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  1. thanks for the heads up
  2. thanks for the very useful information there i dont have the pard but my mate as the 008, will let him know about the up date
  3. hi mate what's the update for ? was in a shooting shop on thursday a bloke asked if they had any pards in the owner said no wasn't getting any more due to finding out the lasers they use hasn't been passed dave
  4. would also do for fishing
  5. wow you must have plenty of cash got my lad some for he's birthday silly money my favourite is Dylan blue by versace
  6. what powder are you lads usein for your 243 reloades thanks in advance
  7. glad to see no pink floyd there 😁
  8. hi figgy my local clay ground deals with Gmk so got them to sort it for me
  9. cracking idea mr Bear 👍
  10. to be honest police are a waste of time we just sort this kind of problem out our self, had two similar situation on permissions and loads on our angling club waters the pulsar thermal spotters make it so much easier, we never see the same poachers twice
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