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  1. Derbyshire said that it was because they couldn't do the home visit to check storage. They reopened their applications two weeks ago (though I'm still waiting on a medical report for mine)
  2. Thanks for all of the advice. Enfieldspares, this was the main thing holding me back as I'm not expecting to replace the cabinet so wondered if it would be better to pay the extra and have it done 'properly'. That being said, I've only found Brattonsound offering left hand hinges and they are over double the price of similar cabinets to begin with. I'm looking at https://www.ultimate-safe.co.uk/6-gun-safe-cabinet-extra-deep-with-ammo-box The nearest Brattonsound equivalent starts at £270 (though it does have double skinned door).
  3. Hi Everyone, Sorry if this topic has been done to death but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for searching the forum. I'm in the process of applying for my sgc and looking at gun cabinets. I want to mount it in the corner of a built in wardrobe. The only trouble is that it really needs to have the hinge on the left hand side to easily access it and this seems to not be the norm. I know Brattonsound will mount the door the other way around but want an extra £60 for it. I've read that some people have simply mounted the cabinet upside down which is what I'm leaning towards. This pr
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