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  1. davewh100

    beretta stock and forend

    beretta 687 silver pigeon 111 sporter left handed stock and forend with beretta but pad very nice wood some light scratches on left side would be easy to get out pics by email £150 ono
  2. davewh100

    Beretta 687 stock bolt

    micro core it is then figgy thanks for the advice mutch appreciate dave
  3. davewh100

    Beretta 687 stock bolt

    just need to find new gel stock pad now to fit the one of the 687 sports 111 is slightly longer need a 12.8 cm
  4. davewh100

    Beretta 687 stock bolt

    I've just swapped a 687 sporter lefty stock for a 686 the stock bolt went straight back on the new stock
  5. davewh100

    big british bakeoff

    yeah defo wrong one went should of been rahul there was no one more shocked than him wen they said the french girl was going home, doesn't matter what show it is there all (FIXED)
  6. davewh100

    Loads of Wasps

    one of my mates was stung last week he's a builder his hand came up like a balloon, i didn't know there was different types of wasps
  7. davewh100

    Mrs. webber R I P

    very sorry for your loss and a very sad day
  8. davewh100

    GECO 22lr semi auto

    useing ck 455 target the one with thumbhole stock
  9. davewh100


    i have 3 of these scopes absolutely love them
  10. davewh100

    Waste of tax payers money Eugenie wedding petition

    the only thing the I remember about eugenie she was born on the same day i went to main road to see pink Floyd 8-08-1988 but as Tightchoke says little late for a petition
  11. davewh100

    GECO 22lr semi auto

    the gun club i shoot at had them about a year ago they were ok nothing special, have you tryed eley club very good
  12. davewh100

    Well it's done .....

    yeah brill job very nice
  13. davewh100

    crio choke

    now sorted
  14. davewh100

    Gun plan

    no not yet was recommended to me by a freind