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  1. nope hes from norfolk and when he was growing up you could wack your cammo gear on grab your gun walk in the country and go starling slaying all day long without being bothered...how times have changed
  2. whats the sort of trouble my mate can expect to get into if he gets caught by the plod creeping about with his airgun on farmland and woodland whos ownership is unknown??? i can see why he would want to go out poaching/tresspassing whatever you will call it as shooting is quite hard to come by depending on your circle of friends/where you live.
  3. enthusiastic... goodish with a shotgun... spot on with my cheap smk19 springer looking for some shooting would pay my own way and hae transport. go on help a newbie into the sport.
  4. i didnt know pump action shotguns where legal in uk...
  5. wondering if anybody has an smk 19 silencer knocking about as i took the farsight of when i got my new scope and it looks shizer. thanks dan.
  6. to get a quicker sale im dropping the price to £500 less than i payed grab a bargain smart looking learner commuter
  7. good little mini moto for sale bought it with the intention of racing on the kart tracks but i have too much other stuff to be getting on with. go's just fine carb leaks very slightly its not a cheap chinese imitation. grab a bargain.
  8. there we go assuming once again.........cant shoot out of boundarys bla bla bla iv read the codes of pratice mate and get the jist of it its common sense no!!! if a pigeon lands within ten yards of you within your permitted shooting zone and you can shoot the thing in the head then why not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can yes or not am i right or wrong wrong no doubt. your sincerly a light hearted pompous *** slater ps the reference to using a crossbow would have been on a rat you cant go firing arrows at pigeons on my garden fence the people down the road
  9. i left my smk19 cocked all night! got into work following day and realized i thought dammit iv knackered it or at least weakened the spring. then flutter flutter a collard pigeon/dove lands in the yard, crack thump skyrat dead the hollow point pellet went through the poor sod in one side of the back and out the other at about 25 yards
  10. im suprised that the selfrighteous no it alls havent all been WRITING in BLOCK capitals SAYING THINGS LIKE NEVER NEVER NEVER use an air pistol on live quarry if you have got a rat in the vicinity shoot the **** with what ever cross bow, cannon, spud gun its a ******* rat. and if a pidgeon lands on a fence 10 yards away and you can hit him in the head go for it. sorry misses moaning and needed to let of some steam but to all the pompus ***** **** *** ahh thats better
  11. i now have the knack of my illuminated mill dot scope srl or whatever make it is, i got it from js ramsbottom quite pleased with it actually bargain for £30 but then a cardboard tube would have been more use than the smk 4x20 piece of poop i was using before and after testing its interceptor hollow points all the way from now on......... happy hunting
  12. anybody know if it would it have enough power and be accurate enough to deal with rats from say 10 meters away??? :yp:
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