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  1. YER TIZ Not bad for 43 years old. Think I am going to sell it. It's heavy.
  2. Agree only I shoot cylinder and skeet. Only at clays. YES!
  3. But how will you keep away the rampaging horde if you dont have enough fire power?😀
  4. Thanks but I actually asked has anyone else seen reference to 26" becoming the fashion. I dont really care what you all shoot.
  5. My shotgun shooting life is quite short actually. Did not start seriously till I was 75. Never had the money. Airguns yes shotguns no. Made up for it since!
  6. DUNKS

    Mot day

    That sneaky bit of rust you had not noticed!😀
  7. Several times recently I have read reference to 26" barrels being the new fashion. Anyone else noticed this? I dont want to start a war on what length is best but I would love to be shooting a "fashionable gun" instead of the odd man out.
  8. DUNKS

    Mot day

    Good luck. But you should really know which way it's going. Never had a fail yet! "touch wood"
  9. It's old now but there's always the classic. Woman in USA who crashed her new Winnebago. Sales guy had told her, Auto transmission and power steering. It drives it's self. So she went back to get a drink whilst driving on the freeway. I do believe she won her claim for damages.
  10. We now listen to the idiots instead of ignoring them. I do know some younger teachers and you are correct!
  11. I use my stiff leather slip with my 26" 525 I forced a tennis ball into the block end of the slip. Does the trick.
  12. I would agree. You also dont want to leave a product which is hygroscopic on your gun. In the 1950s RN shooting team our cleaning routine was a lot of boiling water poured into the breech end of the barrel via a cranked funnel after removing the bolt, then several dry 4X2 patches through on the standard pull through followed by a patch wet with oil which was not Youngs 303. Couple of dry ones through again before shooting next day.
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