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  1. I know its more than 12 hours in total, however one day of travel and stress to the dog and then a happy holiday with familiar people surely is better than 30 days in a kennel, poor thing will think we have given her away. I know it's been stressful before but with new changes in the law and some airlines like Virgin with their pet service it's come a long way from a year or two ago. And as for the dog freezing to death, that's just not gonne happen, never say never but probably stand a higher chance of winning the lottery... All comments appreciated guys as it helps us making a decisi
  2. Its not a great deal more difficult getting the dog a pass for South Africa than it's for Europe, check out the requirements at DEFRA http://www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel/pets/pet-owners/ She is also well used to travel in her crate so 12 hours direct overnight wont be an issue. Harry. Depending who you fly with and size of the dog crate. Virgin is the most expensive around £400 each way but others are considerably cheaper, perhaps half the price. Small dogs can even fly with you if their crate can fit under your seat! Flying to SA is very expensive due to taxes for us
  3. Hi guys. We are planing to go on holiday to South Africa later in the year but as we are going for a month we thought about taking our dog with. With the rules etc changed it's now possible without quarantine and looking at the prices of kennels taking the dog with is not that expensive. Just wondered if anyone on here have done this before and have any advice, tips etc... We have been looking at Virgin and KLM but still looking at other airlines. Regards.
  4. Need some advice on cutting the hair on my English Springer Spaniel, her hair is getting a bit long and she gets really hot. How do you guys go about grooming your spaniels, something tells me if I get the clippers out it will end up in a number 4 all over, haha so will prefer to take her to a professional. Do you get a specific field cut for them, dont want to end up with a gay dog and a pink bow. I am in the North West so any recommendations will be great, also whats a reasonable price for such a cut. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the replies chaps!!
  6. Hi guys. I have a new iPhone 4S coming tomorrow and will be giving my old iPhone 4 to the wife. How do I clear the browsing history on it.... No worries there's no porn on it ( got a 27 inch mac for that) just loads of fishing and man related stuff etc... Cheers!
  7. Hi guys. I know there is some folk on here with online shops etc, so thought I'll see what's popular I need to create a new online-store as the current one is total rubbish. But not sure what sort of shopping cart to go for. I had a look at some of the carts thats available on Joomla, however I like the simplicity etc of say Volution or Magento although a bit costly. So who uses what? I want something modern, relatively easy to use as I am no expert in code... It will need to handle 5000 + products. Any ideas would be welcome. Cheers.
  8. I use XCweather and windguru for all my kayaking XCweather Windguru
  9. click on photo to get the next image. >>>>Click-Here<<<<
  10. She is all fine now, the glue on her tongue are gone, just some left around the mouth on the hairs. She look and acts as she normally do, totally bonkers so all is fine. Thanks for the replies chaps. Browsing the tinternet it seems it's not that bad, especially as it were a small amount. Cheers.
  11. I have been doing a few jobs around the house and one job involved a bit of "NO NONSENSE" superglue, anyways to cut a long story short, my 16 week old springer follows me where ever I go. I applied some of said glue to the thing that needed glueing, a short while later I noticed the pup was not to happy with her tongue, on closer inspection I noticed her tongue is full of the now hardened superglue, she must like the taste / smell of it as she keeps on trying to go back for another lick :blink: Will the glue go away / wear off or will we have to visit the vet today? it's only a small amo
  12. Thanks for the replies chaps, seeing the dog going for walkies around the house/woods is no problem but the beaches around here can me miles of empty space, with the 10m+ tidal range, so it can be really dark when you are out there as there are no light from nearby towns. Will get one of the flashy LED collars just for peace of mind
  13. What do you guys use to see/find your dogs at night, especially on walks. I seem to spend a lot of time on the beach, whether that is fishing or bait digging, but seeing anything outside the beam of your headlamp is impossible, never mind a very active springer running around. I saw these illuminated dog collars from pets at home, they come in green(ish) and a pink colour, they flash or stay on, do anyone use them? if so which colour is best for seeing at night? Any other ideas. Cheers GF
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