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  1. davewh100


    Anschuts 4765 butt hook in good condition was purchased with a air rifle but not needed 110 posted ono, pics can be sent by email or WhatsApp
  2. love pink floyd and ad the great pleasure of repairing nick Mason's coffee machine said it was the most important part of the recording studio lol lovely bloke to chat to sent me signed pic of the band and CD made my day 😁
  3. iv ad both the panther is the better of the two the whisper kept coming lose wen attaching to the gun ad to hold the middle to stop it coming apart
  4. what about the car tho
  5. davewh100

    gun slip

    leather & canvas gun slip with sheepskin lining full zip in mint condition only used ones will take 47" gun pics can be sent through email or WhatsApp £100 ovno posted
  6. iv ad a pair of Bates boots for 8 years now still going strong bought them to replace a pair of magnums which only lasted 3 years, now i have retired from security work wear them for shooting if theses would of been 9s would of snapped them up, good luck with the sale great price as well dave
  7. happy birthday enjoy your special day
  8. so sorry for your loss absolutely heart breaking 😥
  9. davewh100


    i definitely know one cyclist who won't bang on the roof of any car again because he couldn't get down the inside of me at traffic lights, bet he was wishing he ad a spare pair of lycra shorts
  10. all sorted now thanks John nice meeting you today dave
  11. totally agree with you Gordon 🤡
  12. sent you new pm john dave
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