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  1. stu

    Take a look

    :*) sorry for spelling your name wrong again? but getting drunk new job after 20 years at same place time for a change more money shorter hours
  2. stu

    Take a look

    nice one niel
  3. hi pieman go onto www.uttings.com, they have a fox .22 airrifle on there i had a shoot with one at the gun club it packs a wollop.but at the end of the day it depends on wot you want. good luck on your hunt
  4. stu


    thanks for that rob the price for the 5 shot and 10 must be the same i will get onto the firm i bought the rifle from they told me 10 shot was dearer thanks again
  5. stu


    has anyone got a 10 shot magazine for cz .22 rimefire or where i could get one from thanks members?
  6. stu

    new gun

    thanks brain dead
  7. stu

    new gun

    Ive just got a sheriden c9 .20 calibre do.s anyone have any details off this airriflle it seems a strange calibre but it was a bargain thanks members?
  8. stu

    RAT shooting

    Hi anthony its a wonder the pellets did not go straight through the rats i use a webly raider at 12 pounds and a lot of times the pellets go straight through make shure you have some strong gloves on ive had two visits to the local hospital for tetnus jabs [good hunting?]
  9. hi red- stag88 sorry not been back to you before now up at 2 drive to kent the laser are better than the beamshot. the beamshot only have a range of a couple of yards the beam spreads out but the class one laser keeps its beem just like a pin ***** i hope you can understand that still tired just got in
  10. if you look it says [the worlds most powerful class111A laser !!!] its a crossmans thats the one you want you wont be dissapointed it has a free scope mount it just fits on top of your scope
  11. hi red- stagg 88 ive one on my rifle there good but there hard to set up i got mine from ramsbottoms its free delivery when you set it up be carefull you dont overtighten the little grub screws they have a good range make shure its the [class one laser] dont get the beamshot the beamshot is no good [the laser comes with scope mounts and dovetail mounts i hope ive been some help
  12. i will keep you posted but wot a spot of luck lotter on its way
  13. I was leaving work today [excuse me sir wot me sir? yes you sir i had another look round but there was only two of us ive been told by my friend you own a gun yes is said] .Could you call some time to have a look around the land i have the man that did come round went to pasture,s green. It go,s to say word of mouth means a lot :o
  14. :o that web page is spot on yorkshire pudding
  15. stu


    i dont meen that, way good to talk to for firearms
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