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  1. I would be the first to buy one.
  2. Yes I would try switching to fire top first for a while If it then refuses to fire the bottom one your problem is solved as has been explained.
  3. Thank you for the information. It's nice "also important" that this sort of information is passed on and not lost in time as so much word of mouth history is.
  4. I own and shoot a beautiful turn of the century Richard Ellis and Son English hammer gun. The gun is sleeved to the highest order. Balance is perfect and it shoots true. The fact that the gun is sleeved allows me on my limited budget a chance to own and shoot such a gun. Had it had the original barrels in perfect condition it would have been out of my reach. I also have a Daintith. again English and around the same date which has stunning woodwork and engraving. Also has cosmetically beautiful Damascus barrels which are terrible in the bores. Tight on the face but obviously out of proof. I would love to have it sleeved but the the gun is not worth the expense and half it's beauty is its useless barrels. .
  5. Not recommending it but we were at a charity clay shoot a week ago and a guy there "a helper" had sprayed his cheap nylon outfit with a whole can of WD40. It rained in biblical proportions most of the day and he ended up dry as a bone.
  7. OK I got fed up and didn't read them all. SO we both got it right.💎
  8. Drove down the beach in shallow water as the tide went out. so tracks obliterated. Drove off after tide was well out. Simples!
  9. Me too! We have a family of crows which increases every year. Virtually no other birds at all now.
  10. I have never played at it but air gunners shoot in competition at targets at various distances and heights. I do believe they take it quite seriously.
  11. New HFT course at Lakeside clay ground near Wymeswold Leics. Looks like a fun course with targets in trees and on an island in a fishing lake. The course is open to all for a play.
  12. I was more thinking of Salome as in the soldiers song. Not in the biblical sense. I am not repeating it here, you will have to google it but she is quite a gal!
  13. You mean something like Salome if you had a daughter?
  14. Just what I need for black powder!
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