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  1. Has anyone had a day out with anglia sporting ?, looking at a walk up rough shoot day and looking for any feed back
  2. Hi has anybody had a shooting day with anglia sporting?, maybe interested in one of their rough shoot days
  3. kacy

    laser arrow shot

    Has anyone got an Arrow Laser shot for sale
  4. Does it make much difference covering the face with a veil when pigeon shooting or is this just over doing it, as in the feilds where i shoot some of the other guys hardly hide up and wear very little camo and have a good bag
  5. kacy

    laser arrow shot

    Hi is there anyone who is done with there arrow laser shot and wish to sell it to a novice like me ??
  6. kacy

    arrow laser shot

    Hi has anyone got a Arrow Laser Shot for sale at reasonable price
  7. kacy

    laser shot

    Hi has anyone got a Arrow Laser Shot that is surplas to requirement to fit a 12g
  8. Went shooting the other day which is only my second go Took my new 3 arm rotary magnet and put air pro decoys on them , put 6 shells down set out as instructed by the game keeper and a good hide. The pigeons came fairly close then flew off, ithen took the magnet down and laid the air pro decoys on the ground then the action started Now is it because of the noise of the air pro wings spinning round or is it the magnet that spooked them
  9. kacy


    Looking for realistic pigeon decoys for a magnet x3 ground decoys and a camo hide all in good condition
  10. kacy


    Wanted a pigeon magnet out fit in very good condition Live in Ipswich Suffolk , so would be good if anyone is local and has something for sale
  11. Hi mate have you still got the cartridges and are you willing to post at my expense as i live i Ipswich

    1. What is the condition and size of it
    2. if it is still for sale i will have it

      1. Has anyone got any pigeon magnet gear for sale in the suffolk area, i live in Ipswich
      2. kacy

        pigeon magnet etc

        Hi i live in suffolk and looking for some decoying gear , so if anyone lives fairly near to me and have some gear in good condition for sale PM me pls Kelvin
      3. sent a PM as i live in suffolk
      4. Wow! i`m really confused with all the different opinions, so do i go to a good coach ( poss high lodge )to see if i can improve with both eyes open or do i stick to one eye , i think i will go for the first option to get a pro advice Thanks for all the comments from obviously well experienced guys it`s been interesting to say the least Great Site Kelvin
      5. Thanks for all your comments and pardon the PUN ther`s more to this than meets the eye
      6. Hi all . I`M fairly new to the sport and when i first started i wasn`t too bad of a shot with one eye shut but listening to some experienced guys they have all said shoot with both eyes and now i miss more than i hit ,what am i doing wrong ??????
      7. kacy

        bore size

        How is a shotgun bore size determined?, is a 410 a 20 bore? if so are they any good for clays as my dear old dad needs a light gun to shoot with
      8. Hi Karl ,as a newby it seems to me hard to get a bit of rough shooting info from others especially about where they shoot !is that the case ? Thanks for the acknowledgement
      9. Hi Fairly new to the sport , is there anyone from the Ipswich area on this site. Seems like the vast majority on here are from up North Kelvin
      10. Hi I live in Ipswich. Is there anyone who would occassionaly like a hand to shoot pigeons etc Iam a responsable person , nearly 50 yrs old , own busines and new to the sport Have BASC insurance own a Browning 12g o/u Will appreciate your time Cheers Kelvin
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