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  1. That depends on the lev system installed, if you were welding then the criteria would be your "one equivalent diameter", LEV encompasses all systems that remove fumes from an area, e.g. cooker hoods, which can have a very large area to cover., a system of overhead extraction at the firing point and down range transference would be one way a system would work. My job is to check Engineers reports for lev systems, we do a huge amount of work for the MOD including all sorts of ranges round the world There are many ways that LEV's work, http://www.hse.gov.uk/pUbns/priced/hsg258.pdf
  2. Gat a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system designed and installed,it's the only way to control all the dust and gasses that are being produced.
  3. They also used to stitch some people up and a good kicking in the cells was fairly common.Some of those officers you say commanded respect didn't really, they ruled by fear, there's a difference. Most Police are good people and do a very good job, they are restricted by the orders given from above.
  4. Another stupid idea from a very stupid man. This latest stunt smacks of desperation,what a chump.
  5. Have to say it's an amazing lens for the money, mine is sharp out to the 600mm, so far all my images with it have been hand held.Makes me smile every time i use it.
  6. welsh1

    The Races

    Just for you I have added a couple of pics 31 years apart,no screaming though😄
  7. Today was our 31st wedding anniversary , so we went to the races for the day at Ffos las, 7 races on the cards, I had two winners as did my better half, a great day out , and so funny watching my Wife screaming for her horse, i know she is passionate when it comes to rugby but so funny to see her screaming for her horse. I got our Anniversary announced over the tannoy, and also got us into the parade ring to chose the best turned out horse for one of the races(the horse we chose was one of my winners). Great fun day out.
  8. After the storm we had some good surf on Saturday and a nice sunny day in Pembrokeshire
  9. It was indeed my birthday, and there was snow on the ground, 2010! time does fly.
  10. The Sheriffs in england and wales are different to the sheriffs in scotland, each sheriff has a county, my old boss was the sheriff of Northampton, and they used sheriffs officers later known as high court enforcement officers to go out and enforce the high court orders on his or her behalf. You will find that HCEO's are very persistent, and have a few tricks up their sleeves that county court bailiffs don't.
  11. Gents please think before posting about people's colour and how you phrase your comments, a couple of posts have been removed.
  12. If your judgement is over £600 including costs then you can move it straight to the high court and obtain a writ against the debtor, the cost of this is roughly £75 + VAT. Contact a sheriffs office and they will send you some forms ,very simple and then do the transfer for you, they will explain any other costs which may occur ,these are normally for searches etc.They will then attempt to recover your money. There are no certainties when it comes to recovering money, your builder may go bankrupt, or they simply have no assets to sieze, but the Sheriffs officers will do their best to recover your money unlike the county court bailiffs who are pretty ineffective. I cannot recommend a sheriffs office as my old partner sold his and other people i knew as managers in other companies have now left. My old bailiff partner formed The Sheriffs office ,and sold it a couple of years ago,it's as good a place to contact ,here's their page, you can call them or do it online, if you call someone will chat to you and talk you through the process I wish you luck. https://thesheriffsoffice.com/
  13. welsh1


    Liking the whole composition and feel of this.large print with acrylic on top would be amazing.
  14. Never really been a madonna fan, but if she had came knocking in the 80's i wouldn't have slammed the door in her face. Her loss, i met someone way more attractive and funny, who gets my black military humor and has a wicked sense of humor herself. 30 years now, seems like the blink of an eye.
  15. welsh1

    Proud dad

    Good lad, now buy him that air rifle you always wanted😂
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