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    1. browning123

      Countryman Book by Jim Emerton.

      Countryman Book. Author:- Jim Emerton. 73 Pages. Jim Emerton is a lifelong lover of the wilderness and the creatures of the countryside. Though he is best known for his prowess as a breeder of racing pigeons, Jim is also a great enthusiast for wildlife and in his day was a keen wildfowler. In this book he recalls the joys of an innocent childhood in the Lincolnshire Wolds spent watching and sometimes hunting for the wild birds and animals that fascinated him and some of the great country characters he came to know. He also reflects on the new and more philosophical perspective on nature and the wild which the years have given him. Author: Jim Emerton. Format: Paperback. Publication Date: 2017-01-13 73 Pages. Brand New. £9.00 delivered. Bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays the charges)
    2. browning123

      20 bore Shotgun Cleaning Kit.

      Now Sold
    3. browning123

      20 bore Shotgun Cleaning Kit.

      20 bore Shotgun Cleaning Kit. The kit contains:- Mop. Bristle Brush. Wire Brush. Cloth. Three Wooden Rods with brass fittings. Brand New. £12.75 delivered - NOW SOLD Bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays the charges)
    4. browning123

      HSF Mens Dundee Green Fleece Waterproof Jacket - XL.

      Now on hold for amateur
    5. browning123

      Barbour Liddesdale Lightweight Quilted Jacket - Size: Large.

      Now on hold for Ggun
    6. HSF Mens Dundee Fleece Jacket. Size: XL. Colour: Green. Waterproof. Windproof. Breathable. Lined fleece. Full zipped front & front pockets. Very comfortable. Brand New with tags. £19.75 delivered - NOW SOLD Bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays the charges)
    7. Barbour Liddesdale Lightweight Quilted Jacket.  Size: Large. Colour: Green. Good used condition. Washed ready for sale. £20.00 delivered - NOW SOLD  Bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays the charges)
    8. browning123


      I am interested but to far away from North Wales.
    9. browning123

      Post - op recovery

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery and don't try to do too much.........and you will reap the benefits in the long run.
    10. browning123


      I prefer the Yildiz myself.......and much better user reviews.
    11. browning123

      Kent police SGC renewal, Medical Report

      Don't bank on it!
    12. browning123

      Browning A 5 12 gauge

      What chokes are with the gun? Thanks
    13. browning123

      Side by Side Club

      A very good post with excellent advice.