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THE WILDFOWLER Dvd - Goose shooting & hunting in Scotland.

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THE WILDFOWLER - Goose shooting & hunting in Scotland.


Wildfowling, a wild and rugged sport. A sport enjoyed by many, some like myself enjoy being alone on a wild and lonely Scottish foreshore with only the dog to keep you company, with an early start long before the day begins to break. A walk across a lonely marsh to a favourite spot under a flightline listening to the wildfowl out on the marsh.


Others enjoy a bit of company and join a few friends to pit their wits and decoy geese inland, arriving before day break to set their decoys and build their hides, then settling down to wait for the geese. A truly fantastic sight as a large skein of geese sets its wings and comes into the decoys.


Perhaps you enjoy duck shooting, not the tame inland flights but wild birds on the Scottish foreshore.


We also take a look at a selection of guns for wildfowling both old and new with a visit to a traditional gunmaker to pick up some cartridges he has made for my 8 bore.


Approx. 90 minutes.


Original Dvd.


A brand new dvd which was purchased in error as I had already seen it.




Bank transfer or paypal + charges.


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