, or may just opt for the single swivel stud for
  12. yeah to be fair they seem best value around and many options too, and chairgun at the moment I don't understand but I'm sure I will when I start to use it.
  13. just wondering if you've used an app called Strelok before, bit like chair gun but simpler apparently.
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