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  1. davewh100

    Good gunshop

    yeah malmo very good i do like mcavoys as well
  2. davewh100

    Are you brave enough?

    definitely no
  3. davewh100

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    i have the cens proflex with a set of passive inserts love them so comfortable forget to take them out sometimes
  4. davewh100

    thermal imager

    yeah looked at this one as well do you still use a thermal imager scope as well dave
  5. davewh100

    thermal imager

    thanks for the info lad mutch appreciate dave
  6. davewh100

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    not many see a few wen out foxing
  7. davewh100

    thermal imager

    does anyone have or used the pulsar helion xQ38f thermal imager whats your opinion and are they worth the money thanks in advance dave
  8. davewh100

    Show time!

    ahh very nice
  9. davewh100

    A public thank you

    thanks arthur glad i could help
  10. davewh100

    Show time!

    total agree but its good to pick up and try which sako you looking at
  11. davewh100

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    NO she made her choice
  12. davewh100

    Premium Paul Sullivan leather sheath

    very nice
  13. davewh100

    Gordon Banks

    no probs mate
  14. davewh100

    Gordon Banks

    R I P gorden banks