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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everybody. Im hoping that someone could help me with a what I believe to be damp in the stock of my AYA Yeoman. What started out to be my first and supposedly simple re finish job turned into a bit of a nightmare. I believe it to be damp or some sort of mold. It goes right through the wood and can be seen from the inside when the but plate is removed. And only on the one side I have searched the Internet but can’t seem to find anything that relates. I did try some oxalic acid and soaked it for a couple of hours thinking it would lift it but It didn’t touch it. It did lift other stains form around the action but nothing on the this black stain. I even tried some bleach but again didn’t touch it. It also seems to be getting worse the longer it’s left un protected and in places it wasn’t in before. If someone could help a fellow gun lover out it would be much appreciated.
  2. Following a discussion with 1066, inspired by me seeing this: https://www.secureitgunstorage.com/gun-safe/technology/ I have finally got round to my much cheaper DIY solution: Bought a cheap set of storage bins off eBay (VonHaus - £22) that came with the plastic racking panels. You can't see it in that photo but there is a second panel at the bottom. The top one needed some modifying to fit around the welded metal pieces in the cabinet (Sealey SEGS8) that hold the foam barrel supports in place but it is such a tight fit (had to be thumped in with a rubber mallet) that there aren't any screws/bolts actually stopping it from moving. The aforementioned supports have never been particularly good - for the barrel to actually fit in them means the rifle must be tilted back to clear the scope, which tends to make closing the door difficult. I'm going to design and 3D print my own clip in brackets. The white unit at the top is a caravan dehumidifier - Aldi special buy a couple of weeks ago. It's supposed to be rechargeable but it hasn't been in long. Next to it is a disposable dehumidifer (nearly full of water) and at the bottom is another rechargeable beanbag style dehum (which will need drying in the oven, I think). Stuck to the back of the door is a Napier vapour sachet thing. Moving my mods out of the ammo cabinet gives me more space in there so I've put some of the spare bins in to hold magazines, bolts, loose ammo etc. I also have space for my bipod and torches plus other bits and bobs that I might use - knives for example. Got plenty of little bins left for organising screws and stuff in the workshop too.
  3. I’m calling on the collective PW knowledge to help with the following. I have double driveway gates, each leaf is approximately 2m square. I will hang them off posts with adjustable hook and eye type hinges. The lower hook will carry the weight and I will reverse the upper hook to hold the gate in place and stop it being lifted off the hinges. Question is, with the gate construction pictured below, which would be the correct way round to hang them? Does the bracing direction make a difference? Assuming the picture is the back of the gate viewed from inside the driveway, my gut says “B” is correct. My thinking is the weight at the far end (end opposite the hinges) will be transferred down the diagonal brace and end at the solid bottom hinge and base of the post. Not sure if that logic is correct?
  4. Like many people on here I shoot from sticks made from B&Q garden stakes. I have a set of quads that I made and they're pretty good but difficult to move the aim point around should the quarry move slightly. A friend of mine came round to zero his rifle and bought with him a Kapita tripod system. It was extremely impressive, very well made but the price tag (£500) reflects that and it's more than I'd be prepared to spend. It's essentially a carbon fibre tripod with a ball mount on top. The ball mount supports the rifle but allows side-to-side as well as up-and-down movement. You can leave the rifle hanging off it and he demonstrated this with his Tikka T3x TAC (I think) - a heavy rifle. For those amongst us who are too cheap to spend out for something like this, I thought I'd have a go at making my own version. Having a 3D printer and a fairly good grasp of how to use the design software, I set about designing my own system. It actually took quite a lot of maths (which I enjoy) to figure out how to make it but by changing a single parameter I can remodel it into a bipod, tripod or virtually any number of legs. I also designed some ends to fit on the garden stakes and clamps to hold string to limit the spread of the legs. The whole tripod system consists of the following parts, plus M6 nuts and bolts to hold them together: 1) tripod body "hub" (3D printed) 2) screw on lid to hold ball in place and change friction (3D printed) 3) ball joint (3D printed) 4) spigot to mount to rifle (machined on my lathe from an M6 joining nut) 5) Picatinny sling adaptor with stud removed (bought from eBay - c. £5) 6) stake ends (3D printed) The Kapita system has a patented attachment method using magnets and a dedicated socket that needs to be inserted into the stock, although a Picatinny adaptor is available. I'm keen not to infringe their patent so haven't used any magnets (and frankly can't see what difference one would make). I also was not keen to drill my stock but fortunately had a spare with a Picatinny rail mounted underneath. To my surprise, it held the weight of the rifle (Sako P94S) without breaking, although there was a fair amount of flex in the system. At the time of manufacture I only had the red colour in stock but there is no reason it couldn't be printed in different colours (you can buy olive green filament, for example). The plastic used is PETG. The rod ends are really tight so don't sit quite as well as I'd like but a few minutes of fettling would make them fit better and it's trivial to change the dimensions in the CAD file (OpenSCAD, for those who are interested). Total cost of materials was under £20, including the sticks (£3.25 each), Picatinny adaptor (£5.89) and filament (£2.38). In use, the friction you can make by screwing the lid down tight isn't really enough to stop the rifle moving if you let go but it certainly lets you hold it quite still whilst moving the aim point around. Should be pretty quick to deploy in the field and the whole setup is very light. It doesn't fold up like the commercial product but then neither do my quad sticks and they're quite useful for support when walking on boggy ground
  5. I have for sale an Evolution Fury compound mitre saw, it was used to enable me to cut the skirting board and architraving for the house, it is no longer required and surplus to requirements, the blade is in good condition and apparently will cut wood, metal, plastics etc. it has a 1500 watt motor and comes complete with original box, instructions, accessories, when i bought it cost me £160.00 Buyer to collect from Derby area £50.00 Please contact me for further pics or info if required
  6. Not posed in these forums in a while and thought i would share my story/ on going project. A few months ago i was thinking about parting with my crumbling Renault Clio, motivated by the fact that three years driving around farm tracks hasn't kept it in 'best' condition and my insurance steadily declining from my first insurance quote of 2.5k on a 52 plate 1.2 punto i bought for 500 pound, to a more manageable 400 pound quote on my Clio more recently.. you know after five years of driving without accident or injury. My first cars were bought to the strict requirement of not being outstripped by passing butterflies, and not requiring a mortgage to insure. In five years Ive ran two punto's and this renault clio While in my family we seem to be very good at buying cars ( that is not to say that the cars we buy are very good ) we don't seem to be very good at selling them, my dad decided to part with one of the punto's that was being kept as a spare, despite the fact that it ran well for 2 years and i drove it 60 miles round every day for college, it was deemed far to unsafe for my younger sister, who was bought a mini at about double the cost of my first three cars combined, excuse me while i cough princess under my breath. Perhaps that's unfair, i have never had the best track record with looking after my vehicles, a couple of days after passing my test i blew the head gasket on my first punto when two miles out in the back and beyond we found out that the fan wasn't working in the punto, that wasn't my fault, but the issue was the fact that we had been ticking over in first across country, lights off, lamp out one window my friend perched on the window sill with the rifle. Play stopped due to the thick fog that dropped in, though we quickly realized the fog was coming from my bonnet. Which had to be refilled from a sheep trough three fields away; after the first trip with a sandwich bag with a hole in it failed, we had to use a wellie. Anyway, back to last month, I was leaving work having just watched my boss reverse into a large rock "thats what bumpers are for" and leaving with a larger than usual smile on my face, to visit my girlfriend. Driving steadily along at a cool 15 MPH thinking over cars i might like to get and thinking unhappy thoughts of trying to sell my old clio thankfully he in his infinite wisdom decided to show his hand; resulting in the most BTEC car crash you can imagine. I'm looking ahead at the next junction where i might make a u turn so I'm facing the right way for work in the morning, the next junction to my right is about 100 yards away and i see a car pull up to the junction, where she sits for several seconds, careering past the junction... at 15 miles an hour, i begin to pass in front of her and see that she had already started to pull out; the road is narrow but there is room for two cars, she is looking right I'm coming from her left. She is still looking right as she looks over hard right and pulls out to the left. Time slows, "Any second, any second now she will see me, she will see me and slam on, and probably mouth the word wnkr give my the first two and curse my for driving well within the speed limit and obeying the highway code; its clearly what she will do" I'm watching her as i pass and watching as she plants her foot down on the accelerator, crossing over the middle of the road and into the side of my car; she's still looking right, her foot is still on the accelerator. What could have been a small bump turns into a very slow and groaning crumpling of the drivers side back end of my car. Fantastic. Being the cool cat i am i lept out of the vehicle remained level headed and called my dad, i tend not to make a habit of car accidents and i genuinely had no idea what i had to do, i took pictures she gave me her insurance details, and admitted liability while the driver of the other vehicle helpfully stood there crying causing the net curtains up and down the street to flicker with interest. Fast forward the next day i hear that the other driver true to her word took full liability for the crash the visible damage to my vehicle can only be described by imagining what it would look like of a car accelerated into the drivers side rear door. Also on the drivers side front the suspension or damper of whatever it was had collapsed. As you can tell I'm very much a car guy and i honestly couldn't have given a flying one; the car was still quite considerably faster than walking. Anyway i hope you enjoyed my rambling preamble setting the scene for whats to come; i needed a new car. Most of the time i work from home, i took the hire car offered but can honestly say it did very few miles with me; amazingly it still managed to drink plenty of fuel and despite being nearly brand new it was sluggish on the road, the accelerator was unresponsive in the first 3/4 of its travel and the rear window was more like a cat flap; this helped because although i have never considered a 17 plate renault clio, i now knew i didn't want one. With the car returned i was no closer to finding a replacement vehicle, i insured myself on a spare vehicle we have and use for towing, but it was frustrating to find on a weekend, it was already in use or someone had plans for it between, 11 and half 3. So i was a bit stuck. I quite fancied a discovery 3, though i knew i couldn't afford or run one, because everyone i knew told me "seriously, dont do it" i listened to this advice but a discovery 2 seemed like not such a bad idea, somewhat less electronics to go wrong and proven to go on into high mileage; which on my budget id be lucky to find something at 120k miles. Hours of window shopping and still no car; do i just buy an old junker and see how long it lasts, or do i try and buy something properly and right? Family advice was not all that helpful, mum; 'just get what you want all cars are a money pit anyway', Dad; ' You are an idiot ' while both were frankly close to the truth, none got me any closer to getting a vehicle. Weighing up my options a defender seemed most attractive, i grew up working with dad on series landrovers and we have owned sation wagons, safari thingys, light weight, series 1, 2 a and b and series 3 along side to every workshop becoming a home for various bits and pieces , and what is a defender but series with some inner wheel arches anyway. Surprisingly the defender had relatively cheap insurance, fitted the bill for being able to tow, suitable for throwing the dog in the back, affordable in the way that if anything goes wrong i can probably do it myself. That's decided then; a defender. I'm not interested and Im not bothered, i don't care how many lame horses pull your car or how many TDI's live under the bonnet, i really don't know what it all means and it doesn't interest me enough to learn. This is my 'ignorance is bliss' outlook. What i do know and what is quickly confirmed is that anything i can afford is a piece of junk, the inflated values of these vehicles make that so. That being the case i wanted an honest piece of junk, not a polished piece of junk, i saw a few locally and quickly got bored with tapping bulkheads which were made out of filler. Id sooner have one obviously rusted through than one filled and filled and filled again. Back to eBay, the watch list now spiraling out of control with a plethora of inappropriate vehicles alerts on my phone every five minutes that another had sold, or was ending soon. Another weekend largely stuck at home, i had found one, i had spent all of 8 minutes looking at it.. looks alright, i mean rubbish really but sort of alright. "Dad, I think i might buy a defender ",... "don't, your stupid if you buy one", helpful. So that night i did what any really stupid person would do i sent the guy a message saying ill pay and collect it tomorrow, I'm presuming its a piece of junk? I asked.. well it does have its issues he replied and gave me a short list of issues you would expect to find on a defender vehicle of its age. Fine. Super. See you tomorrow. Done. Ignorance is bliss, tomorrow I'll have a new car. Sorted. My one stubby french beer having worn off the next morning i work to realize that i had actually given my word, so i spent the morning trying to arrange a friend to give my my 60 mile lift, after being laughed at solidly for half an hour 'you haven't even seen it!" i managed to find some friends good enough to give up their Sunday to help an idiot, Skulking out of the house after lunch i went to collect my new car, its a bit like buying a new gun, except you cant hide your indulgence in a cabinet. After quite a long time sitting in traffic, we got there, and the seller shook my hand, which one is the idiot? it was me of course, and i was now face to face with what i had done, it was great fun and easily one of the best decisions i have made that week. Something quite fun about driving a car you haven't seen 60 miles home in the dark, when you really have no idea if its up to the journey. One friend who came with me was a mechanic and quickly noted that it had no coolant, could do with some oil, and that three wheel bearings needed attention; this is the tip of the iceberg, the drivers side footwell needs patching, the passenger side outrigger need replacing, the drivers side door pillar is rusting, the bulk head near the drivers side is starting to rust Most of the vent surround on the top of the bulk head has just gone on the passenger side, the door bottoms are gone and the door frames need repairs, the chasis needs a patch or two in places, treating with phosphoric and wax oiling. the front pads and discs needs doing, the rear door needs beating out after 'an argument with a trailer', Interior, is exactly what you expect; not brill. It got home fine. Needs sorting before the MOT in december so i'm up against it. I hope my post is not insulting to people who pride themselves on being real car guys - hope to share with you my progress and work on the vehicle and hopefully celebrate when i get it through an MOT, aim to share a few pictures with you along the way, be doing all the work myself.
  7. Hi everyone, I needed some new pegs for my shell decoys, and decided to try making a few myself. I had the materials lying around in the garage (garden canes, pop rivets, superglue and kitchen towel) but I'm guessing that each one of these costs something less than 20p to make. A wee 4mm drill hole through the shell's back receives the pop rivet with enough room to let the decoy bounce just a little in the breeze. A wee coat of matt grey spray paint should stop the rivet from flashing in the sunlight. I'm sure I won't be the first person who's come up with this, but quite pleased with the idea. Will try them out on Wednesday.
  8. My brother managed to break the stock on this Powell boxlock. Wondering if it can be repaired or is it a case of a new stock? The guns not worth much but has some sentimental value, so don't want to scrap it but also don't think I can justify some of the prices I've been quoted for restocking. Would cascamite hold? Or is the break too bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Photos to follow.
  9. The screen image on my DIY set up doesn't seem to have the clarity that I have seen on other DIY set ups such as vids posted on here and youtube. Any pointers from those that have pioneered the DIY builds on here? It tends to be really poor in the higher mag range say from about 6 upwards Camera is EJ230 through a non AO 3-9 x 50 scope and 4" screen. Illumination T20 with IR from ludicrous lumens. Would a scope with AO improve this at all. Thanks in advance for any help you can give
  10. hi all I have a problem with line of sight through my scopes on my rifles basically the combs are to low . I sorted the problem on my .243 ruger synthetic paddle stock with a beartooth slip on comb raiser kit and it made a massive difference to my shooting . so I had a think did I want to put the same on my brno mod 2e .22lr .........I decided nah lets do an adjustable comb kit so had a look around and got a few ideas on what they look like inc measurements etc . managed to buy a good std stock from a guy on SD for £30 got some ally bar from local scrap yard £3 and went to see a good mate who has a lathe .......3.5 hrs later and I have the kit ready to fit . wrapped the stock in masking tape spent a while marking it out for cutting and disappeared into the shed to attack with the band saw and pillar drill so once its all together ill get some pics up . but I now have the quandary do sand and finish the whole stock or just oil the faces of the cut section
  11. Another year passes, members come and go, so... Full or 3 half guns available for safe gun (ideally with dog) for long established (51st year!) syndicate shooting north west of Pickering (North Yorkshire). 2000 birds down to (mainly) woodland. Shooting every Wednesday November onwards (half guns alternate weeks). Wednesday shoot... 2000 birds down, 14 or so Wednesdays (every wednesday from about 1st November plus maybe a couple of Saturdays if numbers permit (birds remaining and guns wanting to take part)) generally with an extra 'final' day in the last week. Half guns shoot (about) every other week - tweaked a bit to ensure that they get to shoot all the drives. Costs About £750 for half gun, £1350 for full gun. Currently about 8 full guns and 12(?) or so half guns Pickering forest. Bags in the 60-80 average - but several will break the 100 barrier- particularly in late season. Long established shoot, bossfella has been in charge for more than 50 years! (and I am advertising for him but address questions to me by pm in first place) 16 guns per day, 8 per team. typically 6 drives per day, hot pies after 2nd drive (at a fiver contribution to costs - but also pays for end of season shoot meal) - shoot through then go to local pub for slap up dinner for a tenner - guaranteed to include chips! Walk/Stand format, and everyone gets involve with shoot running - average about one workday per month (which are actually quite fun!) and some feed distribution during the season. Shoot has trailer to transport people around rather than a convoy of vehicles. Oh, and we have a couple of clay pigeon days at local 'sporting grounds' one in May, one in September - both shoots invited - pub after! PM for full details.
  12. i was round my friends house the other week, shooting random objects in his garden with the air rifle. Great few hours. One interesting target was these big thick candles. you could see the entrance and exit holes. so that night it got me thinking on ballistic blocks ive seen on programs on the discovery channel. anyway... quick search on the interent and that was it! There is lots of Homemade recipes knocking about on the internet on how to make homemade Ballistic Gel, so out of curiousity... i gave it a go!!! As you can see, all you need is a few packs of Gelatine. They cost about 65p each. 2 containers, a way of mixing the solution and a way of messuring water. in my case, a pint glass! Looking at the instructions on the back, i stated that one sachet soldifys one pint of liquid. so i put in as many pints of warm water into the container as possible. poured in the required amount of sachets. i did one extra to make sure it soldified! Gave it a good mix. now have to let the foam on the top settle, this took about 15 minutes Then 12 hours in the fridge! 12 hours later... perfectly formed jelly! Sealed it up, and floated it in hot water to let it remelt. this took about an hour in the meantime, drop of oil in the second container and smear it around. this is just so when it forms the next time. it isnt stuck to the container! Container smeared with oil. not sure if you can see it or not. Once the Gel had melted again. had to transfer it from the orginal container to the oil smeared container. as you can see... i did this outside just incase i made a mess! and in the fridge it goes.... when i was looking at recipes online. the time varied on how long to leave it in for this time. some said 24 hours some said 36 hours took a chance at 24 hours in the fridge. as you can see. it had formed again but was only 90% ready. 2 of the corners were not fully set There was a few oil drops on the top as well. as you can see. Lessons for next time. it needs 36 hours! and a little less oil. Hope this guide is useful to someone.
  13. Evening all. Just a quick thank-you to all those who have posted on these forums over the years. I have been to them on a number of times and find them a mine of information. So, 2 days ago i decieded that I should get envolved and reather than just reading, I should post. Well I finally figured it out and here's my offering. Not a lot, but i find these two items handy. DIY gun rest. Here's how I made mine. Cost less than £4 and you don't need a seperate pole to carry into the field. Need to get yourself to a fixings outlet.. I used Vanguard fixings in Southampton. People that i use for work sometimes. Bought pipe clamps/brackets as follows.... (get the ones with rubber grips, holds on hide pole better and protects your gun) 1/4 inch or 12-15mm pipe clamp ( adjust for your own hide poles) the pipe clamps come with nuts welded on (make sure it's the same as the stud bar or bolt your going to use) 21/2" of 10mm stud bar (I actually cut down spare bolt hanging around) 4" or 95-103mm pipe clamp. Once again clamps come with a nut on. 2 x 10mm wing nuts (or hex nut if going to be more perminant on your hide pole) It's all simple stuff and saves a bit of money. OK...... Here comes the science......... pictures speak a thousand words I used wing nuts so i can add and remove the gun rest when in transit, but you could easily leave them on. It's not that bulky. If you buy 2 lots of the clamps you could substitute the larger 4" for somthing slightly smaller (measure your favouate thermos mug) and "hey presto" you got yourself a safe place to put ya brew on cold and frosty morning Once again, thanks to those who post and share their knowledge. Merry xmas all
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