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  1. welsh1

    Identification please

    Been away, thanks for the answers.
  2. welsh1

    Identification please

    Does anyone know the name of these mushrooms please
  3. welsh1

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    I despise corbyn, but he turned up and laid a wreath, there are many that didn't throughout the country, that is their prerogative, and corbyn may have looked a bag of cow muck but again he was there.So even though i despise him , i think the anger toward him is a bit OTT on this occasion Some at two parades i attended yesterday annoyed me for wearing medals they were not entitled to or had bought on the internet to big themselves up in the eyes of others, i despise them as well.
  4. welsh1

    Spice Girls Tour

    Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh the spice girls are going on tour, i am so excited i have just wet my knickers, oh my god oh my god oh my god. Said no sane male ever in the history of mankind.
  5. welsh1

    Army short of soldiers

    I started on 16k in 1983. As for free house, i don't remember that , i had my rent deducted from my wages before i even saw them. My Son started on 16k for basic training, then 18k after phase 2 and about 24 k when all his training was finished. He has an Army Quarter, and he also has the rent deducted from his pay,as for remote and ****, well it is Tidworth ,so you may have something there 😂
  6. welsh1

    Army short of soldiers

    When i joined the recruitment process was very short, a couple of months at the most, when in i had money taken from me for food and accommodation, the accommodation was poor to say the least, but the food was good, three good meals a day, if you managed 22 years you got part of your pension paid out to you every month so you only had to find a filler job to live ok. The food was prepared by Military chefs, the recruiting done by the military. When my Son joined 4 years ago , the recruitment took over a year, it was so long that he had to take a second medical because the first was out of date, the civilian who he spoke to told him he would go to Edinburgh for his medical, he pointed out he was in pembrokeshire in Wales, the answer, oh don't worry you can go by train, it took him 19 hours there and back, the doctor listened to his chest and said that's fine. My Son after being in a year was told the pay scale he was on where he had a fair increase with each rank was being frozen and effectively he would earn very little difference from L/Cpl to Sgt, he now has to 26 years if he is to get that pension, and it's less than the old one. If you need repairs doing to your quarters carrilion will drag their heels and when they do work it is substandard, they are a civilian company The food he tells me is dire, and everyone complains, but no one listens,he recently was on exercise in Holland, when i spoke to him and asked how things were going, he was raving about how fantastic the Dutch cook houses were. There are no incentives anymore, lots of his unit have signed off,he tells me the Army is very very PC. The food is now prepared by Sodexo, a civilian company. Recruiting is now done by a civilian company who are following the PC ethos. My Son doesn't think he will do full service,and thinks it will be better to get out in a few years. I have a Nephew who has been in 10 years, is very specialized, he thinks the Army has gone to "rat ****" and has been thinking of getting out. Let the military do their own recruiting, their own catering, their own maintenance , they were good at it.
  7. welsh1

    Grenfell Tower Bonfire Video

    Extremely bad taste, and the people who did it need to have words with themselves, but that's all, trial by outraged media users is becoming far to common, and the police can be doing far better things with their time than chasing people in the darwin pool .
  8. welsh1


    I don't care if you don't want to wear a poppy, and i don't care if you don't want to stand for a mere 2 minutes of your hectic life to remember those that don't have the opportunity to have that hectic life. I will march and i will stand in silence to remember all those killed in all conflicts, i will remember friends and colleges who paid the ultimate price for serving their country. Just remember that the freedoms you take for granted and the choice you have to not remember the fallen, was given to you by those very people you ignore.
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  10. welsh1


    Doing an exercise in the Falklands, my section were out and about walking a few miles to set up an ambush, we came across a small stream flowing into a pool, crystal clear, ice cold water, we drank our fill and topped up water bottles, we walked a hundred yards up the hill following the stream and turned to follow it around a bank,and there was the rotting horse carcass with the stream flowing straight through the chest cavity. It was so nice and cold and refreshing though.
  11. welsh1

    Cryptocurrency Opportunity

    Here's a link if anyone wants it https://initiativeq.com/invite/SMw_sIAjQ
  12. welsh1

    Passing Out

  13. welsh1

    Mrs. webber R I P

    My deepest condolences .
  14. welsh1

    canabis oil

    I have been taking it for a month, have damaged ankles and knees and a crumbling disc in back, can't say it has done anything to be honest.
  15. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    Already done my service and left with my war pension for injuries received. And you?