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  1. Also Amazon doing good deals on the Victure Mini Wildlife Camera 16MP 1080P just shy of £34. Just an extra heads up if anyone looking for one👍
  2. No longer looking for one thanks.
  3. Ah, apologies, didn’t realise some thieving scum pinched it😬
  4. Why don’t you get a decent 4x4🤔🤣
  5. Gutted, but what a game! For a neutral that must have been fun! Had everything that game! Fair play to the French👍
  6. Don’t think Wales look too shabby either. Zammit and Josh are working hard and creating problems for France. Cracking game so far......c’mon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  7. Indiscipline creeping in again from the English. Ireland are playing well, going through the phases nicely.
  8. Looking forward to the next two games, should be a lot better than watching the whipping boys getting hammered again. I hope the Italian youngsters get it together soon as at the moment they are guaranteed 5 pointers. Anyway, good luck Ireland and Wales👍
  9. As title, anyone got one they no longer need/use? Thanks
  10. Great scopes for the money and work well with pards 👍
  11. I know what you mean, I’ve held off, have used a long extension legged Harris for years which is great, but have had a fair amount of shots I couldn’t/wouldn’t take due to not being able to steady the rifle in a standing position. Will do mate, will be towards the middle of the month as I’m spent out till payday🤣👍
  12. Thanks for the replies guys👍 Think I’m going to try the fenris 2 sticks
  13. Thanks oowee, I was literally just looking at the fenris 2 ali sticks on bestfoxcaller. They do look good as can be used sitting also. How quick are they to deploy and get on your target? Realise that practice makes perfect but is it quite a natural movement to deploy?
  14. Hi, Undecided on which would be better? Like the idea of ease of traversing with trigger sticks but have heard a quite a few issues with legs sticking etc. Quad sticks appeal to me with the extra stability? One of these will be used for everything from air rifle squizzer hunting to foxing with full bore. Open to other suggestions that I may have overlooked. Cheers
  15. My ess is exactly the same, loves going out with the shotgun but **** scared of fireworks.
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