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  1. DUNKS

    What is an older Beretta?

    So you recon the downhill started around 1980? I would have thought much later than that.
  2. DUNKS

    What is an older Beretta?

    My only experience is that I have a 1986 Beretta S687 20g in almost unshot condition. I also have similar condition 1991 S687 12g Both guns are multi choke. I know that the S687 was introduced early 1980s as fixed choke and multi choke was available around 1986, Note that although both these guns have a small silver pigeon on the top lever. THEY ARE NOT A 687 SILVER PIGEON Just a S687 not a 687S I believe the Silver pigeon came along 1999 and I have heard that's where things started to deteriorate but that is only rumour the rest is fact, The build and fit on both these guns is superb to say the least.
  3. DUNKS

    Blocked barrel with felt wads

    I have had this with an Eley 20g cartridge. Was shooting clays. Was obvious that the report was different. Shot was all gone but fibre wad was half way up the barrel and easy to push out. I only had the one box of cartridges and the rest were all fine. We put it down to no powder.
  4. DUNKS

    Side by Side Club

    Good lead thanks.
  5. DUNKS

    Side by Side Club

    Hi. Do any of you chappies know when LE Personne & co London gunshop ceased trading? I have been trying to trace the history my new Armas Garbi shotgun and I now know it was a bespoke order from Le Personne London in 1976. I have found that this company dealt in just about everything as far back as the 1920s but cant see when they ceased trading. Any help please.
  6. DUNKS

    Gun Safe-Which bolts??

    I agree with the resin. I have fitted two this way. Warning. If you use the Screwfix resin be careful as it can go off a bit quick!! Ask me how I know☠️
  7. DUNKS

    My 1/6 scale RC Challenger 2 tank

    I actually know the effort it takes to produce something like that . Well done.
  8. DUNKS


    I like the Seiko divers range. Got myself a new orange monster which I thought was lovely and it kept near perfect time. I got so much hassle from wife and daughter . "your not going out with that monstrosity on are you"? that I sold it . Twas a nice watch though.
  9. DUNKS

    First Shotgun, advice welcomed

    As a beginner myself "only been shooting shotguns seven years" I would say this is excellent advice. Hoping that your first gun will be "the one for you" is a very tall order. Having said that if you buy well a SP or 525 is well within your budget.
  10. DUNKS

    Gun Sale/Snobbery ?

    The fact that the gun has a fake finish stock would have governed the price you gave for it. So no bother. It's not snobbery but that finish just did not catch on. It's obvious that a genuine "fancy " stock will usually fetch more but Beretta have in the past offered lovely bits of strong plain straight grained Walnut. Why they went daft I do not know.
  11. DUNKS

    Stick wood

    I have a walking stick made from cabbage stalk. It's over 150 years old and like iron.
  12. DUNKS

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    Lakeside at Wymswold £40 adult members 24p clay none members 28p .Restaurant has an excellent menu. Pheasant and black pudding "sausage" rolls are to die for. Cartridges are as low a price as anywhere local. Gunroom has an amazing selection of guns Always a selection of side by sides too. Sounds as if I own shares. "If only"
  13. If I collect it at stated price £1 will you meet me with the petrol cost?
  14. DUNKS

    Oldest Shotgun

    I think lots of lads on the SXS forum shoot old guns on a regular basis. I shoot an 1895 Ellis hammer gun.