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  1. I do! But on around 5000 miles. Oil is cheap enough and short runs not giving even a small engine time to warm up are an engine killer,
  2. DUNKS

    Auto A5

    I sent an email to browning and got a reply by return with the dates and spec of my 525.
  3. Google GMK Beretta UK. Follow the contact us links and ask the people who will know.. I have always had a reply within a day or so.
  4. I have the advantage of being 83 and an avid reader. Any book I read over a few weeks ago is fair game cos I will have forgotten the plot!
  5. The Patrick Obrien collection. Just about to read the whole series "16 books" for the fourth time. Best sea going books ever written.
  6. DUNKS


    Crushed walnut shell is best if you can find any.
  7. Here's what happens when someone polishes the action on a shotgun. Completely ruined in some eyes. I love it. T WILD built early this century. Lovely tight black powder gun. Been after one for ages to do a bit of black powder shooting.. Has obviously had a few re furbs but still shooting and over 100 years old.
  8. Don't swop because it's what other folk do. Stick with the SXS it's what you hit things with that counts.
  9. Sorry I need them all!
  10. DUNKS

    Stock refinishing

    Please bear in mind that modern two part lacquer is excellent stuff and can be a real pig to remove. The older stuff is not so bad.
  11. Possible "impulse" buys because the gun is new and different. Then realizing that different is not always a good thing. If you can believe them the gun gets excellent reviews. Tizz a bit of a funny colour though!
  12. It is but you are too late on this one SOLD SOLD SOLD
  13. There is a beaut at Hadfield guns. Looks to have had very little use . Best tightest Damascus I have ever seen.
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