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  1. davewh100

    kirk Douglas

    Hollywood legend kirk Douglas dies age 103 RIP kirk
  2. yeah badgers definitely like spiky hogs we dont see a lot of hedgehogs due to the large number of badgers
  3. my natural england license says shotgun only, wen i went to a meeting in Birmingham for n/e license holders for cormmarant & gooesander they said they would not permit firearms over water and two licenses had been revoked for this reason i would check with n/e or Richard bamforth from the angling trust my license clearly says shotgun only
  4. what was the thermal you mentioned for £600 that was cheap
  5. cracking reel and price good luck with the sale
  6. was told these come out of the same factory as pard, pay a bit more with some warranty from uk
  7. best thing iv bought amazing bit of kit if your into foxing it's a must, much better than the primos triger stick, love mine
  8. bargain for someone good saving on new and the perfect ir to go with it and still plenty of warranty
  9. hi figgy think my mate as one for sale still, i got one off him very good il find out if your interested dave
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