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  1. Some sick people on this planet, the poor dog must have suffered so badly for those 5 days. I would like to say what i really think of this sad excuse for a human, but i would have to then ban myself.
  2. Just shows CP to be a sneaky and vindictive person, trying to damage a persons name and insinuate they should not be working for the university is a horrible thing to do and shows CP in his true form.
  3. The long grass is down now, and raked up by hand i just let it mulch in now it's short, the grass catcher would be handy if i missed a couple of cuts but it's not the end of the world.
  4. I have an electric mower, but it wasn't any good on the long grass, so a couple of weeks ago i bought a petrol mower for £10 at the car boot sale, 4.5hp 2 stroke briggs and stratton engine,it started but sounded awful, took air intake off noticed gasket was missing, and replaced it, sounded better but was leaking fuel, took carb off and looked at fuel bowl, the seal had a tiny twist in it,can't seem to buy the seal so used some fuel resistant sealant and fuel leak stopped, then emptied the fuel and put a 50:1 mix in as specified by manufacturer, sounds great now. The result a petrol lawn mower built like a tank cuts great and goes great, total cost £15, 10 for mower 5 for sealant. Just need a grass catcher now, new they are £120, cheapest i can find is £50.
  5. https://www.myfamilysilver.com/pages/crestfinder-crest.aspx?id=173858&name=Savile
  6. welsh1

    carry on Gov

    I think he has only admitted it because a book about him is coming out soon and it has stories about him snorting substances.
  7. welsh1

    National Service

    That's good going, i wanted to do 22 but ankles and knees said no , i managed 13 years though.
  8. welsh1

    National Service

    Bit late now he's been there 5 years😂
  9. welsh1

    National Service

    Just replying to your comment about not wanting one of your kids in the military.
  10. welsh1

    National Service

    My Son is A Cpl in the Army.
  11. Lol, they sell them to marks and spencer, the turkeys are those really expensive ones you see, and get very large in size and price. Here is a pic of the chicken sheds , these sheds were due rotation and have now moved from these fields, the turkey sheds are at least 3 times longer, unfortunatly i can't find an aerial pic taken in the winter when the turkey sheds are up.
  12. I shoot on a huge free range chicken and turkey farm, the sheds for the turkeys are long sheds that can be split and moved and along each side they have half a dozen hatches they open up in the morning to let the turkeys out, they tend to stay in the sheds or very near the hatches, i am guessing that when they move the sheds to new fields this is how the ground would look after from the air.
  13. If you go for a cheap whiskey then there may be more traces of gluten as they tend to put some of the run off back into the process to save money, but a half decent single malt from what I have read is good .
  14. Distilled spirits do NOT contain gluten. The process of distillation removes the protein from the grain, so all you’re left with in your glass is alcohol, water and a few congeners that contribute flavour (unless it’s a liqueur then add sugar and flavourings to that list. And botanicals if it’s gin).
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