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    Word of warning

    I send a lot of stuff to our company engineers, anemometers , manometers , gauges etc, always RMSD and make sure you write your name and address on the back in a couple of places because the state a few boxes have turned up you would think a tank drove over it and then a Bengal tiger was allowed to ravage it. It may cost a bit more, but i have tried all the rest, and for the insurance cover that RMSD automatically gives you there's nothing better.
  2. Good news your Son is ok, your intuition knew something wasn't right, those gut feelings are usually right, here's to a speedy recovery.
  3. After years of terrible service from BT and my line dropping out at 6 pm and 9pm most nights i left them for now tv , the service has been fantastic over the last 2 years, their box is reliable and i am happy.
  4. Well she arrived yesterday, and she's great fun, the exhaust is very loud, but I do like it, may have to add a baffle to bring it down a notch.definatly a head turner, and have had chats with at least a half people in the few hours I have been out on her.
  5. My first permission was a small farm, got to know the farmer really well, took him out once or twice to sort out a fox or two and just became friends, he recommended me to his mate, who suggested someone else and a couple of years later i had 6 farms, then when i knocked on some doors i was known as "the lad who shoots on so and so's" land by the farmers i was asking permission from, i stopped asking when i had 12 permissions, it can be hard work keeping them all happy, but some don't need visits very often, and i have a shooting partner added to others to share the load. Don't get disheartened,it will happen, my mate got his first permission which was huge chatting to a farmer who noticed his basc badge in the car window, while picking their kids up from Sunday school, the farmer had a big fox problem, he now doesn't lol.
  6. I'm more of a purple colour person, but only in summer when i wear a frock and open fronted sandals, and only on weekends 👀
  7. My foreend is all nice and cosy in the gunsafe, but my toe is throbbing like this .
  8. I would think a section 7 issue would be recorded in official stats showing them failing to meet their targets, a letter on the other hand won't be recorded, so it looks like they are meeting their targets. All it does is mask the problem.
  9. Blinking heck, do you wash them by putting them in a concrete mixer? they have certainly been through the mill.
  10. Lol, i always joke i have good looking feet to my family, i think they have survived pretty well for years in Army boots and hiking boots, broken a few toes over the years.
  11. As i say how lucky am i saving the foreend😣
  12. Got a letter from my firearms dept today, looks like they are not getting on top of things even though on last renewal i renewed early on their advice to speed up processing by spreading their load . Is this now the norm? are section 7's no longer issued?
  13. Been out shooting, come home cleaned the shotgun, and then got the cloth for a final wipe down while sitting down, the cloth caught the fore end stock release catch which tumbled toward the floor, luckily my toe stopped it, the metal corner of the curved end that fits into the trigger end punched a neat little hole into my nail. Thank goodness my toe saved the fore end how lucky am I 🤣
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