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  1. I shoot quite well with mine,apart from the blue action its a great gun,had a go with the new excel grey yesterday,it felt the same as mine ,the bolt release was good tho,think i may have briely bolt release fitted a mate has one on his a400 and its a lot better then that little button.
  2. I have a beretta a400 that i use for clays,like the gun ,but hate the blue anodised action,i am thinking of removing the finish and taking it back to aluminium ,anyone ever removed the finish,if so any tips.
  3. Myself and a couple mates went there about three months ago,half the the stands we had broken clays coming out,and three of the stands were shut,something to do with the wind blowing the wrong way and the noise factor,at 30 quid for a hundred birds we didnt think it was value for money,we shoot at catton hall on a wednesday and pay 25 quid for 100 birds,a far better ground by far,you could do it in under the hour.Would we go to fauxdegla again,no chance.
  4. My wifes best friend has a boarder collie called jake,a few days ago they took him out for his walk ,and like many times before they threw a stick for him,he ran after the stick and it whent down his throat and pierced his heart,a sad day,for all the people out there that throw sticks for their dogs,please think again,its been a hard lesson for are friends.
  5. Nice,whats the difference between the mk 1 and mk 2,mine is the one with he painted finish,going to strip it off and blue it.
  6. I found the one i have to be the same,cut the spring down a delron spring guide and its shooting great now,bsa barrels are well made and with a bit of fettling can be really accurate. Really nice mate, you have done a fine job,i take it they shoot as good as they look.
  7. I have an bsa mercury from around 1980,its sat in a cupboard for year or so,i took it out last month and gave it a go at a friends,he lives on a old farm,what a pile of junk it kicked lake horse and and accuracy was pretty bad to be fair,i have a pcp in 177 so back in the cupboard it went with the intention of one day taking it apart and seeing if i can improve things,anyway the weather was a decider,time on my hands took it into the shed stripped it down ,it had a new seal a while ago so a good clean and seached my bag of spare springs found one a tad shorter then the one i took out,it went in ok but would not cock properly,so took it apart again,when compared the old spring the coils were slightly thicker,time to get the grinder out took two coils off ,cleaned up the end,back together,its doing eight and half foot pounds now,at twenty yards using marksman pellets i can put half inch groups in paper targets,four ten cartridge cases no problem,the recoil is reduced as well and its a joy to shoot now,still like my pcp tho.
  8. gemini52

    sky tv

    Put ur glasses on its in off topic.
  9. gemini52

    sky tv

    Well the time has finally come after twenty plus years,the sky tv has to go,give it till after xmas then ring them to cancel my contract,its a waste of money i pay 75 quid a month for the internet and sky tv,my son has put a app on the fire stick called cinema,its got every thing on it we watch on sky and its free so really its a no brainer,will pay for a better internet as the package we have at the moment is not the best,if it dos,nt work out we can always go back to sky,but at the moment the quality has been sadly lacking so time to go.
  10. yes its on .starts at 2oclock till four.
  11. When Lee Rigby was murdered by a black man ,did we we see a responce like we have now,no we did not,all lives matter,its just an excuse to defy authority and have a bash at the police,it will achieve sod all to benifit that poor man who was killed in the usa.
  12. Me to,it will be difficult concidering the amount of stuff we take in from china,but yes i will be thinking twice before i buy any goods made there.
  13. Yes hopefully ,mickley hall in nantwhitch will reopen on the 19 may,so hopefully more will follow.
  14. Just looked on catton halls web site ,they reopen wednesday 20 may for practise only.
  15. Bit over the top is a understatement mate,i live on the wirral and my authority is merseyside,they have been requesting the letters since last year,i have a great gp it cost nothing,he said they are your records so why would we charge you,i droped off the letter on monday it was ready by thursday,if he can do it for free why cant other gps do it.
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