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  1. Handle looks like stacked leather and I think you have it in the sheath the wrong way round! Nice knife.
  2. Thanks I had read about that. Just wondered if anyone had variations on this.
  3. Hi. Anyone who loads black powder. What loads do you use? say in a 65mm case. What grade of powder? Thanks.
  4. Any one got feedback on this gun? Just had a good look round one, looks a nice bit of kit.
  5. Plus one for Schmierfix. I am a sucker for Special oils and greases I have them all. Had never heard of Schmierfix until this thread so thought I would give it a go. "it's very sticky" Went for a shoot yesterday and as usual cleaned the Browning afterwards taking of all the old oil and grease and lubed the hinge pin and knuckle with the new grease. Gun us fairly new and has it's new stiffness which means the barrels have the annoying habit of needing a little extra tug to open fully. Not now! they fall open completely. Must tell us something.
  6. Broken down in the snow again?
  7. Had one personally signed by Boris. It's now on the nail in the wall in the bog. Do wish they wouldn't print them on shiny paper!
  8. Good advice so far but unless you need special loads please look at the pricing. I only load black powder which is a considerable saving over retail but from what I have read it's cheaper to buy standard cartridges retail than to reload.
  9. I read that all his Autogyros had been gifted to the Shuttleworth collection!
  10. I see. AS I said it might cause trouble. I give up on this subject as I obviously just do not understand the mindset.
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