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  1. The guy who owns the shoot has the gun , just spoke to another mate he will pick the gun up sat and come with me to try and sort it,prob have to wave some cash under the noses,
  2. The second guy does not have a shop he operates from home,but the shop he bought the gun from yes i agree hes a future customer will be going back to the shop at the weekend to see if we can work somrthing out.
  3. A friend of mine has just recieved his first shotgun certificate,a month or so ago i was with him at a dealers looking at guns,he quite fancied a berretta over and under,but the downside he was waiting for the certificate to arrive,the guy who owned the shop let him handle the gun to see if it fitted him ok,its a nice gun and a fair price so he paid for it and the shop agreed to hold it till the happy day arrives and the cert drops through the letter box,this is were things went a belly up the guy whose shoot we go to on a sunday who by the way is a rfd said he would pick the gun up for him,keep it till his ticket came through and he could use the gun as long as he is supervised,the day the cert came he went along to the shop he bought the gun off to have it entererd on the cert,the up shot is the shop said you had the picked up by an other rfd so get him to register the gun,now the both of them are saying its not there responsibility,so i ask the question who is responsible,the poor guy has a gun he cant take home i feel bad because i encouraged to buy the gun,any feed back would be appreciated as long as its positive.
  4. gemini52


    I took the gun back to the dealer early this week,i told him iwas not happy the way it performed in short he gave me a refund,i picked up another 35e for 130 quid a far better gun in really good condition.it needs a breech seal but apart from that its fine.
  5. He came home from ltaly in 44,he had a bad time so he was sent home to a base in land dudno were his war finished,i only found out what happend to him about five years ago,his best mate was shot in front of him he carried him back to were ever they were set up but he died shortly after,it hit him hard his C O said he had had enough so had him sent home,he carried a thompson sub machine gun even tho he was atillary the story came from my uncle who my dad had confided in that the german soldier who had killed his best mate,he emptied a full mag into him,it must have tipped him over the edge,i remember him telling me when i was a kid when he was coming down the gang plank of the ship he had a italian sniper rifle over his shoulder and a mp said to him thats not ur official weapon sargeant and took it of him,he was none to pleased.
  6. My dad was a desert rat,the only time he spoke of the war was when he had a few beers,and it was only the bits he found funny,he died in 1988,l still miss him.
  7. gemini52


    I have just bought a hw 35e,its the one with the walnut stock and long barrel,took it out too a mate of mines farm,looking forward to a couple of hours playing with my new toy,what a let down it was dieseling from the start and putting pellets all over the show, oil was coming out of the barrel,around the breech,a brown gooey oil ,i put around 50 pellets through it hoping to blow the oil out,big mistake,the was one big bang a load of smoke,the breech seal has melted and it has a pellet stuck in the barrel,l phoned the dealer who i bought the gun off and he has agreed to have it sorted,who ever had the gun before must have for some reason poured a load of oil in it,i hope the isnt any internal damage as its a nice gun.
  8. Picked up a miruko mk 10 sporter from a dealer i know,used it twice up to now and find it a joy to shoot,it just feels right for me i also have a 525 sporter which is a tad lighter then the mk10 ,who ever owned the gun before me had not used it much as its tight to open,anyone have one what do you think?
  9. Done the deal will be picking the vitara when its had a service and mot,hopefully will serve me well.
  10. Test drove the susuki vitara today took it on the motor way and came back along b roads,it was avaraging 53.4 miles to the gallon with a 1.6 petrol engine and to b fair a joy to drive,so looks like the deal will b done,the salesman has the 1.4 boosterjet engine he reckons he gets about 40 out of his,proberbly better peformance but i want better mpg,its fast enough for me allright.
  11. I am going to test drive a susuki vitara tomorow,more money than i wanted to spend but a far better car.
  12. Decisions made will give it a wide berth,cheers guys.
  13. Slip of the finger it should say 1.2
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