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  1. Did some shooting today with patches and Vaseline on glasses etc. Didn't really get on with it so gave up and went back to one eye closed. I certainly don't disagree on the above couple of posts. The less conscious and more instinctive my shooting, the more I hit. On those hits, no part of my concious brain acknowledges the bead or muzzle. Insid have a lesson in Bywell a couple on months back and he was keen that try and get me shooting both eyes. He did acknowledge though it would take many of hundreds of shots to get me comfortable so we just focused on other things.
  2. I honestly not sure I could point my finger accurately at a bird with any distance and correct lead. ones things for sure is that there are a lot of different eyes and brains out there and different things work for different people.
  3. I noticed when I take my glasses off and mount the gun my right eye takes over more. Also when I point my finger at various distances it gets ghosted/ blurs in different ways. as the original poster suggested, my dominance seems to change based on factors like distance. I do honestly get the focus on the target thing even when I shoot with one eye I do this. However, your brain does need a consistent reference in the muzzle/bead in Perifey. I think a lot of instinctive shooters have this at a sub concious level and so seem to suggest you don't need it. I think I will at the very least blurt our my left glasses rather than close the eye. I believe closing it is tiring, makes my right eye squint slightly and leads me to tense ever so slightly.
  4. I don't look up the barrel but, like most, I am aware of the bead in my periferal vision which is how I judge lead.
  5. Btw one of the tests for eye dominance is to point at something in the distance with you right hand abs both eyes open. when I do this I get similar effect to the barrel with it being ghosted/blurry goung to try a patch or bit of Vaseline on my new optical insert glasses. See if it helps.
  6. FYI I got the gun back to try and very happy with how it mounts. first try was a mini competition and I won with 44/50 hes said to bring it back in three weeks where we will pattern it again. I'll be very curious on what he's done. This it was just can't on the pad or something but difference is stark.
  7. This is interesting and not really covered in online guides. Most just say if you have same eye as your hand you will be fine ... byw if I squint my left eye rather tha. Close it the ghost disappears. I struggle to maintain this though and relax with it. I do wear glasses and am looking at optical inserts for shooting glasses. Would lowering the Pescription in my left eye to simulate squinting work? I had read some people do this when left eye dominant.
  8. So I'm shooting right handed and been closing my left eye for two years. I decided to research using both eyes and did the eye dominance test again using the palms/triangle method. To my surprise, I am right eye dominant apparently. despite this I see double with a ghost gun whenever I try and struggle to be aware of the gun/bead in my periferal vision. all the online stuff seems to suggest if I'm right with both I should be fine so I've kind of confused myself. both hands out, I look at object in the triangle and it stays where it is when I close left eye ...moves when close right eye.....
  9. I always found the shoot where you look thing a bit odd as I'm not always looking straight forward. I guess maybe it more shoot where my nose is pointing though I've seen some wonky noses .... point is, you naturally know where forward is even if your eyes are pointing somewhere else... Im getting back the gun tomorrow to try at the weekend. I feel sorry for my fitter as actually think I'm bit of an nightmare. Practicing at home has probably made it worse as there are just so many ways to mount that feel comfortable and I've ended up cycling through them for some ungodly reason.
  10. I do get that pushing my head unnaturally to make figure of 8 is not good for gun fit. I was just attempting to see where the gun itself shot as per its makers intention. I have been shooting for 2 years and have a half decent mount with my 686 game. However, while I really like the invictus I do struggle to get a consistent and natural mount. I tend to overthink it and can't tell what my body is doing. I then end up in a chicken and egg situation where I struggle to mount when it's fit/sight plane is off but can't get fit until mount is consistent.
  11. Yeah he said he would try something. Emailed him today but he's busy. guess I am over thinking it a lot now. I had thought if you contort your face to get a figure of 8 you were guaranteed a 60/40 type split. after reading comments I think I was missing the point. Gun fit is actually pretty complex with a lot of variables impacting other variables.
  12. I have the standard sporter with standard rib. yes I would say my head was a little high on the gun but not much and I was pushing my head down to compensate at points for testing. while we were doing it I even aligned the beads by pushing my head down quite hardand it was still high. I think it's at the point that I just don't trust myself. Need more testing and with someone else to test it themselves. seems much more likely to be me than the gun anyway!
  13. I'm going to get a third party to see if it's some how me.. Any idea what could cause this. Is there a mod internally to change how high a gun shoots?
  14. So I finally took the plunge and bought the invictus. Yesterday my gun fitter took my to a pattern plate and I was very suprised to see how high it was shooting. with the beads in a circle of 8 it was at least 70/30. More even more... this is the standard invictus 5 and apparently the manufacturer says it's 50/50 I saw in a review. not sure what to make of it ... it was second hand so maybe someone adjusted it in some way before?
  15. Some good points. I'm going to try another one with standard stock length to check the fit again. the 30 mc is 14 1/2 and the 32 is 15 bot sure i fully trust the judgement of the person who thought I needed 16. both my 686 game and a blaser f16 I tried today work fine as 14 3/4
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