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  1. i can drive on the fields at the mo and had already thought of a cardless drill / driver. i have used them in the past for hide poles, its easy when you can drive to your site to carry things like that isnt it but now in my kit are a big screwdriver and hammer, cheers
  2. It sounds like a plan, im well qualified on the lunacy and cursing fronts
  3. Do we have any recomendations for mounting a rotary into hard ground please, its a A1 model ( i know better suited to soft ground) with a centre spike and 3 outer legs, cheers lads
  4. have a look on guntrader mate theres a few in your range including one in ayrshire just inside your budget. my god some of the cheapies are ugly :blink:
  5. cheers Stubby, takes me back to my acid days
  6. 12G hushpower I'm advertising this on behalf of of a guy i work with, i cannot answer Questions and no i dont have photos Pedretti single barrel fully silenced 12G folding hushpower, very good condition, with over 200 subsonic cartridges £275 ono He lives near Featherstone West Yorks PM me for contact details only Cheers Adam
  7. Has anyone tried these boots out, what have you thought of them and have they lasted well?
  8. But if it's a new permission and the farmer has rung you it may well be worth going to give him a bit of confidence in you, im sure you will be able to angle your self and some sort of pattern even if you dont get too many shots its a good publicity excersise.
  9. adam1

    Which Scope

    Cheers Jon, i know of him and he does seem to to be well priced. Cheers Adam
  10. adam1

    Which Scope

    Who is your dealer mate as the price does seem very good as the cheapest on guntrader is £720 ? im not a million miles from the linconshire border, and i'm in the market to start filling some slots. cheers
  11. Do you keep your i phone in your flask then Les
  12. Well if he thinks he's that clever pass him the gun and tell him to show you how it's done
  13. I,ve got a couple, one dtne cost me £25 the other a twin barrel set st ej cost me £100 i've no intention of replacing either or adding to them unless one gives up the ghost but they are renowned for being the Tonkas of the shotgun world so hopefuly that will be no time soon I neither know nor care what model they are Adam
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