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  1. welsh1

    Mont Blanc pens

    I love a fountain pen, but a very good friend who i served with bought me a leather journal with our Corps cypher on and a Mount Blanc pen last year, I thought it was going to be a bit "fat" for me but i have to say it is a joy to write with it flows so smoothly.
  2. Kids whose parents say they have ADHD but we all know they are just naughty spoilt brats who have been allowed to do what they like as the parents are feckless. And you just know that a few days with someone who is prepared to lay down boundries and stick to them the child would be totally different.
  3. Princess Diana was no saint and the outpouring of grief over her death was way over the top and embarrasing.
  4. Questions should be asked about this officer, he is supposedly a firearms officer and used PTSD to try and explain away why he punched a puppy repeatedly for deficating on his carpet.
  5. He has no idea how good rabbit can be, my Wife makes a rabbit pie with a rich reduced red wine sauce if your mate tasted it he would soon change his mind.
  6. Did he get any points for speeding?
  7. Please note we do not allow cat threads.
  8. welsh1


    Congratulations to him for choosing the very best Corps, Once a Sapper always a Sapper. Ubique.
  9. Tireless service to the Queen and country in war and peace. an amazing man who led an amazing life.
  10. Burnley Dave a living legend lol. I watch Alex every now and then, he tells it straight .
  11. Your dog doesn't have to be on a lead unless it is in an area designated a Public Space Protection Order, the policeman is the guilty party he failed to comply with the law and his dog was out of control in a public place, i suspect that being a policeman had something to do with it not being investigated. https://www.gov.uk/control-dog-public
  12. I have had the same, terrier /poodle type dog ran across two roads to attack my spaniel, it got my size 12 and ran off, minutes later owner comes out complaining i kicked his dog and i told him he needed to keep it under control, he would not accept that running out of his garden across two roads and attacking my dog was out of control, he was trying to provoke a fight and becoming aggressive and as tempting as it was i did the sensible thing and walked away, i reported his dog to the local dog warden and a few days after her visit to explain to him about having an out of control dog in a pub
  13. And there's your answer .
  14. Speeding is speeding only you are to blame, you take your course/points/fine and get on with life. What does annoy me is the placement of speed vans at points where it is difficult to see them and while they will catch you from speeding they would not have stopped you.If you have an area known for speeding then stick a gatso there, that way you have 24/7 coverage and all cars(minus the stolen ones ) will slow down making the area much safer. If speed vans are there to prevent speeding paint them dayglo pink and place them in a place where they are highly visable, you know everyone will s
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