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  1. The same but with fresh mackerel and a splash of vinigar.
  2. So sad that this proud Veteran has died in a hospital in Belfast,politicians should hang their heads in shame allowing a terminally ill 80 yr old to be dragged into court on Micky mouse charges. He should have had the dignity of dying at home surrounded by his loved ones. My condolences to Dennis's family, he stood proud and tall till the end. https://news.sky.com/story/dennis-hutchings-former-soldier-on-trial-over-fatal-shooting-has-died-after-contracting-covid-12437849
  3. welsh1


    They will see you if you insist, a few weeks ago i had a lump in my armpit, phoned docs ,got a call back described it and the doc told me that he didn't need to see me and not worry about it as it was probably just a cyst, i did tell him i felt worried about it and could he please just check it out, he responded by saying he would usually only check something like that out if there was a history of cancer in my family, so i told him he should read my notes as it clearly states about the cancerous lump cut out of my chest a couple of years ago, and my father dying of lukemia, and his brother having all his lymph nodes removed and eventually getting cancer on the spine which did for him. A bit of a blustered excuse from the doc and he made an appointment for me the next day. Strangely when i went for the appointment i saw a female doctor who informed me the male doctor i had spoken to was a locum and not working today. The lump was just a cyst after all that, but i like every lump to be poked and proded by a doctor before they make the decision.
  4. welsh1

    Mattress sales.

    An old Irish woman would call at my Dad's house every couple of years with a transit van full of carpets, my Grandad was a rag and bone man and my Dad grew up haggling, so she would get her boys to unroll bits of carpets in the road in front of the house, she and my Dad would haggle away(a couple of tots of whiskey were usually consumed) and a spit in the hand and handshake concluded the deals. The quality of the carpets were very good, but it was a spectacle watching this very old Irish Gypsy and my Dad go through their haggling, it could take an hour or more, I think they both enjoyed it.
  5. I used to work all round London , Woolwich being one of the areas, hated it, always got out as soon as i could. My boss used to have a terraced house on a busy road in the city with a bus stop outside his house, he sold it and moved to a house in the country with no other houses round him, he couldn't get to sleep properly for months, he said it was to quiet and he missed the regular air brakes of the buses pulling up and leaving and the traffic noise and people shouting.
  6. Love liver and onions, another thing i love is chopped kidneys and tinned tomatoes on toast, my Dad used to do it when we came back in from shooting or fishing, hearty and warming.
  7. I think it might be you missing the point, PW is a pretty modern format and is updated quite regularly, a lot of the others have not updated their formats in many years, when they do apple will no longer recognise them in older os that cannot be updated.
  8. Some of the sites will use older versions that the older operating systems will recognise, one they upgrade those sites then your older operating system which is not updated by apple anymore will stop recognising it.
  9. If you are using older ipads then it is the fault of apple, I have an ipad one of the early ones, it stopped updating about 3 years ago and is only good to look at photos on and makes a big paperweight. Stopped using apple products years ago because of the problems of not being able to access anything and the built in obselesence.
  10. Fair one, but the good news is you know what you have and you are talking about it which is half the battle, never be frightened to reach out to chat, myself and others on here are always ready to listen. And as Centrefire has said there are some great support groups out there, don't be frightened of contacting them if you need them ,they will have been through it themselves and will chat.
  11. In my past i have earned very good money, but i put in long and often dangerous hours and was away from home a lot of the time, now i am home / office based earn a lot less but am stress free and very happy. Money is nice, but there is a life balance to consider. I probably earn an average wage, everything is paid for and a few quid for fun on the weekends, i have no complaints.
  12. Having PTSD does not automatically mean you cannot hold your licence, you will be asked for a letter from your GP about your condition, and it depends on your state of mind acording to him, but you can have PTSD and hold a licence. I had my licence renewed 2 years ago and disclosed my PTSD as i have done on every renewal.
  13. Gentlemen, this is a thread about Pigeon bags in the Pigeon section, might i suggest you start another thread in the relevant section if you wish to continue your "chat"
  14. Filled up Thursday and drove from Pembrokeshire to near Blackpool to see grandkids, there is a shell station just down the road from Son's house and yesterday it was chaos, cars filling the very large forecourt and blocking off a busy main road, absolutely mad. Thankfully our little Skoda Fabia sips fuel and we won't need to fill up for the return journey this evening. I hear that Gregg's may not get deliveries soon so I might have to buy 10 sausage rolls and a dozen steak bakes just in case.
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