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  1. New watch

    thanks David i new i could rely on you to make me happy with my longines automatic, regret selling my rolex 50th anniversary may look in to getting another one
  2. Seven point Roe Buck Mount

    I'm not surprised has cragman said it's a beauty
  3. New watch

    watch update decided not to go for the certina spent a little more and got a longines hydroconquest automatic nice looking watch got the look of a rolex well happy
  4. foxing

    i hope you get a free gooes at xmas
  5. foxing

    all seems quite reasonable to me if the farmer is willing to pay job done
  6. .22 best in my budget?

    defo cz i have 452 & 455 you won't go wrong
  7. bandsaw wanted

    contact team tractor on hear he had some machines for sale a while back
  8. Watch repair heads up

    nice collection
  9. foxing

    really feel for you mate, has for just a tex from the farmer that's gutless hope you find something eles fairly quick, did you find what the other lad paid
  10. Buffalo River Cabinet Problems

    this is what i did mutch better and all the space i need
  11. Oh dear! The country will grind to a halt!

    think i picked the right two weeks to go on holiday
  12. New watch

    that's the biggest mistake i made bought a rolex sub 50th anniversary with the green bezel 12 years ago and sold it paid £3'500 sold it for 4'000 now there worth between 7 & 8'000 big mistake, i will go back tomorrow and buy the cirtina it's not that bad at €800 dave
  13. Beretta skeet vest xxl

    i have this vest and love it good price to well done TIghtchoke
  14. New watch

    im in tenerife at the mo and looking for a new watch was looking at the omega sea master but carnt justify spending €3000 but seen a nice certina automatic has any one come across this make before any Info would be good dave
  15. yeah i would agree with this