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  1. I have dropped you a private message mate
  2. Hi mate, That would be awesome. Just let me know once you ask. As I said I don't mind sharing with others. Any will be good. Thanks a lot for asking and helping out.
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for a place to shoot woodpigeon, crows, etc... around the West Midlands. I don't mind being with someone else and having to travel a bit. And I'm also ready to consider a syndicate. I'm 32, work as a medical doctor in Birmingham, responsible, law abiding, ready to help and keen to learn. Owns a shotgun and a shotgun certificate, and am a full member of BASC, therfore insured. If there's a good soul who is willing to take me on board, please let me know. Thanks in advance ☺
  4. Hey Guys, Thank you all for all the replies and help. It worked both by tapping the stock and by switching the barrels. My other O/U gun (Baikal) works differently and that is why I got worried. I know that firing without a snap cap or a live cartridge isn't good but I wanted to make the firing pins work. I have ordered a pair of snap caps but haven't arrived yet.
  5. Hey guys, Yesterday I got a second hand Winchester O/U gun in very good condition. So far I haven't fired it. When it is empty and I pull the trigger it the 1st firing pin releases (a click sound) but on the second pull of the trigger the 2nd firing doesn't release (no sound) Is this normal, simply because there are no cartridges in it? (I have ordered a couple of snap caps to try it with them) Or this means something is wrong? My old Baikal releases the 2nd firing pin on the second trigger pull.
  6. Thanks a lot guys. All the information you gave me was really useful. I will be moving ans settling down in the West Midlands next month. So I will have to start doing my homework when there. Do you know of any clubs there? Thanks again
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have some questions to ask if you don't mind helping me. I have moved to the UK 2 years ago from Malta to continue my medical training and work here as a doctor. In Malta I used to practice shooting for birds and rabbits. Now that I'm settled here I would like to get into the shooting practice in the UK. Can you please tell me what do I need to do step by step please? I understand that I need to have a club membership and be insured (ex: BASC membership) to practice, and having a shotgun certificate if I decide to own my shotgun.
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