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  1. blackbird


    If you are struggling to fill your days now whilst still working don’t retire, you would be better of say dropping two days a week first.
  2. blackbird

    Cheeky Robin

    I also have one visit my garden always nice to see him.
  3. It’s all down to every police force has a budget & unfortunately I think the firearms license dept comes way down on the list of priorities.
  4. Give GMP a call for a update on your application to put your mind at rest, but be patient as it’s normally a long process.
  5. blackbird

    Storm Dennis

    Glad you saved Steve, yes I seen the valleys had a real kicking as with many others parts of the UK. I really do feel sorry for them as I could not imagine the heartbreak they are feeling to be flooded.
  6. blackbird

    Storm Dennis

    Storm Dennis must have been the worst storm in recent years my heart goes out to all that have been flooded.
  7. blackbird

    Storm Dennis

    Many homes underwater this morning, the government would be far better spending taxpayers money on flood defensives than a high speed train (HS2) priority’s all wrong.
  8. blackbird

    Storm Dennis

    I had a bloody nightmare lightning the barbecue this afternoon, but seriously hope everybody is safe out there.
  9. RIP Caroline the media strike again
  10. That is the way to look @ it for £20 it’s a really good day out, if you go with a mindset I will buy that because I think it’s a bargain you end up buying #### you probably don’t need & will never use.
  11. Hi all you former Treetops ( Newport ) shooters just been informed some great news Treetops will be back open in the near future under the new name ( Nant-y-Moor park) spread the news. More information on Facebook treetops sporting shots
  12. Why not just drive a good few miles away, find a quiet country lane open the trap & leave him go, that’s what I would do.
  13. blackbird

    Six Nations

    Wales new coach Wayne Pivac made a statement today “Wales should not panic we only need minor adjustments before we face the French”, I think he is the one that wants to start panicking I got feeling only win Wales will have this campaign will be the one against Italy.
  14. I have a 250 exc (2 stroke) & that is an animal to ride, a 500 2 stroke must be bloody mental. 🤕
  15. blackbird


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