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  1. Just an aside. I have read on a USA forum that a mixture of 75% ATF. "automatic transmission fluid" To 25% paraffin or turps makes perhaps the best goo for freeing locked nuts and works on chokes. Couple of days soak will free the most stuck choles. Just stand muzzles in a few inches of the fluid.
  2. Hi coild you please tell me what chest size you are? What chest size do you think the jacket might bea good fit? Thanks
  3. A sad tale but the OP knows what he is! I shoot clays every week and actually enjoy cleaning my guns. Very satisfactory to clean off ever bit of grease and re lube every outing. I have been a sucker for specialist oils and greases all my shooting life, and whilst I realise that a thin coat of good old3 in 1 is probably all you need I am still drawn to the expensive. Current favourite is SCHMEIRFIX grease. Super sticky and stays where it's put. You need such a small amount. Chokes are removed every two weeks and even then there seems no need!
  4. I could actually have beat him on this one. Saw the ad minutes after it was placed. BUT IV'E JUST SOLD MY 20!
  5. DUNKS


    I very much like that.
  6. Hi is there a problem with this site? I get two pages of same ad.
  7. DUNKS


    Yep. Bit slow for me but he's a damn good actor!
  8. I prefer the hard plastic ones they seem to mount better and never catch on clothes
  9. DUNKS

    Apache helicopters

    Just dont annoy them. They bite!
  10. Sorted thanks. It will be used for finishing the cabins on boats. Lovely wood.
  11. You are correct of course it's the top one which floats. I got it *** backards.
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