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  1. Brilliant 😂 I would love to see her as our Home Secretary 😂
  2. blackbird


    Who knows we could well have Diane Abbott as Home Secretary this time tomorrow night 😂😂😂
  3. I could not agree more when I needed help from BASC they did not want to know, Just out of curiosity has anybody ever claimed on shooting insurance provided by BASC etc ?
  4. blackbird


    Not that I care as I will not be voting but I think Labour are going to do a lot better than predicted as the younger generation are taking it more serious since many did not vote on Brexit.
  5. Check out his mugshot on the program trailer 😂
  6. Thanks for the heads up, Looks like very good viewing 👏
  7. Well done Steve good shooting mate, crows far from easy to decoy.
  8. Maybe the time has come to have a referendum to abolish the monarchy??? I know which box my X would go in.
  9. £634 for a pair of ear defenders either you have more money than sence or you need your head examined 🤔
  10. Wow that looks nice.
  11. Let’s face it the Southern Hemisphere teams are far superior to our way of playing the game, it’s been a fantastic tournament which I thoroughly enjoyed & what really impressed me not one report of fan bad behaviour.
  12. I don’t hold out much hope for Wales they have been poor all tournament I can see the AB putting 30 points past them.
  13. +1 Wales were poor, hate to say it but England deserve to win the cup after yesterday’s performance.
  14. The only one enjoying this shameless must be Eddie Jones.
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