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  1. yeah that a problem it rains plenty in hebden bridge in west Yorkshire, back part of the roof is covered by trees which doesn't help there was that much moss on the right side of the roof could of used a mower
  2. davewh100

    moss control

    advice please I'm cleaning the moss on a bungalow roof the back is quite bad it comes off fairly easily what the best way of treating this thanks in advance
  3. what a horrible piece of ****, think 2mins with my new boots would sort this dipstick out
  4. Hello Dave, Given up with the air rifle shooting now, havn't been to the range once this year and I'm more into clay shooting now. Both rifles have gone but I have a few bits left, a decent scoped rifle case, pellet trap and a load of targets for it, a new, boxed, unused Hawke 3-9x50 AO scope and a shooting cushion. There might be some bits that would do for your club.

    Please give me a ring on 01422 886027 if interested.


    1. Carl have you been on the gin again thought you must have put an extra 0 on
    2. think Hawke do take some beating i have 3 and like others have said great customer service. well done Hawke
    3. I used the 007 for a spotter for a while wasn't to bad think pard are a company on the up my mate as the 008 and loves it but for me it got to be the pulsar helion xq38f for a spotter mite be expensive but worth it just worlds apart
    4. davewh100

      Baby emus

      at least mr fox would leave them alone
    5. davewh100


      your not wrong there Gordon iv done football security for six years on several pubs, very close to grounds the one in Burnley the park view was only 200 yards from the ground, even tho the games didn't start till 3pm they wanted us there at 10 am because groups of lads would start drinking soon as they hit town, walking around with bags of booze even tho drinking in some town centres is not permitted. alot of it could of been stopped by the police but they wasn't interested you would be surprised just how many didn't even go too watch the game just there to fight
    6. my 6-24x44 varmint is on my tikka 17 hmr which works well, not sure about 308 I'm sure hawke will give the information your looking for
    7. have to agree with the rest of the pw massive credit where credit is due Simon, the forum would be a much duller place with out you
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