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  1. Swampy lives in a yert in wales with his family, works for the forestry commission, drives a battered transit and has a mobile phone, and likes to run marathons https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/992682/swampy-why-ive-fracking-retired/
  2. welsh1


    like old and new, some new buildings look awful , but then some old buildings are the same. Here's Liverpool cathedral, built in 1904, red brick not the best looking building in the world, but the inside is amazing.
  3. welsh1


    This is what gets to me, yes it stood for 800 yrs, but what has been lost has been lost, you may make it look the same again but that is no better than going to disney land where they copy things. Why not make the new structure modern and inspiring, to show what this century can do, and with modern materials it could be way less expensive.and with the massive amount saved build hospitals. I read that it may be impossible to actually make it in the same way as they originally did, the oaks they used were massive coming form ancient woods, they felled all the massive oaks and now there are not enough of that size to use, also by selecting the biggest oaks they in effect bred out the biggest oaks because it was the smaller ones left to continue populating. They used over 1300 oaks, 52 acres of woodland.
  4. welsh1


    Well yes and no, windsor castle is part of the crown estates, which as we all know the Monarch gives to the people and in return we let them have pocket money and a few houses.So technically the Monarch owns Windsor castle, but we pay for it's upkeep in return for the crown estates. Notre Dame was started by a French Monarch, but along the way the people got a bit annoyed and drastically chopped of any aquantance they had with Monarchy, so it is owned by the state, saying that the French also made a law saying their govermnt would be religion neutral, so they let the catholic church be the benificiary of the cathedral, but they still paid for it's up keep until as i said a few years ago.
  5. welsh1


    The state own it, although they reduced drastically the funding for it a while back and there is a charity that campaigns for donations to it's upkeep.
  6. welsh1


    A billion euros, that could build a state of the art hospital to care and save people. Or it could rebuild a Cathedrel that really does nothing.
  7. welsh1

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Hate to disappoint, but Bowie is having a film made called "stardust" and i am sure you are on tender hooks for the release of the elton john movie "rocket man" coming very soon.
  8. welsh1

    Vitamin B

    i could ask my mate but i know the answer would be why would he want to smell like a tart in the jungle, where smells carry. Good old DEET the stuff that can melt a bic pen that's what we slapped on when i was in it worked, bit of a shock when the cheek guard on the SA80 started to melt when your DEET covered face came into contact with it.
  9. welsh1

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Watched it a while back, glossed over a bit, but to be expected when the other band members are making it, but a very enjoyable film,worth going to a cinema to watch it with good surround sound system.
  10. welsh1

    Heads up

    Rabbit decoys available now at lidl's. Get a few of these in the middle of a field and you will have a great time decoying at those incoming rabbits.
  11. I have never had any one from any party knock on my door in 23 years of living here, When we had a labour mp in the area he brought in Peter hain to try and convince us he was working for us and stood outside our tesco's smiling and smarming. As Peter Hain was secretary of state for wales i made a bee line for him and had him literally in a corner, i started to ask him why my wifes operation had been cancelled 3 times, and when he tried to give a load of crap. i told him what the consultant had told myself and my wife about how they manipulate figures by over booking and cancelling to make it look like targets were being met, he spluttered and stuttered and could only apologise before his goons stepped in and rescued him, i got a round of applause from the people gathered around. As said, they don't want to know until it's time to get those votes to continue feeding at the trough.
  12. People use the term mongrel because that is what they are , you can try to give them a posher name like cross breeds but they are simply mongrels. I am not saying that there are no good dogs from these crossings because there obviously are, but because most are bred without records or any care of what genetic abnormalities they have it is more just luck you get a "good" dog. As much as you can get the brains of one dog and the stamina of another, you can get the hip displacement of one and the heart problems of another. Until you have a lineage that you can trace and know what you are dealing with then you will only get a mongrel that you hope will work out,this is how established breeds come about, but it takes dedication and records, and a lot of these kitchen breeders are only interested in the big money they can make not keeping records and weeding out the abnormalities.
  13. mongrel /ˈmʌŋɡr(ə)l/ noun a dog of no definable type or breed. "she's a particularly intelligent mongrel with a lot of collie in her" synonyms: cross-bred, mixed-breed, half-breed, hybrid "a mongrel bitch" any animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types. synonyms: cross-breed, cross, mixed breed, half-breed, hybrid;
  14. Postage is free, i'm not out to diddle anyone.
  15. I can sell you 2 beans for £500 and you get another free, or for today only 3 beans for £499.
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