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  1. Hi everyone i have a focus cc3 and i have just had to brake into my boot. i could not open the roof because the safety blind was'nt pulled over. so firstly all the rear seats out there is a small cut out in the metal and padding. cut and pull away all the padding then you will see the boot lining. push it and you will feel the blind running across get a sharp knife and cut a letter box hole in it. shine a torch in and you will see the blind. now i got a baton about 4 ft long and taped a wallpaper scraper on it. now if you poke the blind you will see you can move it in place you might need to tape the flap of the blind to the scraper.you will get it in place when you do the roof will work. now operate the roof but stop once the boot opened. turn off the key now go and move the blind back and climb in the boot space take off the boot lid lining now you need to take off the chrome handle there are 6 nuts holding it ( its hard but you can get them ) the centre brake light need to come out and the lights in the lid. but once i got mine off it was full of water really bad the number plate lights were under water anyway the boot switch can now come out you can get one on the net for £7.50 put it all back together job done. hope this helps someone
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