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  1. welsh1


    I feel your pain,, i went from christmas with no bread and then cracked by making some the other week. My biggest vice is a sneaky bag of chips from the chippy by the office, the small portion is able to feed a family of 4 and i took great pleasure sitting at the desk in the office watching the harbour below while stuffing my face with great tasting chips. I haven't had a bag of chips since before christmas😪 I was losing the pounds but the bread has stalled that lol.
  2. welsh1


    Probably 3 days maybe 4, to be honest fresh bread doesn't last long enough to find out lol.
  3. Love a mulligatawny ,has to be a heinz.
  4. welsh1


    Not a lot of work on the old computer today so in-between checking reports I made some bread. This is the second time I have made Challah bread, this was a 4 plait with a sprinkle of poppy seed, think it was time well spent.
  5. We were bought the ninja air fryer by my Son 2 chrismases ago, it's great, does great chips, they will never be as good as deep fried chips, but they are very good, and the ninja has a pressure cooker built in, cook and crisp a chicken in no time at all, and i cook my steak in it comes out perfect.
  6. Lol, while we do get a bit of rain but because of the coastal location the weather is usually mild, i haven't seen any snow yet while the rest of the country seems to be having loads of it.
  7. While we may have the odd refinery, we also have 146 miles of pembrokeshire coast line that is a National Park, you can choose from crowded Tenby, to secluded walks and coves where there is a good chance you will be the only ones there. Stunnng scenery wherever you go. And if you want to have a go at surfing, then we have some very good surf beaches. https://youtu.be/qOjgvyUAkGA Oh and castles, we have loads of castles.
  8. Putting a bit of colour back into the pic is fairly easy in Photoshop , having a good quality pic to start is half the battle.
  9. Your card could have cloned anywhere or your card details obtained anywhere, one of the scanners favourite ways of testing if the details are good is to use just eat as a test, they will order and if it works will then know the card is good, luckily you have stopped the card in time.
  10. welsh1


    Written tests all done.
  11. welsh1

    BBC survey

    I filled in the survey, i think they will know i think they are useless 😃
  12. I have merged 3 roost shooting threads together so all the information is in one place.
  13. welsh1


    He has a damaged eye at the moment so is virtually doing this with one eye.
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