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  1. Third shoot today and getting into thicker cover. Good retrieve as well Andy
  2. I've got one and am considering selling it as looking to fund .308 for target. Andy
  3. My Ess bitch in her second shoot. Doing well and keeping close. Cheers Andy
  4. Thanks for your help guys. I have the proper cable kit and will get the 12v tester out Andy
  5. Have purchased conversion pack/dash adapter/cables and it all fits in and works. However the car key does not have an accessory switch so when you connect the power cables the pioneer unit is live. This is the query the instructions say ' When installing this unit in a vehicle without a ACC (accessory) position on the ignition switch, failure to connect the red cable to the terminal that detects operation of the ignition may result in battery drain.' Problem is I don't know how to connect red cable to ignition. Any ideas or assistance greatfully received. This model has a removeable face
  6. any chance of a bit more info. How many birds have you put down? Will it be all day or just mornings? Is it going to be during the week or just Saturdays. Cheers Andy
  7. do you have the original receipt? Andy
  8. I have an ESS bitch born 5th September 201, so 6.5 months old and would like to be able to use her on my shoot one/stand one pheasnt syndicate later this year. I would like some help with the following questions. At what age should she be sent for training? How long (on average) will the training take? How much will it cost? Many thanks Andy
  9. I'll take this please Pm me payment details cheers Andy
  10. I'll take this please and pay for RMSD Cheers Andy
  11. A little story about how things can get out of hand. A guy I know went to the local refuse tip - 48 year old. Someone tried to push in the queue and he made sure they couldn't. This bloke gets out of his car and hits the guy I know hard on his arm. Breaks the arm whcih unknowing to him results in a blood clot. Two days later he is rushed to hospital and dies. Blood clot had reached the brain. Bloke who did it done for manslaughter. True story. Andy
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