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  1. It’s a good topic to discuss, clearly you’re very aware of it, perhaps then more of interest to those thinking of doing it. Ruptured anything clearly is game over, interestingly eyes popping out in fish is actually reversible. I’m very much the same thinking as you, I eat what I catch and stop when I’ve got enough. I’ve learned the technique from areas in the world where it’s mandatory (Alaska with Yelloweye for example), farcical when the fish is dead, but nonetheless mandatory!! Looks great, and I very much look forward to getting over to NZ
  2. Great pictures and description! As a point of interest for you, when deep drop fishing, a form of catch and release can be practiced using a deep water release device. It sounds like all you caught was tasty, but they’re incredibly inexpensive and survival rates are good for fish returned to the depths. Something to consider perhaps!
  3. Hi all, just a bit of advice wanted as putting duck sown for the first time this year on three ponds, 250 total. My few questions are: Can I just release them, or do I need a pen? shall I provide an artificial island on the ponds that don’t have one? Whats the best method/type of feeding for ease of management and willingness to fly? cheers
  4. There’s a pinned post in the wanted section, not sure if they’re still buying but worth having a read
  5. 🤣 shut the door on your way out!!
  6. Is it true that kiwi turkeys are not good eating in months with R’s in them?
  7. Compared with Labrador print and my thumb
  8. I’ll try and get some better pictures with scale. I will also put a trail cam up.. 🧐
  9. You reckon? That small?
  10. Found this track on a bit of mud under a bridge. Isolated from other land so assume it’s of an animal happy in water. Approximately 4-5cm. Idea ideas on its owner?!
  11. Never a healthy sign seeing one in broad daylight
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