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  1. Too much water about for me to concentrate on the duck just now, I'm getting a few pigeon coming into roost on any windy dry afternoons though. It's to dry up here from tonight on and turn colder so might get some walked up duck /snipe soon?
  2. When I shot Beg last, seven years back, it was under half that cost Al. The shooting was good too, but obviously very weather dependent as the splash we shot was either a pond or a vast lake with the former better than the latter. There's always an unscrupulous/opportunist to exploit vid information. However that often results in a drafty drive home with a smashed car window or two Ive heard.
  3. Great vid Al. Used to shoot the Beg many moons ago. Sadly demands of family life scuppered it and I never reconnected. Shot with Brian Smyth great wee lad from North Belfast.
  4. Perfect conditions yesterday for spot of roosting pigeon shooting. Blustery NW wind, dry and overcast just right for standing at the SE Lee end of the woods about 1/2mile from home. 8 cartridges in each waxproof side pocket gloves balaclava and wellies. 10 mins I was standing under a beach tree. 2 mins later I'd my first plump pigeon bursting with hawthorn berries it landed with it's buddy 20yrds above my position, easily shot. Then heard another land behind over my right shoulder 30yrds out which dropped like a stone into the burn when shot and floated downstream to my feet. Number 3 landed in the tree behind my left shoulder about 25yrds out. Could've stayed another 30mins and shot more but I only wanted 3 for a casserole which was enjoyed this evening 😋.
  5. She'll hold two rifles or one broken down s/gun. Been used for two return flights and rifles were unscathed, still held zero. Also used in Irish Sea crossing in force 7 on a fishing boat again no prob. Yours for £125 plus postage. See attached photos for measurements.
  6. Probably lampers? Some should stick to shooting tin cans!
  7. These scopes were made in the Carl Zeiss factory and are now branded Noblex. Price drop £275!
  8. You're not going to be able to sell the carcus without it's ear tags 🤣
  9. Not unless you can drive right up to the beast 😤
  10. Cool pics. One regularly takes a sorti down my hawthorn hedge to pick off the sparrows living within.
  11. Great condition lenses 100% has a fine crosshair reticle with center dot which I think is best for target shooting. Parallax adjustment 4.5-14 zoom 40mm objective. £300 Inc p&p within UK. German quality scope at half price. https://www.optics-trade.eu/uk/docter-sport-4-5-14x40-ao.html
  12. Hello from North Ireland. Rediscovered air weapons as other ammo getting far too expensive 😲 paid over £40 for 20 bullets! So went out and found an SLR98 theoben gas ram and loving every minute of it 🥰
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