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  1. well done nathan onwards & upwards lad keep going it will all come good in the end for you 👏
  2. Aaron wheeler in brighouse west Yorkshire is a very good gun Smith
  3. I'm surprised this hasn't gone great bit of kit
  4. i learned to fish with a centerpin and still have it 47 years after
  5. thanks for all the comments I'm a little wiser now
  6. can you remember what it was choked at
  7. anyone got or know anything about the franchi hunter 520 thanks
  8. iv ad one will definitely be steel proof great gun regret getting rid of mine
  9. davewh100


    yeah there a strange bunch, kevin carnt drive no Partner, i like how they always pick Chris for sport his face says it all, the new lad Steve is fairly good but by far Kevin is king he's wone everything world champion several times but not the best on food & drink
  10. davewh100

    Happy Birthday

    yeah happy 94th birthday
  11. davewh100


    yeah i know what you mean he was definitely the weakest egghead didn't like him sat there with his girly head band 🤡
  12. davewh100


    no i didn't no Daphne ad passed either i knew she wasn't well think she ad dementia
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