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Job Lot - Pigeon Shooting Kit


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**Update** This has to be a complete score for a new shooter!


I am selling my Beretta A400 Xplor Action (28" with Kick-Off) on GunWatch - http://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/10406-Beretta-A400-Xplor-Action-Kick-Off-for-sale


The gun, Slip, 2 Slings, ammo belt, 500+ rounds of ammo, + all the kit listed below for £1500 (I must be nuts!) :yes:


Plus - If this goes in one lump I will then offer a Brattonsound Sentinel (SL7+) 6-7 gun safe with lockable internal ammo compartment for an additional £150 :yahoo:




The 'lot' below can be sold separately to the gun deal listed above. This has everything you will need to get pigeon whooping. Everything is in great condition.


The job lot - £350



Severely restricted capability for picture uploading, so ping me a message and I will email them over to you.


1 x Ameristep Brickhouse Blind (With Carry Bag) - (Easily big enough for 2 large lads).


1 x Ameristep HD APG Cammo Foldable Chair.


2 x 7ft x (bloody long) HD APG Cammo Nets for Hide Building.


1 x large square HD APG Cammo Net for Hide Top.


7 x Good Quality Hide Poles (don't ask what happened to pole no. 8)


1 x Large Green Kit Bag for Cammo Nets etc. + Pole Slots on Outside.


1 x Pigeon Magnet .


2 x Silo - Flappers for Magnet.


1 x Battery for Magnet.


12 x Silo-Sock Decoys


1 x Cammo Holdall for Magnet & Decoys

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