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  1. You got a pm mate,very interested in this if your parting with it? jay
  2. Got some brass and ali bolt handles for sale if anyones interested s3*0/4*0 plain ali or brass £14 posted .....S200 plain brass or ali £12 posted s3*0/4*0 knurled ali or brass £15 posted....s200 knurled brass or ali £14 posted Available in left hand or right hand.....please state when ordering postage is by recorded delivery Other bolt handles for Falcons and theobens and more available as well as other adapters to suit most guns :blink: contact for details s3*0/4*0 with knurling s200 with knurling s200 plain Matching silencer adapter with 2 grub screws and thread protector cap available also for £12 inc postage. Email for pics available in ali or brass and with or without knurling These are also available for the CROSSMAN RATCATCHER, RABBIT STOPPER AND ALSO THE FALCON FN12/FN19 RIFLES AS WELL AS OTHER MAKES Grab them while you can at these prices because they wont stay at this price for long email for bigger and better pics.


    is it me or is the BBS down again?
  4. stick me down for 85 at the weekend over cut rape oh.........forgot......put 1 more down for my mate scott so that makes 86 shot this weekend by us 2
  5. No offence taken lads Just thought their might be a few who would like to add that bit of bling to there gun for target shooting
  6. Cant beleave know one is interested in these at this price on this site.
  7. If you can send me your email addy i will send you some pics mate
  8. I do make moderator adapaters mate Brass fancy ones or plain From what iv been told the MK1 already has a metal bolt and trigger and the MK2 has a plastic trigger and plastic bolt heres some of my adapters Available for Air Arms S series rifles, ratcatcher, Carear and many more in Brass or Ali, plain design or fancy and all come complete with thread protector cap and 2 grubs screws in most adapters to help alighnment and all are bored out to very tight tolerances for a nice fit:yes: email for details and prices. I also make Shotgun choke gauges in brass or ali in most sizes
  9. AA S200 ( MK2 ONLY )PLAIN IN POLISHED ALI OR BRASS £20 posted WITH KNURLING ADD £2 CLICK FOR PICS :blink: AA S3*0/4*0 PLAIN IN POLISHED ALI OR BRASS £23 posted WITH KNURLING ADD £2 Let me no what you think lads....please To all that emailed me and sent me pm and wanted these the please do so again as i havent saved your pm's or emails.
  10. going to have a word with my material supplier tomorrow to see if and can get it cheaper to help bring the price down lads would there be much interest then?:blink:??:D?
  11. come on then lads i thought these would have been snapped up like hot cakes someone tell me whats wrong
  12. Got some Bolt handles for the AA S200 MK2 and AA S300/310/400/410 if anyones interested. drop me an email for more pics. available in polished brass or ali and can make them to your spec if you drop me a drawing let us know what you think guys cheers S300/310/400/410.......25 quid POSTED 1ST CLASS RECORDED DELIVERY S200 20 quid POSTED 1ST CLASS RECORDED DELIVERY
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