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  1. Looking at taking a trip here next week, any one been recently? Is there anything I need to know before I turn up!? Wad restrictions etc? I have looked on their website but can’t see much information. thanks in advance Chris
  2. Hi @welshwarrior I am also local if there’s anything I can help with.
  3. Hi mate I usually head up there for around 13:30 as it’s much quieter. Will keep an eye out for you though probably cross paths at some point!
  4. Hi mate, thanks for replying. I’m a regular up at Ribble bank, go most Sunday’s weather permitting! Altcar is/was very much closer! Shame there’s no longer clays there. chris
  5. Hello everyone, just wondering if there is still clay pigeon shooting available at Altcar rifle range, between Formby/Hightown? If anyone has info and is willing to share then please let me know, I would be very grateful. Thanks Chris
  6. Callum where are you located mate?
  7. Just a quick hello from a new member! I’m in Crosby and currently shooting at Ribble Bank. I am looking for information on any other local clubs. I’m aware there may be Clay shooting at Altcar range? If anyone has any info they’re willing to share or could point me in the direction of some I would be more than grateful! Chris
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