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    Same here, used to love a good cigar, much to the annoyance of the wife.If i started again it would be a decent cigar that would do it, but 13 years "clean" would be foolish to start again.
  2. Camera opinions

    A bridge camera , no having to carry all those expensive lenses and associated filters etc. These are great little cameras, and in the right hands will give you fantastic pictures.If you look around they are for sale for approx £260 https://store.canon.co.uk/canon-powershot-sx60-hs/9543B009/?nav=cameras%2Ccompactdigitalcameras%2Cbridgecameras
  3. Hawk

    Love the positioning ,great pic as always.
  4. Lily Allen - Homeless?

    It won't be happening, Lawrence stopped working for the sheriffs office at least 8 months ago
  5. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    So now you want to keep to the subject matter
  6. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    Really, should we lower the standards for being a brain surgeon?after all i always fancied doing it but was never bright enough, but if we lowered the standards there would be loads more people becoming brain surgeons and that would be a good thing, wouldn't it?
  7. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    Many men fail because the standard is so high, that is why they are known as special forces,there are always many willing to give it a go though.There will always be a very high failure rate when you are demanding the very peak of physical fitness and endurance from people.
  8. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    No woman has past Selection.
  9. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    If you are talking about Azi Ahmed, then she never did selection, she did a week of a taster course, and marched round the royal parks, she has written a book and touts herself on the talking circuit,but tells bigger porkies than Pinocchio She is a Walt of the highest order.No woman has passed selection.
  10. Facebook groups

    I like the speed of face book, i admin a military site with 10,000 members and a couple of other sites, and belong to quite a few more, some to do with shooting and more to do with photography.It is just like any other social media, there are good and bad and the occasional troll, but as long as you remember there is an off switch to your laptop/computer and a big world out there then you will be fine.
  11. Some thing beautiful

    The only way that could be sung any worse is if i opened my gob
  12. What do you do?

    Former soldier, but will always be a Sapper. Former High Court Enforcement Officer. And these days a Data administrator in an engineering company with Mod contracts worldwide,I like the desk and unlimited coffee life i now have after all the excitement of the previous jobs (getting old)
  13. Waders and safety

    To stop those awkward moments with waders filling up when you fall over, simply drill a hole in the foot of each leg, the water will simply drain out .
  14. A pensioner? Who me? Surely not.

    Age is but a number, and by golly yours is a BIG number Happy birthday
  15. Cows on the road

    My father in law was driving into his village and the cows were crossing from one field to the other, they think a rat spooked them and they stampeded toward his car, he went backward as fast as he could, ended up in the ditch on the side of the lane and the cows wrecked the other side of his pristine sierra(he was a car valeter by trade ,and a dam good one). The farmer was great, and his NFU insurance sorted things out very quickly,my FIL always used to say he was amazed how fast them cows could blinking run.