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  1. Just called my vet to see the cost of loxicom which they had given a 10ml bottle for ongoing pain, another 10ml would be £39.87. A quick look online and 100ml yes 100ml is £10.50 and £3.49 for express delivery. I will pick up the prescription from the vets on Saturday.
  2. My boy is starting to walk into rooms a just bark for no reason, he also does it first thing in the morning on our landing, the other day he was panting like mad and pacing round the house trying to climb into obscure places like behind the tv which is why i took him to the vet, when i mentioned dementure the vet was quick to change the conversation with we can control that, and wanted to go down the pain route. If what he is doing becomes worse and he just becomes a shell barking at everything and nothing then i believe it's kindest to let him go, saying that it will be very hard, he has been one very good sweet natured loving boy and a hard worker.
  3. My old boy was showing signs of dementure or distress last week so we went to the vet, he has wear in his hips which i knew, the vet said he thought this might be pain so gave us 4 days of tablets paracetamol/ codine and a course of Loxicom which he started today. The vet suggested doing a liver/kidney check , even though we told him he drank and peed as normal and the vet agreed that it was a sign of them working ok, so i declined that one. The vet wants to see him in a week and see how he's going, the drugs seem to work he sleeps better, i am not going to muck about with lots of tests, he is 14, if he is suffering i will do what has to be done, and the vets won't be supplying future medication if he will be on it long term i will get it on line. The check up and the medication was £110.
  4. Ladies and Gents, Please think before you post, this forum is visible to many and some comments recently posted are unacceptable. Some posts have been removed. Keep it civil please.
  5. Because the Admin are only human and at times can be extremely busy with other things. Apologies, sometimes things just get missed.
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    I think some more information might help, and i would advise removing your Tel No.
  7. Joined the Army at 17, health and safety,well that was for other people, playing with explosives, running over bridges on the weekly run in Germany just because we could, and lots of other things that would make a h and s bod pass out these days lol. 55701207_573114589837321_1446230456247779328_n.mp4
  8. Do you think your country just gives the money away with no strings attached lol?
  9. Time for this thread to slowly sink back into the past, let's raise it again in another 17 years and see what has changed .
  10. Duck down ,pray, worry about how you are going to explain it to the Boss.
  11. A very young me instructing a lad called Todd to go over a knife edge, it doesn't look much but a split second before the pic it was standing on it's nose, Todd had been terrified and it took 20 mins of reassurance to get him to attempt it,he went on to become a very competent driver.No helmet on H&S was not as strict in those days lol.
  12. I was a CVR(t) instructor, they were originally developed to go up to 90mph, but it was decided that this was a bit dangerous, so they were limited to 60mph,I did drive a Spartan in reverse at 56mph while training in the yank sector in Germany. When we did a battle run with the yank MBT's their commander came over to us for a chat and expressed his amazement that our Spartans were so quick and agile and he had expected them to never be able to follow his MBT's over some of the terrain let alone be the first to cross the end of the battle run line.
  13. While it is more difficult for a tank to operate with the development of anti tank systems, they still have a place on the battle field and to hold ground you have captured are an asset. We should not judge what is happening in ukraine where russian armour has been shown to be rubbish. MBT's from the usa uk germany etc have far more complex systems both within the tank and supporting. Their time is coming to be obselete, but i do not think that time is here yet.
  14. In Ukraine you are seeing tanks with no battle plan, no leadership and no idea. While a tank can be destroyed fairly easy, you need to get it to a position to do so,Tanks used properly with light armour support and infantry support and air support are very effective, they tend not to drive down the main road, or use the obvious crossing over a ditch or river as you have been seeing in ukraine.
  15. While holidaying in the Bordeaux region a waitress recommended a chilled red to go with a spagetti bolognaise, the wine was amazing and so was the bolognaise, in the summer i like to have a chilled glass or two of red.
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