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  1. Not illegal, as stated. But if anyone reports you to the police they WILL investigate. In the right or not if you have gun licences you DO NOT want plod at your door!
  2. I am a sucker for gun cleaning products and anal about gun cleaning but think I will give this one a miss. I do shoot a similar product through my airgun barrels to clean and find they work well.
  3. Just checked. My sons is a J Shooter £99 distressed leather one .Guaranteed full grain leather and very well finished. I am sure that the Croots slip is genuine but with leather these days you have to be so careful.
  4. You dont have to pay the earth there are some very nice ones out there at reasonable prices. My son got one off an auction site. Was new and not much over £100. As a good guide to quality I would suggest you look at the edges of the straps. If they are left raw it's sign of poor quality. Look for rolled and dyed edges. JMHO Oh and I would steer clear of Guardian products. I dont think they are from a cow.
  5. Thanks. That helps me noend. My wardrobe can do selective shrinking, "trousers only"
  6. There are two for sale on my Facebook marketplace page One medium one large and I might go for the large one. Both I think are £40. Seller says the large one is too big for him but he wont give me his chest size. Are these generously sized? anyone know?
  7. That's a first for me. Never seen a green gun before. Kindest thing I can think of is "It's different"
  8. I did try a SA at clays. Had a lovely Beretta. I found the accuracy amazing and I shot it well. Just could not put up with the great clattering crash when it fired and the empties going everywhere That and the pain of cleaning forced me to get rid. The clay ground I use have a magnet stick at every stand. No excuse!
  9. We got caught out with building regs. Neighbour complained and council guy came round. Complaint was not valid but council guy insisted we comply with building regs and clad the workshop with fireproof plasterboard. Best to ask first!
  10. We built a huge workshop to these rules except only 8feet high at eves near boundary. Notts area.
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