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  1. Hi guys just wondering where do people locate their magnets and flappers in a horseshoe pattern. If using both together and using them separately. Cheers Rory.
  2. Thanks for the Welcome oldypigeonpopper. Yeah I got mine from aa. I was really impressed by their value for money and build quality! Very robust. They had ran out of rotary’s to sell at the shooting show but gave me their owners personal number to call when home. And explain I was there! So I called and spoke to Andy Moss such a great guy really humble and sorted me out with a great deal on a magnet and flapper with batteries and a charger! Having already used their flapper with a friend I wanted one to and I must say they work great. He only took the money once the order had been dispatched and I received it next day. Got to say brilliant customer service and I definitely recommend them. Check them out guys www.aadecoys.com Cheers Rory.
  3. Thanks guys for your responses. Glad to be here. The reason I say it has two speed settings is because on the AA decoys website it states it is a two speed rotary. And when I attended the great British shooting show the guys from aa said it has two settings. Just wondered how you changed it up that’s all. I think I may give it a go first on the standard setting and see how it fairs, as it maybe that it’s absolutely suitable as it is. I guess I will wait and see. Not sure I want to fiddle two much with the wiring but I will have a look into that, good to know. Hopefully the speed will be sufficient to bring them in. I will look into speed controllers too. I guess it could be a case of trial and error. Thank you for your help guys! Rory.
  4. Hi guys I’m new to Pigeonwatch! I have read the forum plenty of times for tips and trusted opinions on our beloved sport. It’s been big help over the years!! I need some help with my recently purchased "aa decoys Rotary". I want to change the speed setting up a notch, I know it has a higher setting but don’t know how to change it up. Has anyone got any advice on this at all if so I would greatly appreciate your knowledge! And advice. Cheers guys Rory.
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