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  1. Call me cynical but that would mean a reduced revenue, can't see that happening.
  2. I think you may be right, i get the feeling that as the FEO is working part time and has a very big back log the system is now struggling. It does bring to the fore the question though ,why a part time FEO as it is quite obvious they are creating a huge backlog that will take ages to clear, it was only a few years ago they asked a lot of us to renew early so they could spread out the renewals and have a faster and better service.
  3. ANOTHER UPDATE Well I sent all my certificates back and yesterday my section 7's came back to me in the post with a note saying because of covid 19 they are having difficulty processing everything and to keep hold of the section 7's for now, which is understandable. Then later in the evening one of my references phones me and tells me the police just phoned him and asked was I ok etc .all seems a bit back to front, or do the police have concerns about firearms holders in these covid 19 days we are living in?
  4. Only on sundays when i am known as susie. Oh they look like tramps but they build your camps and sometimes lead the advance, And they sweat red blood to bridge the flood to give you a fighting chance Who stays behind when its getting hot, to blow up the roads in the rear? Just tell your wife she owes your life to some Muddy Old Engineer, Some dusty, crusty, croaking, joking Muddy Old Engineer.
  5. Fill a cartruidge with a load of fine glitter the kids use for arts and crafts, it gets everywhere and is murder to get rid of, my granddaughter only has to touch me after using the glitter and i am finding it on me for days
  6. I was/ am a Welder, it was my trade in the Royal Engineers, i was a class 1 welder, worked in a workshop for a good few years, welded all over the world and with some specialist metals that most won't ever weld. It's very rare a weld will fail if put down right, the metal surrounding the weld may fail , stress is a big factor, but if you do a weld and then look at it and think "oh blimy that is attrocious" or words to that effect, you just grind it out and start again, there's no point getting het up about it, it's when the man from lloyds is standing there in his white overalls waiting to test your work that's the time to sweat a bit lol. The most frustrating thing to weld is cast iron, prep it nice, slowley bring it up to temp with a heat blanket, weld it, slowley cool it down with the heat blanket, remove blanket, look at it the wrong way and you hear that high pitched "ping" as the thing cracks, cast iron has a mind of it's own. Haven't welded for about 15 years now, used to find it very relaxing your in your own little world.
  7. Just a quick update. Had the firearms officer call me today and said that certain renewals are being done over the phone, we chatted confirmed my cabinets were still in the same place, asked if i wanted to keep a slot for a new rifle open as i had not bought it yet and then asked me to send in the section 7's and my licences, he assured me i would be legal as they held a record that i was issued new certificates which would be sent out as soon as they got the old ones. So job done.
  8. welsh1

    Is this a Trifid

    could be sea kale, if it is some of these are very big, the web says they grow up to 80 cm's these were 4 -5 foot.
  9. welsh1

    Is this a Trifid

    I did think of downloading an app, but then i remembered i had pigeon watch , which is like a massive app with lots of different subjects on it and lots of experts , so thought i would place it on here 😄
  10. Hi all I know a daisy from a rose but I am not green fingered, so can anyone tell me what this plant is I saw while out yesterday, there were quite a few of them on the bank seperating the road from the shore.
  11. Well got two section 7's through the post yesterday, to see me through the next 3 months, and i am seriously doubting that i will have my certificates by then given we now have the virus to contend with, i would think that the firearms dept will advise their officers not to visit unless absolutley essential.
  12. A nice offer, to far for me, but somebody will get a nice bit of kit for the man shed.
  13. welsh1


    Have never chatted to so many people since i got it, people are really curious and want to know more about it , lots of kids(and some adults) wave lol
  14. welsh1

    Random Finds.

    Remote control drone with 6 ft wing span and little petrol engine washed up on the beach, it probably came from the air defence range at Manorbier just down the coast.
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