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  1. Don't disagree. depends how much op wants a sideplate/sidelock I guess. personally I prefer the dt10eell in terms of looks even to the dt11eell . Mostly because I prefer game scenes and that old school look.
  2. Good news because they are easier to find. There is one on guntrader with some of the best wood I've seen but it's priced accordingly https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/beretta/over-under/12-gauge/dt10-eell-220213095115005 malmo guns has cheaper one and I found them pleasure to deal with in past. Also glad you want 30 so we not directly competing 😋
  3. Agree there but I'll assume he wants a "pretty" sideplate gun. dt11 eell wil be 15k even second hand.
  4. Just to be clear not looking for new ones to be made or spend big money. have a cg invictus with 30 inch multi choke and would like 32 inch fixed inch as well. how hard would it be to track down second hand set and get them fitted? I guess stocks and actions do t break that much and barrels probably sent back for refurb in this case?
  5. I am in same boat. Was looking at this and s04/s05 which can be similar money. dt10 is smart choice really as much newer design, much more solid, better clay cruncher probably. Not quite as lovely and pretty but still a stunner. I want a 32 inch in mint condition with lovely wood. ps shot 30 inch at Bywell and preferred it to my invictus.
  6. Yes after some more reading I think your right. allsport just refers to an adjustable Monticarlo Carlo stock basically. The adjustable comb is always parallel to the rib wherever your cheek is. ascent has the above along with a raised adjustable rib. impact same again but much higher rib all these available for n invictus and summit models. I have an invictus 5 which is lovely apart from stock which I is only ok for me. I would like to try an allsport with 32 barrels as it might make a great gun "perfect" for me.
  7. Hi, I can't even find an "allsport" on the official price list but it exists in reviews and on gunteader etc eg https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/caesar-guerini/over-under/12-gauge/invictus-v-allsport-220413174036009 At first I thought it was just another name but most all sports don't seem to have the high rib. Also seems stock but different? anyone tried one?
  8. Only as that's what the gunsmith assistant said. tbh I don't really trust his opinion so will be taking it to Graham McKinley next week or so. will also need phone cg for a chat. tbh the chequering is damaged in it too so would consider overhaul of forend at right price.
  9. I hadn't really though about cg themselves as gun is quite old and I assumed main dealer repairs etc would be very expensive. still, it's a opportunity for a chat to see if their customer service lives up to the rep.
  10. Bought it second hand. Think I dried it well whenever wet. note it has become loose even since adding tape which suggests it's getting worse? Does that mean it's not wet warp as that would be one off warp the dry in new fixed position.
  11. Hi so but concerned by this. It's gradually getting more loose since I bought it 7 months ago. I took it to a gunsmith who said it was the wood and so not much you could do. He suggested but of tape which worked ok. However it's now getting more loose over time still with wobble at the end nearest the muzzle. is the wood just compromised and will expend til it snaps? Any idea how much cg or others would charge for new one? might need second opinion from another gunsmith? One I asked was more an assistant to be honest.
  12. Did some shooting today with patches and Vaseline on glasses etc. Didn't really get on with it so gave up and went back to one eye closed. I certainly don't disagree on the above couple of posts. The less conscious and more instinctive my shooting, the more I hit. On those hits, no part of my concious brain acknowledges the bead or muzzle. Insid have a lesson in Bywell a couple on months back and he was keen that try and get me shooting both eyes. He did acknowledge though it would take many of hundreds of shots to get me comfortable so we just focused on other things.
  13. I honestly not sure I could point my finger accurately at a bird with any distance and correct lead. ones things for sure is that there are a lot of different eyes and brains out there and different things work for different people.
  14. I noticed when I take my glasses off and mount the gun my right eye takes over more. Also when I point my finger at various distances it gets ghosted/ blurs in different ways. as the original poster suggested, my dominance seems to change based on factors like distance. I do honestly get the focus on the target thing even when I shoot with one eye I do this. However, your brain does need a consistent reference in the muzzle/bead in Perifey. I think a lot of instinctive shooters have this at a sub concious level and so seem to suggest you don't need it. I think I will at the very least blurt our my left glasses rather than close the eye. I believe closing it is tiring, makes my right eye squint slightly and leads me to tense ever so slightly.
  15. I don't look up the barrel but, like most, I am aware of the bead in my periferal vision which is how I judge lead.
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