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  1. Hi. Is this a grade 5? im after one for a miroku mk70 and believe this is the same. I’m assuming it has no cracks also. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I phoned Tim greenwood today and he assured me he’s done 100s of them broken in that place and his repair will work so I might give them a go. Mr gen who is doing your repair?
  3. The same place. It’s snapped from the tang around to the safety catch. Both sides covering the action fell of once I removed the stock bolt.
  4. Don’t think a repair will last. Also once it’s repaired I wouldn’t want to sell it and not be honest about the repair.
  5. I have tried them thanks. They had 3 before lock down. All sold. They sent me a bashed up grade 1 to use for know until I can find a grade 5. I want to sell the gun so to get my money back I really need a nice stock on it.
  6. I have managed to break my grade 5 stock on my miroku mk70. Does anyone have a replacement. Thanks.
  7. Sorry my mistake it’s a field which is the game version. The shop told me they only do a game version in 20b but the internet tells me otherwise. Thanks for the message I’ll adjust the add 👍 👍
  8. I was told they don’t make a sporter they only come as a game gun but It is a field game gun. I like it but just don’t use it enough too justify keeping it Thanks
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