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  1. My son prefers to shoot in gloves, he uses the ones issued to him as a RAF pilot. They are very thin and grippy.
  2. Thanks I thought as much. This slow rusting takes such an age.
  3. Thanks. What major manufacturer did he work for?
  4. Does anyone know "no guesses" How do the major gun manufacturers Blue their barrels. I am aware of the slow rust system and I do this, but it's so time consuming I cant see them doing it/ Hot chemical is also a way but not on soldered barrels. Anyone know for sure please.
  5. DUNKS

    Kitchen utensils/glue

    Gorilla glue will do it and it's waterproof. be careful as it expands as it sets. wipe it off when it does or you aint going to get it off It's really good stuff.
  6. Sills are Ok after around 2004.
  7. I have a 2.2 diesel manual top of the range Sovereign one of the last made in 2010 had it for three years. now has 75,000 on the clock. Early ones were rust buckets "2002" and there was a facelift around 2016 which solved some problems. Engine and manual gearbox are bomb proof "fitted to a zillion Ford Transits" Any garage can fix and service it at reasonable cost. Mine is a joy to drive and I can get over 60mpg. Has not cost me a penny in repairs BUT. It is a Jaguar and can cost you a fortune.
  8. I saw that one. Whatever did she fall on? A working lawnmower?
  9. DUNKS


    Don't forget to give them six feet!
  10. I have a Witness lambfoot. Traditional one blade knife looks the part and a lovely bit of razor sharp steel. Although for cutting ability you aint going to beat an Opinel
  11. The more you scratch it the worse it will get too! Could be a tick. Have you made a will? Just saying.😁
  12. On the reloading forums I have often seen reference to reusing plastic wads. Even modifying them.
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