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  1. Trust me it's going to get worse!
  2. Total waste of time for me. They all go away spotless clean and have been out several times for a bit of love and a polish!😁 Spose I could get them out again just to check.
  3. C'mon half each EH!👍 I am nearer than you!!!😁
  4. While on the subject of cleaning, have any of you guys tried Schmierfix grease? I am a sucker for different lubes and after using this I will not use anything else. I know there is conflict as to grease or oil but there is somewhere on most guns where a wipe of grease is best, Marvellous stuff and clean. Great for the boat too as it's salt water proof.
  5. I thought you would understand as you seem to like abbreviations instead of proper English
  6. Who's ever going to check. I know we must never break the law but how often is a semi checked to see it's capacity? I had such a sect 2 gun with the correct capacity on my renewal. Very efficient FEO who checked every serial number but not the capacity of my semi.
  7. DUNKS


    I expected to see more complaints that the virus has completely killed gun sales in the UK. Yes you can buy online, even have a gun posted RFD from a few gunshops where the owners live on site or have web sites but you cant collect it! No more face to face deals which is the only way I would buy/sell a gun. Or is the shotgun trade so depressed anyway as to be no matter?
  8. I o b b o I w h I p The seller will understand!
  9. Nothing from my shooting ground. My membership is due to expire. Not keen to renew, might never shoot there again.
  10. Nothing to do with this post you must understand. 12g cartridge filled with 65grains of black powder and coarse wire wool as a filler is very exiting. Tried some a week or so ago. You would not want it anywhere near petrol. Or even a dry field! Best to forget I even mentioned it!😁
  11. DUNKS


    Security at this time should have guns!
  12. DUNKS


    They told me they have closed all their holiday sites. Thousands upon thousands of holiday caravans on vast sites with clubs, play areas and pools all empty and like ghost towns must be very strange to be security on these sites.
  13. We had booked for a week away in Wales with Parkdene resorts. Of course we cant now go. Phoned up to see about a refund as we had paid in full. Expecting a fight I was surprised when the lass on the phone said fine sir give me your bank code and a full refund will be with you shortly. I appreciate the guvmint is re embursing these folk but you don't expect this treatment in the UK.
  14. DUNKS

    face masks

    Recd my two masks today. Great bits of kit. They just could save my life. I am one of the ones at great risk, 83 years old with a bad heart. Thanks a million I will of course donate.
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