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  1. Of course the ducks will be caught with fishing rods and hooks baited with bread
  2. I'm local... What estate is this please? PM me if you prefer....
  3. garyb

    How Many!

    It's getting a bit silly this year... I've shot this small holding for approx 6-7 years now, and never known a year like it! Just hoping they don't get hold of my Xmas turkey.....
  4. Question is... Has anyone else been on the throne all night after sampling SS's famous "Pigeon & Le chameau" billtong recipe?
  5. Nice darts chaps.. I had fun, good to see some of the oldtimers GB
  6. There is nothing fabricated here though...
  7. I'm beginning to think that too Devon Fox. At least some of these posts will appear higher up the google search results for their name.
  8. But.. whats behind the deer? More trees - kids - dogs etc?
  9. But yet woodland stalking is ok ?
  10. And you may well be right, but I for one will continue to buy from shops South of Watford Gap for now... (Paul Hart excluded)
  11. Well said Nick Finally a moderator with a pair between his legs
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