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  1. NickB65


    Well that all sounds great as I have three HIKVISION cameras from work so I shall try these out. They are POE based so I just need to set-up a POE router and run some cables to the front and side of the house :-) Thanks for all the replies
  2. NickB65


    Anyone set-up there own CCTV using WI-FI CCTV or similar? When it comes to networks, computers and stuff I know my stuff but there seems to be a plethora of CCTV cameras and I just wondered if anyone else has been down this road and can advise? A number of car thefts and strangers wondering around gardens has lead to this little project :-)
  3. I use the MET OFFICE app on the iPhone for the last four years and by far it has the best algorithms for what will most likely happen. I find BBC weather always errors on the worst case scenario while Met Office is a bit more realistic. Free and regularly updated and easy to use and store favourites.... and no adverts.
  4. Didn't seem to have a problem with them driving others out and they flew well this season. Although we ask for them not to be shot we last 20+ and some we have sent away to be mounted and they should look nice.
  5. We put about 150 down last year and it was great to see them fly this year - the noise they make is quite unique and the tail feathers are so long.......
  6. Welcome back and I have been keeping an eye out for your videos. Rob is looking good and you were so unlucky on some of those pegs. However, being a dog handler I love watching the guns so not always having birds over you enables you to watch some of the sport. Can not wait for my first day out which due to work will not be until the new year :-(
  7. NickB65

    Kennel and Run

    Looking for a Kennel and run to keep the dogs in during the day - needs to be at least 10ft wide and 4ft deep with a solid row, bars or mesh to two sides, sleeping area and solid. Happy for a good condition second hand or new. PM me :-)
  8. Heard a lot of different reports from ADT from those who really rate them and others who felt totally ripped off..... you will always get this but in researching this it seems a real 50 - 50 mix.
  9. Thanks guys..... heard mixed views on wireless so this is priceless.....
  10. I am looking for a hard-wired / wireless home security solution. The base can be wired in as I have an old alarm system half wired in but most of the wiring is gone as we had half the upstairs changed around hence the wireless. Looking for about 14 pressure sensors, four PIR sensors, a decent siren and several alarm tags. Does not have to be phone linked but cook if it was wi-fi linked and could be linked to smart phones. All experience / ideas welcome.
  11. We picked up Blues son Moss last night and he is a chip of the old block. Blue is less than impressed as Moss keeps trying to find mild from him and biting his ears but I am sure they will soon settle down. Henry the cat was very friendly at first until Moss tried to play with him and then Henry decided it was time to lay down the law..... Moss got the message. Father and son together - Blue less than impressed ....... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45880181/IMG_0578.jpg QUESTION - Moss has been eating tinned food - what is the best way to get him onto biscuit form / kibble?
  12. Well the wife was away for the weekend so it has been a weekend of clay busting, pigeon shooting and this afternoon a little late afternoon / early evening rabbit bashing. Although the sun was strong and very warm I was fully heard up with camp jacket, hat, face veil and gloves as I was determined to bag a few bunnies. The wind was to the NE so I would have to walk around the edge of the fields and start furthest away - the reverse of my normal trek. But what a walk - the sun was hot and the birds were out in full song. As I walked french and English Partridge took flight and made me
  13. Bloody typical...... had not seen anything glib this so went on to e-bay and purchased one from Oz - holds 40 .17 hmr and is very soft......... cost a lot more than £15..... like four times more...... :-(
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