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  1. kelbrook is not a bad ground but very busy on a weekend
  2. davewh100


    anyone got one of the eos o/u never heard of them till yesterday, know there made in Italy and a budget gun but look decent for the price
  3. dont think they would understand Steve wise choice
  4. davewh100


    which cheddite are they please
  5. or even kelbrook shooting lodge
  6. i have cens for 8 years no problems really like them would recommend
  7. davewh100

    optima choke

    looking for an optima extended choke in 1/2 with the green band thanks dave
  8. took five weeks came on Thursday 5th after a call to west Yorkshire licensein
  9. we ad the mars steve the screen kept freezing went back for repair twice, the shop took it back got full refund ended up with the pulsar xm50 never looked back great thermal
  10. for me the only benelli is the super sport just an amazing auto
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