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  1. Thanks. 1/2 and full usually don't need the 2nd barrel though 🤔
  2. Anyone one of these surplus to requirements? PM me some pictures and a price posted within UK please.
  3. 26 1/2" a little wand of lightness and joy 👌
  4. Traded this little gem in last week for a whimsical notion of having an sbs for a change. What a mistake that was thing is I remembered making some cracking shots with the pop gun after the deed was done. Like the woodie paced out at 60 strides by my M8, and the left and rights at woodcock and numerous woodies. Anyway rang the dealer, a friend, this morning to see if he still had it he had and asked if I wanted it back as if he already knew. Took him up a bottle of wine and bought a slab of 28grm 6's, least I could do, bet I'll get some ribbing, I deserve it, next time we meet up for a few clay's at the rough shoot we have locally he'll be there. But hey ho at least I've got my baby back and they'll have to lever it from my cold dead hands. Lesson learnt hopefully 😁
  5. Taken off a cz455 see pictures for measurements. High enough for a 50mm scope and for the bolt to clear the eyepiece. It'll fit any 11mm receiver which is most rimfire/air rifle rails. £20 posted.
  6. Anyone a short sleeve for my wee 25" Aya as I'm fed up with my long UN's?
  7. 32" waist 30" inside leg Only worn once. Great brand heavy quality trousers. £45 posted ono
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