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  1. another brilliant one Simon just keep getting better, good to see jack plodding on
  2. in my opinion the best auto out there well built never misses a beat would never sell mine good luck with the sale
  3. please dont say that iv just wone the Nigerian lottery 😂
  4. no mate it wasn't, knew there was something wrong he doesn't need to borrow money plenty of his own dont no how they got my number
  5. yeah i got one from my son said exactly what rim rire said
  6. thanks for the feedback, we agreed on £60 month i dont use my mobile as all calls are made through zoom which he all ready pays half of my internet bill, the company will be making a salary increase to all its staff in September as well so all is good now
  7. totally agree its getting silly turned my mate down for fac shotgun
  8. there some for sale in other sales
  9. hi steve is it true they stopped issuing section 1 fac shotguns for practical they turned my mates request down
  10. hopefully we will did a great fishing series with Martin bowler called catching the impossible
  11. RIP bernard he loved his fishing lovely bloke
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