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  1. Why not give kids a miss ???? Who would want to bring kids into this world atm ?
  2. I have a CTEK which I use on my car & motorcycle, fantastic bit of kit.
  3. blackbird


    I have no interest at all in football but not all football fans are hooligans, one simple solution would be any fan convicted during a game overseas should loose there passport for life full stop.
  4. +1 you just can’t imagine what the poor souls went through.
  5. As my account brother in-law puts it “the London stock exchange is nothing more than a glorified betting shop” 😀
  6. Now let us see how good a job old back stabbed Boris does of Brexit.
  7. That brings back memories I started shooting with Baikal record cartridges they had a hell of a kick.
  8. A true gentleman RIP
  9. blackbird


    Dogs are unbelievably loyal & when the time comes to say goodbye the pain is unbelievable, very sad.
  10. blackbird

    Euro election

    Polling cards in the bin for me 👍
  11. Always said that road tax should be abolished and put on to the cost of fuel then the more you use the roads the more you pay + no more road tax dodgers.
  12. I would try it on the for sale section of this website first but be realistic when you price it up, you only have to scroll through the guns for sale very very few sell.
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