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    1. browning123

      Berretta or zoli or something else HELP!

      Secondhand Browning 525 👍
    2. I now use fibre for all my game & clay shooting - but I must admit I had less pricked birds when using plastic wads and this was with the same gun.
    3. browning123

      Signed off work with depression

      That's great news.......I'm pleased for you 👍
    4. browning123


      Be careful that your wife does't leave any of her jewellery on view to the bird - ie removes rings and places them on the window sill when washing up etc
    5. browning123

      Heart bypass update.

      A big operation and shock to your body!
    6. browning123

      Heart bypass update.

      Best wishes samboy, I hope your recovery goes well and your soon feeling better.
    7. browning123

      Suzuki jimny £995

      And I know too well - I once had to replace a Jimny Cat for an MOT and it was very expensive! It looks a tidy motor though!
    8. browning123

      Landrover Freelander 2

      How much MOT?
    9. browning123

      Magnetic Gun Caddy.

      NOW SOLD.
    10. browning123

      Magnetic Gun Caddy.

      Now on hold for Strongman.
    11. browning123

      Magnetic Gun Caddy.

      The MAGnet Gun Caddy is a portable, magnetic gun rack that conveniently and safely holds your gun whether you need to temporarily rest it against a vehicle or store it within a gun safe. The Gun Caddy will hold just about any rifle, air rifle or shotgun gun in an upright position against any ferromagnetic metal surface. The soft, high-energy, dual pole magnet will attach firmly, without sliding and without scratching paintwork* and the patented design makes it possible to secure and remove your gun with just one hand. In The Field: The Gun Caddy is designed to be small enough to be portable, so when you are getting ready to go to, or returning from the field, you will no longer have to rest your gun directly on your vehicle where it could fall, or place it on the ground where it could get damaged or wet. In The Safe: Use the Gun Caddy to customise the interior of your gun safe, it's fast easy to use and flexible. The small, light weight modular design makes it's easy to add or remove as many as you need, as and when you need them-saving valuable space. Using the Gun Caddy on the outside of your safe also comes in very handy to rest your gun while opening and closing the safe. Good Condition. £10.00 delivered - NOW SOLD. Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays the charges)
    12. I have fitted a few over the years, and as previously stated.........I cramped the spring closed then tied it with string, once shaped and in position, I cut the string to release.
    13. browning123

      Countryman Book by Jim Emerton.

      NOW SOLD
    14. browning123

      Countryman Book by Jim Emerton.

      PM sent