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  1. welsh1

    canabis oil

    I have been taking it for a month, have damaged ankles and knees and a crumbling disc in back, can't say it has done anything to be honest.
  2. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    Already done my service and left with my war pension for injuries received. And you?
  3. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    As a serving member of the met and the holder of a warrant card he most certainly is a police officer the same as from PC to commissioner , just because his title is different does not give him anymore or any less power of arrest than any other serving policeman or woman. And if you are that close you can give the description he gave , then you are close enough to take action. He has lost all respect throughout the police service. Lions led by donkeys springs to mind.
  4. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    He is a police officer, see the rank structure within the Met.he was recruited as a graduate. As for what he saw, in his own words The senior officer saw the constable suffer "two determined stab wounds". He said: "I could see Pc Palmer moving backwards and him going down." Sir Craig, who retires in December, went on: "The attacker had one of those looks where, if they get you in that look, they would be after you. "He seemed absolutely focused on getting further down and attacking anyone who was in his way." A
  5. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    "That’s as may be and none of us know each other’s backgrounds- but your insinuating that because he is (A) male and (B) in the Police Service that he has the same attitude and ability as a trained Soldier. As you know, the two are worlds apart." I am insinuating nothing, the facts are that he is a police officer, and his duty is clear, it was also very clear to him that another officer was in mortal danger . Ask any rank and file officer male or female and their answer would be a resounding yes to running to help a fellow officer. I hear that at the moment on many of the police pages on the internet, he is being dammed by serving and retired officers for his actions. I never insinuated that he had the ability of a trained soldier, i informed you that many on here are not keyboard warriors as you alluded to.
  6. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    Many of the people giving opinion on here are more than the keyboard warriors you insinuate, and have served in various conflicts round the world
  7. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    Ok semantics ,he was in the car, he still had the choice to help an officer under his command, or lock the door . He chose to lock his door, his officer died. No one is spouting about being heroes they are saying you should do the right thing, i would understand if he had been a civilian and wouldn't have blamed him for locking his door, but this was a police officer,and a high ranking one at that, and another officer was in trouble.
  8. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    There were unarmed people running toward the officer being attacked, an MP and a civilian amongst them. This person was a police officer, other officers rely on the fact that when in danger they will get unquestioned assistance, it is not right that when one of his officers was in danger he did nothing. Attack in numbers overwhelm the opponent. He had enough time to make the decision to get into the car and lock the doors, that time could have been spent running toward the attacker shouting at him,distracting him, maybe it would have been the vital seconds the injured officer needed to survive and the attacker got shot. He failed in his duty ,and more importantly he failed the officers he held rank over.
  9. welsh1

    Police chief. ?

    When it became time to stand up and be counted, he sat down and locked the doors.He will have to live with his non actions for the rest of his life, and know that every officer will know what he failed to do.
  10. welsh1

    Modern life.

    People who think the middle lane of a motorway is their private lane. The word hero being used to describe footballers, athletes, sports persons etc, they are not heroes. Obey the speed limit you fool, some kid will die if you hit them doing 40 in a 30 zone.
  11. welsh1

    Using a lap top on your lap

    Last laptop was on my lap every evening for a few hours ,it lasted 6 years, the new one is a year in, my legs have not fallen off, nor has any other part of my anatomy. and my posture is normally fine ,but i do have a torn muscle in my neck,that was caused by falling down a bank and through a hedge though🤣
  12. I am sapper_rob https://www.instagram.com/sapper_rob/?hl=en
  13. welsh1

    Camera experts

    This one ?
  14. welsh1

    Camera experts

    This one 😂😂
  15. welsh1

    Camera experts

    Things move forward, plates were replaced by film which was processed in dark room, digital SLR's took over from film with the processing being done in photoshop and light room. Now DSLR's are being taken over by mirrorless cameras, no doubt something will come along to replace this and on it will move. The art is what you capture and how you capture it, Ansel Adams was a genius, but people out there take amazing pictures every day, the worlds most expensive photo might disappoint you. https://expertphotography.com/the-worlds-most-expensive-photo-what-makes-it-so-great/