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  1. davewh100

    wifi booster

    yeah send it back mate, glad i went for the Bt wholehome very happy
  2. davewh100

    fine for too much ammo

    think this mite be a different story as this bloke was fined £300 not £400 yeah the bloke fined £400 is called colin Stephen
  3. davewh100

    fine for too much ammo

    not sure didn't read the full article mate
  4. davewh100

    wifi booster

    i like how you download the app first then follow the on line instructions, carnt believe how mutch quicker my internet is now no more buffering
  5. sorry not good with posting links, just seen someone was fined £400 for having 850 rounds of 22rf ammo instead of the 600 on his ticket think it was up in Scotland
  6. davewh100

    Air Arms S410 10 Shot Mags x 2 New in box

    hi mate are these .177 or 22 please
  7. davewh100

    wifi booster

    just picked the BT whole Home up the 3 disc pack these are amazing like you say not cheep, well worth it to me very happy indeed
  8. davewh100

    briley chokes

    6 x briley chokes beretta/benelli extended non-ported 12g spectrum mobilechoke in very goog condition in a case reduced to £100 posted these are ,£88 each in brownells uk 2 x sk 2 x ic 1 x im 1 x m briley 12g flush invector plus choke new in a tube £25 posted
  9. davewh100

    SKY HD remote control

    our sky stoped working on sunday we have sky protect which is all the sky equipment is covered, said they would send an engineer tuesday between 1 & 5 so took half a day of work no one turned up so rang them told them to cancel the lot as im sick of being messed about ten minutes later a manager rang me back upgraded me to sky Q in two rooms and next month bill free so happy day's
  10. davewh100

    Family of swans shot dead

    bang on the money, iv court 4 over the last 3 weeks. 3 of them had carp in carrier bags police not interested so delt with appropriately
  11. davewh100

    Quite chuffed with my camo wreath!

    very nice indeed
  12. davewh100

    Weihrauch HW98 .22

    used to have one of these best sub 12lb springers around, very good virmin air rifle good look with the sale
  13. davewh100

    Family of swans shot dead

    which ever way you look at it it's still a mindless act, they need punishing don't think it was eastern European as they weren't taken
  14. davewh100

    briley chokes

    the 6 in the case now reduced to £100 posted for quick sale
  15. davewh100

    briley chokes

    no probs tom you need the crio ones mate dave