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  1. Hi not taken someone out for a bit.ive got about 1000 acres of rape this year birds just starting to hit in some areas. Going to let the numbers grow then ill start to take some people out so bear with me. Dave
  2. Hello all. I'm new to pigeon Watch and just trying to navigate through the site on this phone... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Here's a little about me. My name is Adam, 33, married, I have a dog, no kids, I work in the a Dementia specialist care home. I love the country, dogs, camping, shooting, motorcycles, metal detecting, photography & my truck! I have been shooting for about a year, and would really like to get into Decoying! I have had the idea of starting decoying since just after I started shooting, but finding my own permissions have been challenging, as I'm sure your all aware.
  3. Hello all. I'm hoping to be able to find someone I can go decoying with. I'll start with a short'ish intro as I'm new here. My name is Adam, 33, married, I have a dog, no kids, I work in the a Dementia specialist care home. I love the country, dogs, camping, shooting, motorcycles, metal detecting, photography & my truck! I have been shooting for about a year, and would really like to get into Decoying! I have had the idea of starting decoying since just after I started shooting, but finding my own permissions have been challenging as I'm sure your all aware. I have b
  4. Hi guys, Hope everyone is ok. I hope you guys dont mind me asking,but. Is there anyone on the forum in the Dorset, Wiltshire area that will need a hand with pigeon control after this lockdown is lifted. If there is, then I would be more than happy to help. please inbox me. Cheers guy's shooter1966
  5. For the 1st time, sugar beet is going to be grown on one of my permissions. Should I become excited? If so, at what stage of the growing cycle? Will they go for it when drilled. sprouting, harvested or not at all?? I have no idea on what to hope for, except there was some last year on the next farm, as I see chunks of beet on the surface after harvest, with no interest being shown. I hadn't spotted it at drilling time so don't know if it was attacked then. Should I buy a few flats of ammo??? Cheers, Kitchrat
  6. Hi guys I’m new to Pigeonwatch! I have read the forum plenty of times for tips and trusted opinions on our beloved sport. It’s been big help over the years!! I need some help with my recently purchased "aa decoys Rotary". I want to change the speed setting up a notch, I know it has a higher setting but don’t know how to change it up. Has anyone got any advice on this at all if so I would greatly appreciate your knowledge! And advice. Cheers guys Rory.
  7. Its that time of year again. 1 gun for Saturday 27/07/19 meet for 7am shot untill 1ish . Must have own gear and insurance. 😀 Dave.
  8. Hi guys just wondering where do people locate their magnets and flappers in a horseshoe pattern. If using both together and using them separately. Cheers Rory.
  9. For more information link here - Provides concealment with excellent visibility - Pop open frame with roof canopy makes for easy quick set up - Comfortable for 2 people to easily shoot, watch or photograph - Hay Bale style design with roof cover canopy - Mesh panels allow extra stubble grass foliage to be added - Weight 7 kg approx - Comes with carry bag - Mesh canopy cover top design gives excellent visibility without being seen - Easy access zip open door - 4 Windows each with mesh cover panels - Height 145 cm and width 145 cm approx
  10. Hi there, I am looking for any sort of Pigeon Shooting equipment, Decoys, Magnets, Hide Nets, Poles, Flappers, the lot. Let me know what you have got and what you want for it! Thanks RJD121
  11. This was last Sunday, my shooting was still off but we got a pretty good bag. In Hindsight we definitely should have had the decoys and magnet ten yards closer.
  12. It poured down with rain as we were about to set-up, and then after that it was quiet for an hour or so. Towards lunchtime the Crows started coming in. Hope you enjoy the footage
  13. 1 Gun for sunday on the Drill must have own gear and insurance will meet for 7 am shoot untill about 1 pm se how it goes will pop out tomorrow to see whats about . Dave
  14. Tried out the fresh pea drilling this weekend found the birds were not keen to decoy and shot most flying over the pattern. Not sure why the birds won't decoy as they usually will this time of year ? Picked up 20 and pricked a few more Hope to get a few more when they start to sprout..... Not a big bag but nice to get out and be in the fresh spring air ! Had a few Deer creep up on me too.....
  15. Caveat: new to pigeon shooting so please bear in mind - no advice will be too basic My permission is a smallish cattle farm with some woods and mainly pasture. I have identified a flightline across the fields and set a hide and decoys as per the general advice (pattern, wind direction etc) but nothing. I assume that this is because of two possible reasons: 1) They would not generally feed on these fields so it would be unnatural for them to come down irrespective of the decoys. I have read that some people have had some success decoying on pasture......?? 2) The flightline seem
  16. Hi, Myself and a friend are looking for some pigeon shooting in the Surrey and surrounding areas. We are both very experienced shots and have been shooting for 10+ years. We hold shotgun and firearms licenses along with BASC insurance. We also have trained gun dogs for pickups and we always leave land as it was before we arrived. We are happy enough to pay for this privilege so if you have any suitable land please get in touch. Many thanks, Simon
  17. I have space for one gun tomorrow 12/01/14 Must have sgc and insurance and decoys.The shooting is near Maidstone
  18. Felling a little excited........ Ringers originals sock decoys a week away...... check our website for more pictures and details... Thanks guys and merry Christmas... http://www.ringersoriginals.com/home/4581457417?preview=Y
  19. Ringers Originals Decoy Socks - Landing Soon Fully Available Mid-Late December Secure Yours On Pre-Order Only £39.99 X10 Covers
  20. I have done a bit of decoying before but only ever with static decoys. Now the opportunity has come up that i will be able to do some more especially over winter on oil seed rape etc. I am looking to buy either a flapper or a rotary decoy as with so much 'food' around for the pigeon, I expect I will need movement to bring them in. Could you please help me with this decision. Giving reasons for each and where you can buy good ones that don't cost an arm and a leg....... Any other advice on shooting pigeons over oil seed rape in winter would also be very helpful!!! Many than
  21. Woodpigeon syndicate East Lincolnshire Due to large amounts of crop damage last year. Limited places available for a woodpigeon syndicate in East Lincolnshire. You may shoot syndicate land as many times as you wish. All members will be issued with field maps etc... Shooting over winter and spring drillings, late stubbles etc. Also approximately 2750 acres of winter rape. Total mixed cropping 6500 acres. Four syndicate roost shooting dates also included. Members can also control crows during this period. Advice on decoying bigger bags on winter rape will be giv
  22. http--youtube-6c27vgo4hy0 my 1st attempt to upload so dont no if it will work
  23. Hello all, I have a friendly family farm on the outskirts of Leicester, for the last year or so I have been renting out our shepherds hut to pigeon shooters. If anyone is interested then let me know. The concept is flexible, but what works well is for the shooters to arrive in the afternoon before the shoot day, so I can show you around the farm and point out some good spots. We can then use the quad to stash the decoying equipment into the hedge next to the chosen spot. Then after a couple of pints in the dog and gun you get a good nights sleep in the shepherds hut, get up ridicul
  24. Hi, Quite new to Decoying and have read the books watched videos and read lots of posts on here. Been out half a dozen times this year, best bag 16, and a couple of single figures. Anyway my questions is I watch for flight lines etc, set up and then the sky goes totally cold turkey, no pigeons what so ever! Am i missing a trick would love to have a day of over 50, I have a magnet good hide skills etc, just dont see lots of movement. Ideas please??
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