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  1. OK thanks. Bridgewater Exepted area it is for a while then!
  2. Thanks gents. I assume both are taking members?
  3. Thanks Johnny. Did you find an improvement in pattern?
  4. Hi all What are people’s experiences with aftermarket chokes? I’m thinking usual suspects like pattermaster, Carlson etc. I cant afford a med and a long of the patternmasters but could go a set of the Carlson’s. Are they worth upgrading to over the stock chokes from my supernova? Thanks
  5. Good afternoon everyone, I've recently moved to Bristol and I am looking for some wildfowling. I know i'm too late for this season, but it was my intention to do some reccies for next season. If anyone is aware of clubs with membership in the area, please could you put the details up. Preferably, I'd like to be an hour from the marsh as I find the motivation for those morning flights drops off if I'm much further! I used to be a member of South Lincs so I'm aware of the trials and tribulations of fowling, but if there was the opportunity to shadow an old hand to learn
  6. Thanks all. I did think it was the nature of the sport, but it's always best to check if I am doing something very wrong. I will take your advice and keep a diary. Cheers
  7. Dear All, I am a newcomer to wildfowling, this being my first season with SLWC. I have had a few morning and evening flights of varying success on Frampton Marsh. A few weekends ago I ventured out mid-afternoon on a falling tide to have an explore and get settled in for an evening flight. I was pleasantly surprised to find birds moving for most of the afternoon, all be it many out of range. I got settled in relatively near the front, in a gutter next to a large creek. Many birds flew over as the afternoon progressed to evening. I took one or two that were passing to my right, over the marsh
  8. I think I might persevere with the pump till the season is out and reconsider then. If you add all the votes for break guns together, still not half as popular as semi autos. More thinking to be done.
  9. God knows how much that will cost here at $2,000. Johnny
  10. red_stag88


    Google uk custom lanyards. I had one made to take six droppers for about 15 quid. Johnny
  11. It's on the barrel which is a Matt finish and quote rough.
  12. Thanks for the advice kent. I'll do that in the future. Any tips for getting rid of the brown rust stain that has appeared?
  13. Kent, It was an half hour walk back to the car where it had a wipe and coat of thin oil, then an hour to home. I'm not sure if the slip is absorbent. Wildfowler12, Yes it is the black version. I'm not a huge fan of camo guns, but in this case it would appear that I have made a mistake. Why on earth would benelli not offer the same rust protection with a black finish? Johnny
  14. Evening all, Having just put my pump action in the bath after an evening flight, I got to wondering what others are using on the shore? I struggle to shoot well with the pump. Mainly due to being a bad shot more than anything. I have also noticed its propensity to rust, even with a thin coat of mud enough to leave small stains. This is rather disappointing considering it is a supernova and meant to be tough. I was thinking about getting a cheap over under for the job. Your views would be welcome. Cheers Johnny
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