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  1. Cheers for the help. I went threaded bar and resin and it’s worked perfectly. a lot easier than I thought it would be as well.
  2. Ok, there’s too many people saying to do this to not to, if that makes sense. Never done or know anyone who’s done this so would this threaded bar but suitable and does it come with the fixings? https://www.bs8-firewall.toolstation.com/fischer-ftr-m-threaded-stud/p52924 I've only got a ****ty hacksaw to cut through this, won’t need anything higher duty will I? Is this the resin I need? https://www.bs8-firewall.toolstation.com/everbuild-anchorset-green-300-chemical-anchor/p11337 cheers for the help
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I have some of the 10m rawl bolts but going to try the concrete bolts first. If the first one doesn’t work, use the rawl bolts if they don’t work then it’s the threaded bar. not really fussed if it looks a state, the full wall is getting covered with wardrobes to hide the safe. it is thermalite block though.
  4. I’m moving house from a nice solid brick wall house to a new build with dot and dab walls. I’ve never fixed anything to dot and dab before but the location I’ve planned is an external wall. I was either thinking of cutting out the plasterboard and fixing straight to a wall or just using longer anchor bolts and going straight through the dot and dab. anyone got experience as I need to do it this weekend.
  5. Hi Mark, are there spots still available?
  6. So I picked up a 425, I like the gun and have put about a 1000 cartridges through it now. I am used to cleaning and oiling guns, more rifles but it's pretty easy to figure out how to take care of my new purchase. What's the best way to clean the stock? I have found this thread on here Which looks like the stock is a varnished wood. Is it best to just get a decent furniture polish?
  7. Cheers I'll have a look in to it further. 👍
  8. Tyne and wear but I would be more than happy to travel on the weekends further afield to learn. Cheers for the messages so far.
  9. I've started at one of the clay clubs near me and I'm enjoying the shooting but would like to get in to the pigeon side of it.
  10. I've been looking through the sticky posts and wouldn't have even thought about wind direction and decoy patterns. With me coming in to this with no experience what so ever with shotguns never mind game shooting, what is the best way to learn? I have seen BASC is doing wood pigeon courses, are these a good starter to learn the basics?
  11. Cheers everyone, no doubt see you all up there.
  12. Cheers. I will get more time to shoot than the people I will shoot with. Is it possible to shoot on your own at Bywell?
  13. Cheers for the advice. I'm in no rush, it's tempting once you get the certificate to rush out and buy something, but I haven't had one for 32 years. What's another couple of weeks!
  14. Yeah I still find myself in the rifle stance when starting then have to correct myself. South shields. So far I've shot at Steve Smith's, going to take a trip up Weldon and bywell either this weekend or next to have a look about. Never shot with a double trigger but have seen Baikal and other versions of them on guntrader. Yeah I'm not the best at it to be fair, I seem to be able to nail anything coming toward me but going away I can be useless.
  15. Just received my SGC through the door and will be making a purchase in the next couple of weeks. As all of this is new to me my eyes are knacking from reading as much as possible. Only been clay shooting a couple of times but would like to try game when/if I get chance. I was thinking of going straight in for a silver pig or 525 and getting them fitted but with a house move coming up I'm gonna go for a cheap s/s or OU first and get some experience under my belt. Looking forward to more staying up at night reading through the forum in bed when I should be sleeping 😂
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