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  1. DUNKS

    Black gold slab

    Nice but where are you?
  3. Hi I have for sale a Canon G12. This camera is from the estate of a collector. Many items were boxed and unused. This is one of them. The camera I am sure has not been used at all. The strap has never been fitted and the two CDs have not been opened. I have charged the battery and set the time and date. Camera is boxed with all the bits it came with when new and apart from one tiny mark about 3mm long on the body it is perfect. This camera will point and shoot but also has many features for the advanced photographer. Look on Google. Camera was £400 when sold new. If you are interested, and please only if you are I can send as many photos as you wish if I have your email address. I would like £140. Posted. Paypal is OK. No offers please. It's well worth that.
  4. DUNKS


    My local sales room guy says nothing middle range sxs is selling at all. Top end and cheap and nasty only. Low prices are fine if you want a lovely gun to shoot but as an investment looks as if they are now a no no.
  5. Now that seems a good price I would prefer a six though
  6. I will attend yes. I am after a half decent fixed mag scope. AT THE RIGHT PRICE.
  7. Dont forget lads and lasses it's the Melbourne Marksmens grand airgun fayre on Sat April 13th. Doors open 10.30 am. Twenty tables" I think" of airgunning goodies for sale. A bar and food. Bring and buy table 10% commission. A really great day out. Lots of guns scopes and goodies "no trade" so excellent prices. You can Haggle! Venue is at Royal British Legion. Melbourne. DE73 8FE
  8. no magic fix for that! Stock needs re finishing. Lots of folk on this forum might help. Would be great if folk knew where you are though. Buy a gun sock, seems a nice bit of wood.
  9. I have not tried this. Mine are never coming out but I have read that one way is--- Use best quality stainless threaded rods. They are smooth not coarse like plain steel. Before fixing coat the rods with Moly grease, run a nut up and down so every bit of thread gets a smear. Fit as normal. When you want them out, two locked nuts and a good smack on a long spanner and they will unscrew. I know this system is used to make slop free bearings with epoxy and piano wire!
  10. Very good condition I would think £800 ish Minter £1000.
  11. DUNKS

    Scarpa boots

    Mine believe it or not have walked at least 1,500 miles, Still going strong.
  12. DUNKS

    AYA No 1s

    BOOTIFUL How old are they? They look to be in excellent condition!
  13. Problem solved .The DIY little lever cant be fitted to my gun. The action is not machined out to tale it.
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