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  1. Any part of any gun will rust under the right "wrong" conditions. My guns are kept in near perfect conditions and never out in the rain. But just in case, they are wiped down with ACF 50 before every outing. Bored I have done lots of tests with just about every "rust proofer" you can name I have a workshop full of cans. You will have to believe me but ACF 50 is the only one I find works. Any oil is better than no oil but outside on bare steel ACF really works.
  2. Some thing really wrong there. I would be going ballistic.
  3. Sad to hear this, I know Browning did get a bit of a bad name in the past through rusting but I thought "hoped" they had put that all behind them.
  4. I see. Although not heard of it. Wont happen to me. Guns never get wet!
  5. Are you actually saying that the new chrome lined bores are not up to it? Where do you get this info from? Anyone else aware of this problem?
  6. Think I would have left scorch marks on my way to the hotel doctor. Whatever the cost.
  7. Approx size of large compartment please.
  8. I wish I could find it! Low blood pressure.
  9. And here's me at home just out of hospital recovering from a heart attack!!!
  10. Log splitting head but where it's from is anyones guess.
  11. Received the vest today. Thanks. Lovely bit of kit. Peter.
  12. Looks just what I need, I will take it. Will send payment PayPal Thanks.
  13. DUNKS

    S+B 8x56 A7 Ret

    Nice. But collect from where?
  14. OP I would be very careful with that Alkanet oil if you use it. It is a red plant die used to give stocks that slightly red London finish Look. Too much and you will have a very silly colour. AND IT DOES SOAK IN DEEP.
  15. Good on ya for having a go just be careful.
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