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  1. After a chat with Foxbuster, I decided to go ahead and buy a Sniperhide from the supplier on eBay. I was a bit dubious about quality, but I went ahead anyway. The package arrived late on Saturday, and I tried it out on Sunday. It's excellent. In my opinion, it represents wonderful value for money. It's a substantial piece of kit, not flimsy nylon like some of the other hooped bivi's out there. It isn't goretex, but it feels like goretex and (most importantly) it is actually breathable. When I awoke this morning, after sleeping the entire night fully enclosed, there was no internal condensation. I was impressed! I slept directly on the ground, with no groundsheet. No moisture came through the bottom. Again ... I was impressed. My sleep system was a Thermarest Venture sleeping mat coupled with a Snugpak Softie sleeping bag and it was 'snug' inside ... but I was still able to move around. I could sleep on my side with no difficulty. Seriously, this is an excellent little bivi. Thanks Foxbuster for alerting me to this wonderful addition to my wilderness equipment!
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