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  1. davewh100

    Rifle scope

    hawke varmint are great scopes i have 3 of them 2 x 4-16 x 44 1 x 3 -12 x44 just wanted a dedicated scope for the 17 hmr
  2. davewh100

    Rifle scope

    iv just purchased the Hawke 4-16x50 17 hmr looks great bit of kit £145
  3. hi fox basher how old is the photon please dave
  4. Roger daltrey mcvicker 5 prisoner officer's in his cell i might not win but il be the best second you have ever seen
  5. davewh100

    The Repair Shop

    the two you mentioned Steve who repairs clocks and the talented leather lady are brother & sister now that is a family to be part of 😁
  6. no it's like a black velvet dave
  7. Browning invector Ds extended choke used in good condition 2 x skeet 2 x 1/2 1 x 3/4 5 chokes in total £125 posted Browning gun slip never used black with orange piping with browning logo large pocket on front and cleaning rod pocket on the back really nice slip £40 posted can send pics by email or WhatsApp for case and chokes
  8. running cost is very little as b725 says iv installed the swan for the company i work for the pic quality is very good, worrying about a small running cost doesn't compare to protecting your property
  9. pulsar n455 nite vision scope purchased last march cost £1200 from Scott county still as 25 month warranty with it only used 3 times no longer required now usein thermal it as a A4 size manual in mint condition £850 ono posted can send pics by email or WhatsApp
  10. davewh100

    kirk Douglas

    Hollywood legend kirk Douglas dies age 103 RIP kirk
  11. yeah badgers definitely like spiky hogs we dont see a lot of hedgehogs due to the large number of badgers
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