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  1. Chezney

    20 Bore Bismuth

  2. Chezney

    20 Bore Bismuth

    Hi all, I have a slab of Eley Grand Prix Bismuth Forest (2 1/2", 5, 25g) left. £150 Located near Bath
  3. Chezney

    Beretta Sv10 prevail 12 gauge

    This is worth all of this, brilliant gun. I’d have it if I didn’t already have 2 😂
  4. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    Thank so Figgy, think that's what I'm going to do. I saw johnnyoftheboys tests, very surprising, but interesting. I'm now looking to source some good components, any pointers from anyone would be appreciated! 👍🏽
  5. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    In that case I shall look for data and worry less about speed. Lots of the powder companies data comes with a large choice of case make. Is there a vast difference between makes? Cheddite cases seem by far the most readily available, but then there is a choice of brass length that I couldn't see was differentiated between on these websites - again is there much difference? Diss, out of interest what cases do you use for your 28's? thanks
  6. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    Going through clays.. I used to consistently hit more with a cartridge apparently at 1500 than another that was apparently 1200. 1200 was certainly a cheapo cartridge, perhaps this was the difference, but I put it down to speed. I'm not saying speed is all I want, but to be comparable with cartridges I'm currently using would make an easier transition. I appreciate what you're saying. When looking through powder manufacturers data it didn't seem like all components were readily available in the UK, hence my asking for peoples experience that I could then try and cross reference with reliable data.
  7. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    It's a good point. I'd sooner see a consistent pattern, but I do find I go much better with a faster cartridge if all other things are equal. Could a fast(er) cartridge not also be good quality?
  8. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    "We" being myself and the two people that would potentially also use my loads
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to load my own cartridges, and a few for friends too, when we shoot together. I've been reading through as much interweb chat as possible on the topic and feel I have an OK, very basic understanding of the process and some vague guidelines. Without getting is to a mass-debate (haha) about whether this truly matters, or if certain cartridges truly get the MV stated (as I have read from the stickers posts it's often not the case), we (myself and my two shooting buddies) all like 'fast' cartridges - >1450fps (35g RC HPF3 is the usual) and I was wondering if you had managed to concoct a 35-36g 5-shot fibre wad cartridge, 30g 6-shot fibre wad cartridge or a 26-28g 7.5 or 8shot fibre wad cartridge that would get this kind of ballpark speed (without ridiculous recoil), and if so would you be so kind to share you recipe (brand and weights/sizes etc. of components)? TIA Chezney
  10. Chezney

    Reloading press

    Afternoon all, I'm looking for a reloading press. I like the look of the MEC 8567N Grabber so if someone has this (or a similar performance press) give me a shout. All presses considered, however. Just say what you have! All the best!
  11. 2.5", 25gram 10 boxes (1 slab) left £15/box Grab yourself a bargain, pick up mid-Somerset
  12. Chezney

    Eley 20g Bismuth

    PRICE DROP: £15/box £150/slab!
  13. Chezney

    Eley 20g Bismuth

    On behalf of a friend: 3 slabs of Eley Grand Prix Bismuth Forest (2 1/2", 5, 25g) He's after £20/box (£200/slab) o.n.o. Cheers
  14. Chezney

    Home Brew Woes

    Hi all, i went for my annual batch of Elderflower fizz a few weeks back. All seemed to go well, until I opened a bottle! Three weeks after bottling, I went for the pop and was greeted by a what sounded like a weak rear-end wind expulsion (you can't say the F-word apparently!) On tasting there was a little fizz, lots of sweetness and a distinct lack of booze ?! i have used this recipe before with great success, and have always relied on natural yeast from flowers. It all looked/smelled right prior to bottling and there was nice bubbling. I may we'll add yeast in future after this issue. Question is, is this just poor fermentation? Is there anything I can do to correct it at this stage? Worst case, I go 50:50 with prosecco with it, which I'm sure would be lovely, as the brew does taste very nice! TIA
  15. Chezney

    Poachers/Hare coursers?!

    Sounds like you all think coursers is what they were! With regards removing the attraction, we only had 1-2 I was aware of, which is almost certainly less after last night. Talked about electric gate at the bottom but if that's just going to get run down there's not a lot of point! Blooming difficult situation to manage!