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  1. thanks all for the replays dave
  2. totally agree Scully dave
  3. thanks for the info much appreciated dave
  4. sorry 243 🙈 and was think hornady 75g head will only be used for fox
  5. is there anyone loading your own through a tikka t3x super varmint bit confused some saying the n140 is good and some saying the n160 is better but they dont have the varmint barrel think mine is 1-10 twist
  6. you have to state a price as per the rules
  7. i put in a variation 15 weeks ago for 243 with mod finally got a call on 21st December for a £20 fee.. received my ticket back on 22nd went to pick my new gun & mod up on 23rd after putting them on my ticket the shop noticed they hadn't put any ammunition on my ticket, managed to contact them on 4th January admitted was there fault but wont send new ticket till they receive this one back,
  8. i use cens no issues been really good
  9. got to be the best news ever enjoy the rest of Christmas..and great new year
  10. what's every one usein through 243 for fox thanks in advance dave
  11. got the same spotter and absolutely love it great bit of kit
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