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  1. DUNKS

    Guinness book

    Sorry I upset you so much. It was not my aim. I will not post again.
  2. Yep. As above ,i was a bit peeved but did the course, I was the only man there! Instructors were very good. Told us that you did not have to declare it to insurers and in fact they have no right to ask.
  3. DUNKS

    Guinness book

    How do I nominate a person? We have a woman who lives in a house at the bottom of our garden. Now the nice weather is here she and friends are out inn their garden. Just sitting AND SHE TALKS, I mean talks. I have been spending time in my little workshop at the bottom of my garden so I can hear her. Cant quite hear what she is saying but I can hear the drone of her voice. Got up yesterday 7.30 straight to my workshop to check on a bit of gluing I did the day before. She is in full swing. Long story short she was still at it 9.30 last night. She never stops to draw breath! Today again she's in full swing, Really should be nominated. How does she do it? What is it she's talking about. I do occasionally hear another voice but not for long. Thinking of taking round some throat lozenges.
  4. Good idea but I fear my firing pins would very soon destroy a pencil eraser. If snap caps are not required why do Beretta insist that you use them? I think they know a bit more about gun maintenance than me!
  5. There are paint strippers available which will rip it off but unfortunately not to the general public. Boatyards usually have a licence to buy it. otherwise as said Nitromores and patience.
  6. Similar in Canada. We have a daughter there and her new Honda civic "few years ago now" oil change interval was 5.000 miles to stay under warranty. BUT the service guy was talking of several customers who's cars had topped over half a million miles and still ran.
  7. It helps if you read the stickies mate. You may get more answers. OOhps looks as if you did.
  8. Nearest one I have found is the Ford Kuga. Very easy to get in and out of too. Would have one tomorrow if I had the money.
  9. Use what our neighbours do. Used diesel oil and an old wellington boot. What it smells like anyway.
  10. Lovely day out at the Melbourne marksmen bellringers bell target club annual barbecue. One of the members "kim" owns a few acres of land and every year there is a grand barbecue and shoot. Great to meet up with old friends for a shoot and a chat. 100 yard airgun range with knockdowns and targets also a shotgun range with clays. Just could not have been a better day, no wind at all and a club sponsored barby, as much as you can eat. Followed by Kims homemade lethal cocktail for those not driving. A wonderful start to what we all hope is the end of the lockdowns.
  11. My thoughts too. I would never advise a three gun cabinet. It's near impossible to get even 3 in.
  12. Thank you gents I was thinking only of the proofing charges. Obviously a lot more to it than that. I will stick to low power black powder cartridges in my old guns.
  13. Hi are you saying the proof houses are using a higher proofing charge these days? I thought the "rules" on how much they use were fixed!
  14. Just keep it as a black powder gun. As original.
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