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  1. all sorted now thanks John nice meeting you today dave
  2. totally agree with you Gordon 🤡
  3. sent you new pm john dave
  4. well this is one gun didn't expect to see for sale can vouch for this beautiful Beretta good luck with the sale david
  5. looking for 3gun cabinet for shotgun in the LANCASHIRE or Halifax area thanks in advance
  6. davewh100


    Mandel chokes very good
  7. very nice. definitely worth the effort and all the hard work
  8. does anyone know if GMP are taking applications for new licences yet asking for a friend
  9. Aaron wheeler in brighouse west Yorkshire
  10. iv ad mine over a year now. really are a great bit of kit
  11. well done nathan onwards & upwards lad keep going it will all come good in the end for you 👏
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