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Webley & Scott 900 Series 410 & 28b O/U

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Has anyone got either of these guns in 410 or 28 bore?

What do you think?

It's the new black action multi choke one I've been thinking of and the wood is nice for the money.

They seem good value - if you shop around I've seen them as low as £600 new but I can't seem to find a used one.

Would you go for 28 or 30 inch?



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Cheers, I guessed it might be a Yildiz.

It just looks much better finished and multi-choked which theirs aren't I don't think.

I might see if can borrow one.

I've held a couple in the shop and they seem to fit me well.

A guy at my clay club loves his and has put a lot of shells through it with no issues.

I really like shooting 410 and would like a nice game style gun without spending a fortune on one as it won't get used as much as my 12 and 20.

I do fancy a 28 but when you look at them they seem so similar in size to a 20 that I wonder if it's worth having.

The 28 gauge cartridges are about as expensive as they get!

410 aren't exactly cheap but they are a lot more common.

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Hi Chris that was the big choice for me aswell 410 or 28,cartridges are expensive for both 410 a little less so and more choice in my experience that was what swayed me. I think Yildiz guns are multi choked but not all of them have ejectors while all the W&S I have seen come with both as standard.If you can get one for £600 to £700 you get a lot for your money.



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I think I'm going to get one of these in 410 which is what I'll shoot most of I suspect.

I've been fancying a lighter side by side too so I think I'll get one in 28 gauge if I can find one at a good price - they seem to be quite rare and expensive for a decent one and I've not got a huge amount to spend on another toy!

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