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  1. I got to say the humour on pigeon watch is first class 👍
  2. Why couldn’t the evil ####### just have turned the gun on himself & the world would have been a better place without him.
  3. When did you last use it 😀
  4. I think I would ask them to put it in writing ✍️
  5. Wife booked 3 nights in London for late April hotel willing to change dates but reluctant to refund we don’t really mind as we enjoy London just before Xmas, if we will still be alive that is 😀
  6. This must be one of my favourite topics that’s ever been on pigeon watch, I agree with TIGHTCHOKE & dichman this bike will be to nice to ride.
  7. Its you’re choice to carry on shooting I for one will not be risking my license.
  8. The point I was making if you are stopped/reported out shooting at this point in time you can kiss your licence good bye.
  9. As it’s crystal clear the government wants to remove firearms from the public as its hurdle after hurdle now to renew/obtain a gun license & being stopped by the police out shooting now is simply not worth the risk, this virus will be over soon fingers crossed.
  10. blackbird


    Hi Steve I can not give you any info regarding Goa but my god when I read posts like this it raises my heart people looking forward to the future.
  11. Very sad loss I enjoy his music. RIP
  12. blackbird

    Six Nations

    its going like football, magic sponge will appear soon.
  13. blackbird

    Why do ....?

    4- why can’t I own 100,000 bog rolls.
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