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  1. Yep I worked with Simon Mellors for several years. Seemed a lovely guy. He was my sample maker. He murdered two women then hanged himself while in prison.
  2. DUNKS

    Tickling a spider

    I have a giant one in my garage. he/she actually rears up at you if you put a finger too close.
  3. Yep tracked him on my computer. Did the same when he did the Fastnet a couple of years ago. Yesterday he came 180th out of 1100 and 18th out of 150 in his class. Well chuffed.
  4. He's just finished. looks as if he was well placed. Good fast race.
  5. Thanks his boat is white!!!😃 300 in his class.
  6. Hi my little lad is doing this race tomorrow. How I wish I was fit enough to join him and his son. Wish them luck. Anyone else going?
  7. Five very active local cats and a sparrow hawk have just about decimated my little birds. No blue tits nesting at all this year"
  8. Nice one at Hadfield guns. Outstanding wood.
  9. Yep I use dri slide. great stuff. can I ask where you got yours from!
  10. Bit of spit and some sticky tape soon fix that! Seriously I feel for you. I would cry.
  11. Having a bit of a sort out in the loft and found this. Seem to remember I got it in a tray with other junk at auction. It has an eye piece with a lens which can be slid out to extend the tube. There is a lens at the other end which can also be moved and a small mirror which is fixed. Looks a bit old from the pigskin case and clasp. It's got me beat.
  12. There are paint strippers about which do work, usually kept at boatyards on a special licence. Might just be worth an ask if you can get to one.
  13. I had this trouble with my 525, took many coats of industrial paint stripper to remove the horrible iron hard varnish. Is now a lovely oiled stock. Goodness only knows what the original finish was but heck it was hard!
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