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  1. cracking idea mr Bear 👍
  2. to be honest police are a waste of time we just sort this kind of problem out our self, had two similar situation on permissions and loads on our angling club waters the pulsar thermal spotters make it so much easier, we never see the same poachers twice
  3. iv tried loads now usein the wicked light A51ir best so far
  4. my sister as two ragdolls both males brothers from the same litter, she paid £900 for the pair the breeder they came from told her she couldn't use them to breed so had them both done not sure why this was, they get hair balls quite alot personally i think they take alot of looking after
  5. me neither hot or cold
  6. at least its cooled it down thank god
  7. i have the same benelli as figgy and like he says it's a great clay gun 24g no problem at all not to heavy and swings through lovely, not the cheapest auto but certainly one of the best
  8. now sold to camo304 thanks Andy nice meeting you dave
  9. replied to your pm
  10. pulsar QD 112 quick release mount with fixing screws box installation instructions in good condition £70 posted can send pic by email or WhatsApp
  11. can anyone recommend a decent cordless vacuum without breaking the bank it's just for the car iv looked at a few on line but not very good reviews thanks in advance dave
  12. no probs thanks for the reply dave
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