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  1. Hi I would listen to "Taxi driver" Looks as if he got advice from his FEO which I suggest is the only way to go. Lots of advice some good, some not so good, but how does anyone know what will be acceptable to your FEO. We all know there are guidelines but we also know that each FEO rightly or wrongly makes their own rules.
  2. My 1986 20g S687 has this bird on the top lever.
  3. Can believe that! My old da spent a lot of the war in the home guard on the roof of the local Working mens club. ready to repel Gerry when he came. Always lots of guns in our house. Not sure they had any ammo though.
  4. Still is. Only a few years ago a mate I see at local auctions and who collects militaria was asked to go round to an old lady who's hubby had just died. A Bren with ammo, several pistols, couple of Lee Enfields and what looked like primed mills grenades. She was terrified as she had been told if she phoned the police they would send her to prison. Mate stayed with her while he contacted local FEO. Police just turned up with a bomb squad and took it all. Were pleasant and actually thanked her.
  5. Interest withdrawn. This is a very kind offer though.
  6. Very interested will PM you.
  7. I am sure the Belmont interchangeable was an effort to be able to supply all parts to order. ie. they were made the same instead of having to have parts hand mad for your guns. I dont know how successful it was. I gave mine away to a guy who was prepared to do all the work.
  8. I cant find it. Emptied all my boxes. I was not given the address by anyone so I must have got it from searching the web. Sorry.
  9. They do deal with the public I sent them an Email asking details about a gun and quickly got a very nice answer back. Not sure about complaints. Too easy to turn a deaf un.
  10. Hi. perhaps you posted it and I missed it but who blacked your barrels please.
  11. DUNKS


    My little lad is sailing in the Fastnet race. Anyone done it?
  12. Its essential to clean these semi autos but how many folk take out the trigger groups with gas operated ones. mine used to gum up fairly quickly. "Gold Mallard". The firing pin only has to get a bit gungy and you could end up is all sorts of trouble. I got rid of mine due to the cleaning hassle.
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