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  1. So you are unhappy they put a visible presence there when they could, it seems they can't win.
  2. The problem is manpower, placing a vehicle somewhere in the evening on the off chance is taking a vehicle away that would be responding to dozens of calls an evening. They have to prioritise.
  3. I am white middle aged, i have been stopped by the police more times than i can remember, once i was stopped 4 times in one week, driving a van around the country, down country lanes or housing estates very early in the morning or late at night tends to make you stand out, every time i was stopped, i was polite i complied with what they were asking me to do , and the situation was resolved in minutes. The last time i was stopped was in whyteleaf at 2am on a weekday, they noticed i was driving slowley, and asked if i had been drinking, i explained i had just finished work and i had a kebab on the seat next to me i was trying to eat, i explained what i had been doing and they laughed and let me go, if they had searched me first they would have found £30,000 in cash stuffed into that large jacket i was wearing. Some police officers do have a bit of an ego, but the majority are just doing a job, they are hyped up when they stop you expecting the worst, if you want to be a fool and start being clever or argue then it's going to be a while before you are on your way, be helpful, be polite, and you all go away feeling good.
  4. Cheers Steve , thanks for all the work you put in.
  5. welsh1

    Wasp sting

    When i was 2 years old living in Germany i bit into an apple with a wasp on it, it stung me and my throat closed up not enough to stop me breathing but enough to spend a night in hospital. Rolling forward to when i was 15, and we were scrumping apples from some gardens behind the park and as i went to climb the tree to jump onto the 10 foot wall into the park some bright spark launched an apple at a wasps nest close to me, they went mad, i had them in my hair, down my top, up my trouser legs i ran like heck to my mates house which was nearby and i stuck my head in his dad's large fish tank, i was covered head to toe in stings, I got taken to A and E and they counted over 80 stings, i got an injection for the pain and to keep the swelling down, they believe that first sting when i was 2 had protected me as my young body had buit up an immunity to the sting in my mouth, and told me i was very lucky as i could have easily gone into anaphylactic shock, most of my body throbbed for a couple of days.
  6. All our politicians will be out with messages of support for our Armed forces and our Veterans. Meanwhile the prosecution of Veterans for alleged crimes in Northern Ireland continues while terrorists wave their "get out of jail free cards" in our faces. Maybe rather than making pretty little speeches to big themselves up they could try protecting our Veterans and start asking why they are not as protected as the terrorists.
  7. Can't beat Pembrokeshire new potatoes, had a load on saturday smothered in butter touch of salt, heaven.
  8. It's not the quantity it's the application of explosives, unless of course you just want one big mother of a bang ,then the more the merrier. Neer ceases to amaze me the crater that appeared after setting off 500lb of explosives, or the shock wave from 1/2 a mile away rocking the truck.
  9. Or if you use this wear some gloves, gave me the headache from hell, honestly just wanted to die
  10. welsh1


    I agree that anyone who serves should be allowed to stay, but commonwelth soldiers are told what they must do if they want to stay in the uk , unfortunatly most chose to just ignore the advice given and think they can just carry on, they then come unstuck when stuff like this happens. Some of it is the cost and complexity of the system to remain, which a lot find to difficult to navigate and don't bother saving as they think they will get away with just staying as most of their mates do the same. It's time the law was changed so that you would have a right to remain after serving x amount of years.
  11. welsh1

    Rat and Raptor

    That's great, i bet the owner was over the moon.
  12. welsh1

    Rat and Raptor

    It I stopped at the bottom of the road and turned around and as i came back up he still had the rat, i went 50yds down to turn around and be able to park up and maybe get a pic and they had gone In that still i think the angle makes them look seperate but he has him with his leg pushed back.
  13. welsh1

    Rat and Raptor

    Riding down the road today and these two jumped out from the hedge side, it doesn't look like it but a swift right left swerve stopped them being road kill, although i suspect the rat has breathed his last by now .I did stop and went back but the bird had taken his lunch elsewhere. raptor.mp4
  14. welsh1

    Full of beans

    Do you like beans? i enjoyed watching this.
  15. Just smothered some toast with it, love the stuff.
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