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  1. very touching so sorry for your loss😪
  2. last one i shot ad only been on the water 7 mins ad 12 roach
  3. iv got to agree with figgy iv ad several autos in the past but nothing comes close to the benelli super sport and one purchase i will never regret buying
  4. thanks for the advice lads it was passed on and he as managed to remove it
  5. my mate as a bsa ultra with a leak on the filling cylinder but he is struggling to remove a brass like piece with holes in it, he as the tool with the two prongs but it wont budge any ideas how to remove this please would be most appropriate dave
  6. welcome back webber 👍
  7. nice scope i have the same one good price good look with the sale
  8. your not wrong about that my company as been court ones or twice always seems to be from the Midlands Wolverhampton Birmingham
  9. very sad very talented family
  10. iv got the xq38f as you said you was very happy with it, why look at anything else or buy anything else and be disappointed go with what you know no reason to return then
  11. doesn't one of the lads on hear sell Antler think its Chris sutton
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