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  1. If you have questions, then please ask. This is my sale.
  2. Lovely gun - is this now sold or still for sale? Thanks
  3. rob4586

    few bits

    What's the size of the net? Thanks, Rob
  4. rob4586


    This well gone now I take it?
  5. Will you sell this separately ? Thanks, Rob
  6. Hehe, I was looking for a new project recently.... Thanks for the direction guys
  7. What makes are the equipment? Thanks, Rob
  8. A set of tree climbing spikes are wanted, if you have any for sale please let me know
  9. rob4586

    I phone 4

    Could you email me some pics of damage? Thanks, Rob
  10. is this the Ama's? Thanks, Rob
  11. Many thanks mate I think i'll stick to Stihl as it will be worked fairly hard. Many thanks for your help though I'm certainly trying to avoid ebay Thanks, Rob
  12. Hi JC, I'll have a look mate when you say "at the moment", will you be anytime soon? Not mega rushing Rob
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