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  1. My experiance says keep chipping away. Up until a month ago I had only a permission where i'm working, pigeons. I really wanted a permission on farmland so one day i set off asking local farmers. Sure I got knockbacks all morning, just about to give up on the way home, I will try 1 mre then call it a day. Aproached the farmer being as respectful and polite and asked if he needed any help, he didn't but the next farm along did. Nice guy, he will be getting a bottle of whiskey for xmas for that info as it led me to gaining 2 permissions that day. One
  2. Hi Hope everyone is keeping ok and staying safe. Up until last week my Rotex Uc was running fine, then the odd pellet would not hit a target 10m downrange, just falling short. The problem has got worse until it was not useable, I put it in for a chrono yesterday and the collowing results came back. It is still under warranty and have returned it to be RMA. Just wondering if anybody else has experienced the same problem?. Daz
  3. Always got a backup close by, think i'd forgot the Walther one day just before xmas, trusty Webley springer came out of retirement, not good but gets the job done.👍 Only used the torch because building is dark and it's easier to pick out eye shine, they were back in 30 mins later. Think i'm losing the battle. YouCut_20200121_062101753.mp4
  4. Hi Figgy thank's. We originally has a quote for a private company to come in with a hawk, to many girders and beams for the pigeons to hide, and the cost was pretty high. After longs talks with the on site health and safety gaffer, risk assessments ect.. it was agreed that i'd take care of the problem, the fabrication building where I weld is the worst, they use the lamps as a heat source, but hope to get on top of it soon. Just been to washington range this weekend W.A.R. It's ok for an hour when it's bad weather, use it for zeroing the scope mainly. Daz
  5. Thank's for the welcome, it's appreciated. Just been on an outbuilding check where I work, the problem iv'e got is the pigeons **** all over the metal and machine parts, so engineers wont touch it, it's an ongoing problem. Daz
  6. Hi, New to the forums thought i'd introduce myself. I'm a 49 year old welder fro Newcastle In full time employment, like to unwind with a few hours shooting at the weekend, at Steve Smiths range and back garden as well as where I work for those feral pigeons. I own a .177 Walther Rotex UC and currently looking to upgrade to a Pard 007. Already enjoyed reading posts and tips from the forum. Daz
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