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  1. Chezney

    best wellingtons up too £150

    +1 again. I wear wellies 10 hours per day 300 days a year doing tough work. I have tried almost everything listed above, and now wouldn’t buy anything other than Aigles, even if budget was £300
  2. Went and snapped. Got a new one for £25. Has anyone replaced this themselves? If so, how hard was it? Or should I just take it to the smith
  3. Chezney

    New pup (night times)

    Thanks for all the input. She can’t dump too far from her bed, but far enough so that she doesn’t get covered if she does. I hope that helps. I’ll get her out slightly earlier tonight. Doing the command and big praise, this works well during the day, just need her to go at the right times now!
  4. Chezney

    New pup (night times)

    Thanks. I did so. All disinfected etc. When I went down at 3am each time. First time the bed had to go in the wash 🙈
  5. Hi all, Have recently got a new lab pup (pictures to follow), had her a week now and she’s almost 10 weeks old. Shes generally very good, learning fast, settled (had 3 nights no noise now). The problem is I’m still having trouble with dumping in the crate at night. Feed her at 5-5.30PM, have a run around at about 6.30 and usually a dump, after that a bit of sleeping and indoor play, regular trips outside including the last one at 10.30ish PM. Settle to sleep for 15 mins then in the crate. I then come down at 2.45AM to let her out then 6.30AM for morning routine. I’ve come down twice now to a dump in the crate at 2.45AM, both times she hasn’t dumped at the last visit out, but had one 8.30PM or so. Does this seem like a reasonable routine to achieve a clean night? Should I just stick to it and let her learn or modify it depending on evening antics, such as go down at 1AM if no dump at last visit out? Am I missing anything? She’s very good at going to bed and sleeping, but obviously just feels the urge at night! Also, has never wee’d at night in the crate. A poo-ey problem! Thanks in advance, Chezney
  6. Hi all, Has anyone altered (taken out) Harkila breeks? If so, how much room is there to do so? I’m 33” waist so wondering whether to have 32” taken out. Finally, and potentially more importantly as I’m looking to buy online, what kind of ‘fit’ is the gear generally. Small/fair/big? Any input welcome! Cheers
  7. Chezney

    20 Bore Bismuth

  8. Chezney

    20 Bore Bismuth

    Hi all, I have a slab of Eley Grand Prix Bismuth Forest (2 1/2", 5, 25g) left. £150 Located near Bath
  9. Chezney

    Beretta Sv10 prevail 12 gauge

    This is worth all of this, brilliant gun. I’d have it if I didn’t already have 2 😂
  10. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    Thank so Figgy, think that's what I'm going to do. I saw johnnyoftheboys tests, very surprising, but interesting. I'm now looking to source some good components, any pointers from anyone would be appreciated! 👍🏽
  11. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    In that case I shall look for data and worry less about speed. Lots of the powder companies data comes with a large choice of case make. Is there a vast difference between makes? Cheddite cases seem by far the most readily available, but then there is a choice of brass length that I couldn't see was differentiated between on these websites - again is there much difference? Diss, out of interest what cases do you use for your 28's? thanks
  12. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    Going through clays.. I used to consistently hit more with a cartridge apparently at 1500 than another that was apparently 1200. 1200 was certainly a cheapo cartridge, perhaps this was the difference, but I put it down to speed. I'm not saying speed is all I want, but to be comparable with cartridges I'm currently using would make an easier transition. I appreciate what you're saying. When looking through powder manufacturers data it didn't seem like all components were readily available in the UK, hence my asking for peoples experience that I could then try and cross reference with reliable data.
  13. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    It's a good point. I'd sooner see a consistent pattern, but I do find I go much better with a faster cartridge if all other things are equal. Could a fast(er) cartridge not also be good quality?
  14. Chezney

    Some like it fast!

    "We" being myself and the two people that would potentially also use my loads