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  1. Thanks Dunks, I’m only lightly going over the original checkering to refresh it. I have already done the the fore grip and it’s looking pretty sweet. I may not have made myself out to be in what I have said but I’m pretty good with my hands. I have done bit of wood work before, just not with this sort of wood. I was just unsure about the condition of the wood and wanted to hear from people with knowledge in this sort of thing to help me out, which they have done beautifully.
  2. I did stumble upon this in a forum somewhere and was close to doing it until i read that it can be very harsh on the wood so decided not to. Would you soak the wood or just give it a quick scrub?
  3. That’s exactly what I am going to use. Read good things about Trade Secret. I was worried if it was some sort of damp what issues would arise after it was all sealed in, but after reading everyone’s comments saying it’s just part of the wood makes me feel better about it. I now just have to the laborious task of sanding it all down and re cutting the checkering. What is the best way of applying the rapid oil into the checkering without it filling it in too much? Is it best to only do one coat right on the last application of oil?
  4. It may well be part of the wood. It just doesn't look like it’s meant to be there and it’s only on that part of the stock, everywhere else looks really clean in comparison. I thought the Yeoman only used cheaper plain wood.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I was thinking it was damp because of how localised it was originally, when I first removed the finish, it didn’t seam to follow any grain and has since spread into follow more of the grain. I have used this gun in a lot of wet weather and the wood behind the but plate wasn’t protected so I assumed it may have gotten in there?
  6. Hi Everybody. Im hoping that someone could help me with a what I believe to be damp in the stock of my AYA Yeoman. What started out to be my first and supposedly simple re finish job turned into a bit of a nightmare. I believe it to be damp or some sort of mold. It goes right through the wood and can be seen from the inside when the but plate is removed. And only on the one side I have searched the Internet but can’t seem to find anything that relates. I did try some oxalic acid and soaked it for a couple of hours thinking it would lift it but It didn’t touch it. It did lift other stains form around the action but nothing on the this black stain. I even tried some bleach but again didn’t touch it. It also seems to be getting worse the longer it’s left un protected and in places it wasn’t in before. If someone could help a fellow gun lover out it would be much appreciated.
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