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  1. welsh1

    Most bizzare job you've had

    I am a Sapper, as a serving Sapper i did more strange poo in 13 yrs than i have done in the rest of my 53 years on this earth, if i explained some of it you wouldn't believe me🤣
  2. welsh1


    I was a High Court Enforcement Officer, i was attacked on a number of occasions ranging form punches thrown ,to being stabbed with a 12 inch carving knife, if you are attacked then defend yourself, you can use reasonable force to protect yourself, you will get arrested initially while it is investigated,but as long as you followed the law then you have nothing to fear from defending yourself. Remember that reasonable force does not mean battering them half to death, you use the force you need to be able to move away, or if unable to move away ,stop the threat. My FEO told me he was glad i retired from the game, my file was rather large .
  3. welsh1

    Grub screw rounded off

    Rubber band as said, or get another grub screw ,put a bit of araldite in the top of the rounded grub screw , place the other in the araldite, wait for it to cure, screw out.
  4. welsh1

    Work related stress.

    I had a hugely stressful period of about 4 months, oddly enough caused by a couple of police officers from another force making up stories about me, i ended up in hospital at one stage as it was thought i was having a heart attack,my feo actually suggested i should pop to the hospital as he stopped the interview i was giving him.They were great, they could see that even though i was stressed i wasn't thinking of going on a rampage or hurting myself and they treated me very well. If asked be honest with them, explain why you have stress and what you are doing about it.
  5. welsh1

    Head Phone time

    That is spot on.
  6. welsh1

    Black Stag

    Spot on.
  7. welsh1


    I have never played with AV mode, but think i will have to play and experiment. Nice pics Dave.
  8. welsh1

    Car camera to catch vandalism

    If you are parking your car in public you do not have to have any signage saying you are recording, it is not a crime to take photographs or videos in a public place and the public have no expectation of privacy in a public place.
  9. welsh1

    My little friends gone

    That is a great innings, obviously a loved and well looked after member of the family.Sorry she has gone.
  10. welsh1

    Red breast

    That was my Tamron 70 -300 mm on my Canon 7d. hand held.
  11. welsh1

    Red breast

    A shot of a robin that was determined to have his pic taken,plucky little birds.
  12. welsh1

    Muntjac in Wales

    A farm manager told me that he had seen a Munty here in pembrokeshire, and i am sure i have heard them at night in a certain area, but have not seen them myself,we do have a few areas that are very dense woodland, a cow and her calf vanished for 2 weeks in them only to emerge a few hundred yards from where they were last seen.
  13. welsh1

    Midland Gun Company 12 gauge

    I have reduced the price to £250. 00, I have found a camera lens i really want.
  14. welsh1

    Midland Gun Company 12 gauge

    This is mine, any questions feel free to ask.
  15. welsh1

    gunwatch admim

    Cheers Teal