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  1. My Wife has been hospitalised with migrane in the past, she had them on a very regular basis, then a doctor put her on proprananol as a preventer and she very rarely gets one these days.
  2. I would think a warranty is taken out through a warrany company and it would be them making a decision to do any work under a warranty claim, it's worth finding out if it's a warranty with a company and the terms and conditions, or is it the garage saying they guarentee the bike, if it's just the garage then they would be given the opportunity to fix it, but i would expect them to collect the bike no matter which. The garage may agree work to be undertaken locally if they think it will save them money and time, See what the mechanic has to say and then chat about repairs.
  3. This was at the Welsh botanical gardens.
  4. A Pic of a Globe Thistle taken on my phone camera
  5. It appears that Dyfed Powys have joined the masses and now insist on a doctors report, this has appeared on their firearms web site. But it looks like the change doesn't come into effect until we are all dead ( 20202)
  6. Same happened to a mate who lived two doors away from me growing up and we were always together, he joined the RAF i joined the Army, he was 32 years old walked into his house after rugby training for his unit, clutched his chest in front of his wife and was apparantly dead before he hit the floor. You never know what's round the corner, make the most of every day.
  7. I saw one by the side of a road, he must have glanced a vehicle as he was just sitting there dazed, picked him up with my bike gloves on placed him in a tree in a small copse just off the road, a few hours later he was gone,
  8. The family very kindly laid on loads of cupcakes which were devoured like a plague of locusts along with lots of bottles of water and soft drinks.
  9. He was grinning like a cheshire cat, he got treated like royalty by everyone.
  10. Today was Paul's 50th birthday, he has a passion for Harley Davidson bikes and loud bikes, but he cannot ride one because of his cerebral palsy, unknown to Paul his sister asked on facebook last friday if anyone could pop down and show their bikes as a surprise, well today 100+ bikes drove down the dual carriage way by his house, he thought he was watching a bike rally, but then we all turned around and drove into his village and parked outside his house. We managed to get Paul on the back of my trike and he had his first ever spin down the road, i think he enjoyed it judging by his smil
  11. Wife still has hers, i had to get the plastic one about 8 years ago when i got a few points.
  12. If my practise stops signing the medical form i can see me having problems when i request all my medical documents as i have no records from 1984 until 1991, and it would look like i have removed some of my medical history when i pass it to another company to look at, the reality is the Army convieniently "lost" my docs while the gulf war was on, well i say lost i know they are in a big hole along with thousands of others in the desert.
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