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  1. Well I spoke to the senior firearms officer for my area today and he said he can't really give me any hints. I need to send off a signed application to give him authority to have a snoop and go through the whole process in full. I can understand why but I was hoping he could have made a quick phone call. It seems like a lot of hassle when he might know if it could be a straight out no from the very beginning from 5 mins on the phone. I'll probably have to weigh it up a bit in my head. I'm by no means desperate to get the shotgun (quite the opposite actually) but it'll be nice to know beforehand so we know what to do with it.
  2. I noticed the police and courts can be pretty brutal regardless of how firearms ended up even remotely close to someone who isn't allowed them. I would like to think that I've turned my life around too. It's certainly unrecognisable from 8 years ago at least. I'm hoping how far I've come since means just as much as where I came from should I come under any scrutiny.
  3. It really is amazingly easy to figure out who I am if I did actually state the crime. I'm treading a fine line as much as a dare already. I don't really want to come across as being obstructive or suspicious by doing so but revealing any more would break the first rule of the Internet sadly. Any more and I would be identified in less than 10 seconds.
  4. Well yes I would, I think anyone would to be fair haha. Luckily it's not becauae he was apparently given no end of ridicule inside. His wake up call was "wake up sheep s****r" every single morning....apparently.
  5. No. I'm not into intimacy sheep. That guy was however a popular topic of convo when inside.
  6. It was a 12 month sentence total. I was let out earlier than though on a tag after just 3 months. Why wouldn't I want it? I never really do get rid of anything handed to me by loved ones who recently died, yet alone if my dad died.
  7. Not really. I didn't word it well. What happened was that earlier than expected I was called over for a meeting about my imminent release one afternoon. Afterwards I jumped on the phone and told my parents that I was about to be released the following morning where she told me the police were at the house inspecting the shotgun security. That's was pretty much all she said. In the evening when I was let out my cell again I went on the phone to try and find out more but I wasn't able to make a call as my phone account was deleted which they do as standard before release to stop the account being handed over to other prisoners. Morning came and I was taken to the reception where I was told to sign a form that they hurried over and said "basically you're not allowed anything that goes bang for 5 years". 10 minutes later I was released and almost immediately in breech of the very form I signed jusy 10 minutes earlier as the police who inspected the "shotgun" apparently said he didn't care whatsoever about the air rifles. When I got home 30 minutes later they were still on the living room floor where the police left them the day prior. Nothing much I could have done about it really. They did end up down my grandparents pretty quickly and I only just taken them back two months ago. I don't think they really would have cared anyway if I kept them from the "mehh, we dont care" impression I got. Not even my probation officer asked any questions about them.
  8. Nash I don't want to say sorry because thay combined with the year and sentnece is more than enough to find out who I am lol. It'll be something to bring up hopefully later this month with the certificate guy/woman, (keep forgetting their job title) It is indeed a cheapish one. I looks cheap but sure is built solid. The costs don't really bother me, I guess it'll just give me more of an incentive to shoot it rather than bung it in the back of the closet should I ever get it that is. I'll see if I can get in touch about it with whoever decides on licences later this month. Hopefully he might clear it up.
  9. It was a bit bizarre how nonchalant they were over it. They didn't even tell me afterwards that they'd been to have a check. I only found out afterwards from a by chance phone call to my mother hours before my phone account was terminated. They were more interested in the shotgun but my dad said "they don't really care" about the air rifles and they didn't even tell him I wasn't allowed to have them. They were never mentioned by anyone ever again, not even my probation officer. It gave me the hint that perhaps they were just going through the motions rather than any genuine concerns of safety.
  10. Good point. It's very likely to be the case where, assuming I get a certificate, to not even have a gun for the full 5 years the cert will be valid for. He's getting older and had serious health problems but he's by no means at deaths doorstep. I did look into deactivation a few months back but I heard it's quite the butchering process and rules out the gun ever being used again which I don't want. It'll be mainly for sentimental reasons but in a short of classic car way where I intend on using it occasionally. I might call up and the person dealing with certificates later this month during my time off. I'm hoping he might imply a yay or nay but being once prohibited but now no longer has muddied the water a bit.
  11. They were there even before I arrived home or knew anything of the ban. I wasn't able to move them over to my grandparents house when I'm not able to return home or even make a phone call. They were at my grandparents house immediately after as I mildly implied in my first post.
  12. Damn...that seems harsh. I noticed from what research I have done that it seems to be a bit of a postcode lottery. Surprisingly when I did come back out of prison the officer who visited my house didn't care in the slightest about the air rifles I had despite being freshly prohibited from owning anything that went pop at the time. They were even neatly laid out on the living room floor for me before I returned home.
  13. My offence is a rare offence that doesn't really pop up on the news often. The timeline of the offence combined with the the actual crime might be more than enough info to find out who I am which is why I'm reluctant to really say what it is. I'm not really trying to be secretive but I tried to give as much info as I could while remaining confident that I'm anonymous. You're indeed probably right about it making it harder to gauge my chances however by omitting it.
  14. I actually have no idea other than it being an over/under shotgun of unknown make but probably from Japan according to what a previous dealer has told my dad.
  15. First post here and it's probably a bit if an unusual one to start off my jolly adventures on this forum (hopefully) The title implies it all. As of recent my father has had some health scares and he isn't getting any younger. As a result we have recently started talking about wills. Not just him but pretty much the entire family due to a spate of health problems and deaths and he told me everything will be divided 50/50 with my sister but his shotgun will likely be given to me as my sister, being a classic lady, probably won't care much for it. This brings me on to the obvious problem I will inevitably face sooner or later of contacting the relevant licencing authorities and sticking my head above the parapets, if I like to or not, (I'm pretty sure I will have no other choice) to say I'm now the owner of a firearm I would ideally like to keep.. I was instead thinking it might be a lot more streamlined to apply for a shotgun certificate beforehand as I imagine dealing with one after my dad kicks the bucket would be awkward and frantic to say the least. I have two main problems however, One is my criminal record from late 2012. It's a fairly oldish conviction and my only brush, or shall I say drag over the coals naked with the law. It was a conviction that resulted in a 12 month prison sentence however it was not violent, not drug related, not a spontaneous loss of temper or against a vulnerable person. This was my only contact with the courts or police in any way, not even a single speeding ticket before or since. My second problem is my previous history depression which is just as old, starting in 2009 and ending in 2012 but I'm feeling much better now and have had no need to visit the doctors about it since. I can understand if they take a dim view as I would imagine it would raise some eyebrows however, lets move on to the positives. I have taken great efforts to change my ways so to speak. Since my conviction I have gotten a full time job, paid off two houses that I'm now the landlord of and I can't really ever envision repeating what I done as a result. The shotgun in question has also been in the house all my life until my parents divorce in 2015 along with two air rifles that did belong to me but are now back in my house from their long holiday at my grandparents residence. I hope it might give whoever is deciding on a potential certificate some confidence in knowing if I really wanted to get up to no good with guns in general, I probably would have by now in the 25+ years Iv'e been within 20 feet of them, even throughout my prohibited period. I'm not really interested in selling the gun as it means more to me sentimentally than financially and I imagine many people up and down the country every year are unwillingly put in the same situation that I will one day be in but I never really hear about the outcomes. I imagine that all you people on this site are fairly knowledgeable about firearms and the legal minefield surrounding them in the UK and are also a very broad and varied group of people, some might have criminal records, many not. What I'm asking is what do you think my prospects are of successfully being granted a shotgun cert? Do you think it might be a waste of time or something I should wait out a little longer to put a few more years behind the depression and crime? It's probably a case of just asking the authorities and finding out the old fashion black and white, yes no way but someone who might provide a hint or a very rough baseline for what might mount to a "no" would be great. Thanks all
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