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  1. The spring and plastic bit are parts of a Lee Loadall
  2. Why blame AA when the decision to stop making the 200 was from CZ? If they cant get them they sure cant sell em!
  3. I found retail dont like stocking them there are so many different ones. Rather sell you a new complete tap
  4. There are lots of Musto jackets ranging from £250 down. Which one is yours please. A photo will help you to sell it.
  5. Could be of course but no use speculating with so little information. Was the gun a pistol or rifle . Be interesting when the full details are known. Still a terrible thing to happen.
  6. DUNKS


    Thanks mine are bright green with no indication of turning. They are huge!
  7. DUNKS


    Hi any suggestions welcome. I have a self set tomato plant in the garden laden with huge unripe tomatoes. Only one has gone red I fear the early frosts are going to get them as they dont seem to be turning. Any suggestions as to how to ripen them please.
  8. Before or after the armed response team arrived!😀
  9. Hi lovely gun. When you say "long" you really do mean long.😃
  10. Yep any warning light is a fail but brother in laws cars has passed twice with airbag light on.
  11. ACF 50 will protect the exterior of your metalwork but the internals of the action will still suffer.. Only way I fear is to cure the damp
  12. Cant help I am afraid. Just recently done mine and like the video the cartridge did just lift out.
  13. If I had money and a FAC " I have neither" a top London double rifle would always be in my cabinet. The top makers seem to put great effort into making them the most beautiful guns out there. JMHO
  14. Certainly not going to give it back but i agree it should be means tested. Although I can only easily afford to pay my way due to fifty years of work with never a day off. Do the ones "who by their own choice" have never done a days work deserve the payment more?
  15. Good old guvmint Just got our winter fuel payment letters £150 each for me and wifey. Keep me in clays for a while that will!
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