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  1. I know what you mean, I’ve held off, have used a long extension legged Harris for years which is great, but have had a fair amount of shots I couldn’t/wouldn’t take due to not being able to steady the rifle in a standing position. Will do mate, will be towards the middle of the month as I’m spent out till payday🤣👍
  2. Thanks for the replies guys👍 Think I’m going to try the fenris 2 sticks
  3. Thanks oowee, I was literally just looking at the fenris 2 ali sticks on bestfoxcaller. They do look good as can be used sitting also. How quick are they to deploy and get on your target? Realise that practice makes perfect but is it quite a natural movement to deploy?
  4. Hi, Undecided on which would be better? Like the idea of ease of traversing with trigger sticks but have heard a quite a few issues with legs sticking etc. Quad sticks appeal to me with the extra stability? One of these will be used for everything from air rifle squizzer hunting to foxing with full bore. Open to other suggestions that I may have overlooked. Cheers
  5. My ess is exactly the same, loves going out with the shotgun but **** scared of fireworks.
  6. Anyone else giving up smoking? This is my third attempt, best I’ve done is 4 months. It’s been 10hrs 10mins and am feeling good so far, I know theres going to be some difficult times ahead.
  7. Sat watching ‘hot fuzz’ with the missus, no booze, not had a drop since August!! 😱 Too misty to get out, proper rock’n’roll hey🙄 Happy new year everyone🤣
  8. I bought my binos and range finder from Aldi’s years ago. Bresser make. I’m sure I paid about £40 for the range finder, about £140 now when I checked online. And I only paid about £25 for the binos. They ain’t gonna set the world alight but fine for my needs. Do yeah, occasionally they do have some kit that will last and do the job well.
  9. Hi guys, currently running a Simmons whitetail classic 3.5-12x40 on my 1517. I’m changing to a Nikko Stirling Diamond LR 4-16x50 to be able to use the pard 007 with it. My question is does anyone else run this setup or similar as I need to order the correct 30mm mounts. Not sure what height to order, I’d like minimal clearance between objective and barrel, I believe the Annie’s run an 11mm dovetail like a lot of air rifles? If someone can point me to the correct sportsmatch mounts I’d appreciate it. Would have gone to a local rfd to try but we’re now in lockdown.......again🙄 Thank
  10. I ran a Clive Ward black sun b502 on my old one, worked a treat! 200yrd foxes no problem.
  11. This will be the 5th consecutive year myself, missus and two daughters will not be having the traditional Xmas turkey dinner. Found that we were fed up with it as by the time we have Xmas work do’s, family get togethers etc we’d end up having about 4 or 5 Xmas dinners in a couple of weeks. (Granted different this year with lockdown) Anyway, my missus pretty much has the day to chill and I do the food. We will be having prawn cocktail (original I know) to start, fillet steaks/chips/onion rings/mushrooms etc for main, and creme brûlée for desert. Very little prep/cooking time, not much was
  12. I had a stirrup pump years ago and thought it would be less hassle to get a cylinder tank. Anyway sold the pump and bought a 12l 300bar. Thought it was great until it needed topping up and getting re-tested every 5yrs (I think). With the lockdowns we’ve had found I was stuck getting it topped up. Ended up buying another pump. I suppose the pro’s with a pump are you’ve always got a means to fill your rifles. The pro’s of cylinder is that it’s a piece of p to fill rifle. Won’t be getting rid of pump this time around anyway.
  13. Rounded bottle was mk1 I believe mate. I had a mk2 and pretty sure it had flat bottle like my rapid. It shot really well and I recall it having a lovely trigger👍
  14. foxbuster

    Wild weather

    Think you guys get about as much rain as us lot, used to sail from Barrow in Furness and I recall is was usually pretty wet and windy up there too.
  15. foxbuster

    Wild weather

    Ha, yeah, used to a ‘bit’ of rain, but this really takes the pee! Even worse, I’ve got new pard I’m dying to try out properly🙄
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