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  1. There's nothing that can't be overcome with the correct use of lots of PE. It's surprising how placed in the right spot how little you need to bring a bridge like this down.
  2. Impressive, but the Sapper in me is thinking a few well placed charges of PE and it would be all over bar the fat bird singing.
  3. No sane person could bring charges against your wife for allowing an RFD to take control of weapons that were in a property where no one had the legal right to hold them. She would have done the right thing by securing them . As for how she had the keys, she simply tidied up the deceased belongings and came across the keys.
  4. As much as i think the lunatics are running the asylum, i can't help but think back to my last stay in hospital when i was asked by the nurse booking me intro the ward what i wanted to be called, Mr M, robert, rob etc , it made me feel more comfortable everyone calling me Rob. And it makes me think that if you can make someone relaxed in an environment that can be the cause for concern then why not call someone they, or it or whatever, it's not as if it will kill you to do so. For a religion that is supposed to be tolerant, this doctor isn't really following the rules.
  5. welsh1

    D Day

    Recently one of our Sappers Brian Guy died , he states in his book that the first people at Pegasus bridge were the Sappers, his book Cameos of war is a very good read. Ubique.
  6. When the script isn't being written for you.
  7. welsh1


    I honestly cannot remember a time in my past when i looked at the political scene and the people who are supposed to represent us and thought what a complete bunch of sycophantic self serving idiots. If this is the best of british politics, then we are all going to hell in a handcart
  8. welsh1


    They probably could do as you say, but they are all now looking forward, and at somepoint there will be an election, and the people will remember what was done, Labour are looking down the barrel and their future as the main opposition is tetering on the edge, what they do in the next few week will decide their fate
  9. welsh1


    Because labour are terrified that boris or for that matter a turnip on a stick will beat them because of their stance on brexit, they will wait until after the 31st when we are again stuck for another few months, but they will have to call for a vote of no confidence, as they cannot go on with a government with no power. Labour have been fatally wounded, they should call for a vote of no confidence straight away, but they know theey will lose an election, but by not doing so makes them appear even more weak and ineffective , when they do call for a vote of NC the electorate will remember how labour dealt with it. The frustration of the public can only build and build, the politicians are being rather silly.
  10. welsh1


    They have painted themselves into a corner, if they don't call a no confidence vote they make themselves look totally incompetent and will be saying they still support the government
  11. welsh1


    So Parliment rushes to reconvene, the first thing they will probably do is call a vote of no confidence in the government, which they should win, the government collapses, but more importantly a general election will have to be called, it will be in the hands of the people. One great big circle to arrive back at the point we all started from a few weeks ago.
  12. Our local Sparrow Hawk chases the birds up our row of houses, but just before the end it dips through between the last two houses and catches the birds that try to swing round the houses at the end, must be a big shock to them to realize the killer that was behind you is now coming at a huge rate of knots from the side and you don't have time to turn. We also have a Peregrine that takes the racing pigeons from 2 doors up, i watched it drop from the sky and hit a pigeon so hard it virtually severed it's head, the blood spatter just missed me on my porch. Nature's amazing.
  13. Sadly a common occurance down here in Pembrokeshire with people walking the coast path with their dogs off the lead, and on some of our cliffs there's no way they survive the fall, at least 6 have gone over this year.There are even notices advising people to keep their dogs on a lead. Glad she lived to tell the tail (sic)
  14. welsh1


    I'm an athiest ,so if there is such a place and i was wrong i will stick my head round the door marked evil despots and call him something very nasty.
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