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  1. Put a crocodile in the pond that should sort out your heron problem. 😀
  2. With the exchange rate as it is I would not be surprised if ammo is cheaper now this side of the pond.
  3. blackbird


    Have a look on guntrader
  4. I would be very surprised if Beretta don’t exchange it for a new gun.
  5. I also think he will be granted.
  6. Exactly it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, my understanding when I was a member, that it’s a law firm that takes on your case & it’s at there discretion if they take it on. Many BASC members think that when you have a problem with the firearms dep once you mention you are a BASC member the FLO will be trembling in his boots it’s simply not the case.
  7. If they do refuse you a license on the grounds of you got into a few fights over 15yrs ago that seems very very harsh, if you had a record of GBH I could understand a refusal, as for getting BASC to take on your case they will not fund it unless they are 99% sure of a win outcome if it goes to court.
  8. I would say that the bags contents had been picked up when you checked in the bags & the UK customs had been informed before you arrived back in the UK.
  9. If a car manufacturer is willing to give you 5yrs warranty it says it all.
  10. Might be worthwhile you calling the police next time before you start shooting, unfortunately that’s the way it is today some people just hate to see you enjoying yourself.
  11. I will remember what leave means when the next election cards drop through my letterbox & straight into the recycling bin & I voted remain.
  12. I would try & stay away from a Browning that has a adjustable comb stock I had problems with mine working loose & ended up returning the gun to the dealer for a refund.
  13. Had it happen to me, after firing a round hardly any firing sound thank God I checked, the head was still in the barrel ( .17HMR )
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