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  1. davewh100

    Fixing potholes

    we had some bad potholes on one of our tracks to a large ponds, we had 40 tons of road plainings dropped of its made a great job
  2. davewh100

    Beretta Chokes

  3. davewh100

    Vegan in the family

    think zapp is spot on, i installed a very expensive 3 group commercial coffee machine in a vegan cafe in hebden bridge, after installing the machine i had to train four young ladys how to make good coffee, can you imagine there face wen I produced eight pints of semi skimd milk and 1kg of gaggia beans, how they laughed have you ever tryed to frothed almond, oat.and soya milk, i pass the cafe every nite on my way home it's all way packed but there again it's hebden bridge
  4. davewh100

    Chokes for 12g Browning Medallist

    yeah it's a company on line who make chokes for every model of gunI've had two now there brill, mandel chokes dave
  5. davewh100

    Chokes for 12g Browning Medallist

    are the chokes shown mandel ? dave
  6. davewh100

    A word of warning

  7. davewh100

    Canal boat break - which route?

    was out this morning checking fishing licence on the canal from littleborough to hebden bridge water levels very low need some rain desperately, never done a barge trip but do fancy it will have to give it a go,
  8. davewh100

    Neighbours dog

    this sounds the best way to me
  9. davewh100


    yeah one more vote for RC2s
  10. yeah bang on the money as dc177 says carnt be put back to sub 12ft must stay fac
  11. plenty around got my AA s400 26ft from local shop in skipton just need to ring around plenty about
  12. davewh100

    MTC Viper 6x24x56

    hi mate think my mate still has one for sale with box sun shade il find out if your interested dave
  13. davewh100

    Benelli extended chokes

    hi Chris take a look at mandel chokes i got a skeet of michael for my benelli super sport really well made, michael is a great bloke to talk to
  14. davewh100


    i think you need a lock on the freezer door with the key in a good safe place we live and learn 😭