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  1. DUNKS

    Mont Blanc pens

    Thank you guys for all the advice. Most of which I understood. She deserves something nice after all that effort.
  2. DUNKS

    Mont Blanc pens

    What I really wanted was opinions on the quality of the MB pens. I think I can sort out whether it would be a suitable gift or not. She has just finished nine years of UnI getting various teaching degrees Now has her masters in Psychology and has her own brand new office to practice in. Yes a pen would be a welcome present.
  3. I have no words. Lucky comes to mind
  4. Hi anybody got one? Are they really any better than normal pens or just a status symbol. What makes a biro worth £350? My dermatology consultant has the £750 fountain pen and I have written with it. It's nice but £750? I would like to get my granddaughter an unusual present for getting her Masters degree and was considering a pen. What are your thoughts?
  5. There is a DNRC facility just a mile or so from the shooting ground I use "Lakeside" and lots of the guys do shoot. I have never been there when they do but I am told they often go.
  6. Happens in all branches of the armed services. Playing at war if realistic is always dangerous. My particular incident was Indian ocean, night exercise darkened ship radar and radio silence lots of ships steaming flat out, perhaps 32knots line abreast whole fleet ordered to do 90degree starboard turn signal by lamp from flagship we all turned but the cruiser the Mysore which we had sold to the Indian navy did not. So we smacked into her. Very few of us below decks thank goodness. Forrard messdeck squashed flat. Only one sailor in there. This was 1959.
  7. Yep. Except it was dark!!!
  8. I have a query. Why "if given a go" with any modern gun o/u in particular do you get statements like " I could do with a bit more cast" or the stocks too long or short. But offered any of my over 150 year old hammer guns Do I always hear only "I could shoot that" whether the person is long, short, thin or fat? The older guns just seem to suit all!
  9. Baseball caps worn wrong way round. I knew a camping site owner who said if folk arrived with their caps on straight he welcomed them. if they were on askew he would question them. If they were on back to front his site was full!
  10. I have nothing but the greatest respect for the poor lost sailors and Their families. But I have personal experience of countries given armament they are not capable of operating safely. This is what happens to a perfectly good Royal Navy destroyer.In collision with an Indian cruiser whos crew cannot read signals. I was in the forrard lower messdeck at the time. Bottom porthole. Him up there was on my side that night. Perfectly good ship written off.
  11. So what do you want help with?
  12. Sang that Hymn on the quarterdeck of several destroyers every Sunday morning. The mighty ocean deep is a very dangerous place to be. It will kill you in a second aaand there is no comeback! Submariners are a special breed of people. I have spent only one day submerged in an "A" class sub and was glad to get back up top.
  13. Just read on the news that the sub may have gone to a depth where it would have been crushed. God rest their souls.
  14. Private car wash here. Outside wash nd polish also windows inside £7 I usually give them a tenner they make such a good job.
  15. Thanks. I have had mine about nine months but all the illustrations I see for Croots show a riveted only shoulder strap!
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