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  1. gemini52

    bsa airsporter s.

    I got it back a last friday,its had the buffer washer and o,ring replaced,its putting out 11.1 foot pounds at the moment,tried a few different pellets and it shoots quite well with superdomes at 25 yards,yes i agree its not super accurate but its fun to shoot,so will keep it just for that reason.
  2. gemini52

    bsa airsporter s.

    The s model has the metal work nicely blued and a walnut stock,some had two stage triggers but mine has a single stage,it also has some checkering to the forend and pistol grip,i will do my best to up load some picks when i get it back.
  3. gemini52

    bsa airsporter s.

    Picked up a bsa airsporter s in 177, the owner had died and the family wanted shut of his air rifles,it was seized up,would not cock,so a good soak in oil and got it to work,its in excellent condition, the blueing is like new, the stock is walnut with some type of varnish applied,having the o ring and buffer washer replaced,will be looking forward to shooting it when its done thanks to my mate len,not bad for eighty quid.
  4. gemini52

    moped scum, gloves off?

    R P G on the bonnet would be a far better idea,its been a long time coming.
  5. gemini52

    canabis oil

    I have been on the cbd oil for three weeks now,and to be fair there has been a small improvement in my discomfort,still got about a third of the bottle left so will finish it and give another bottle a try,i have a short course of accupuncture booked in late november so hopefully will help aswell.
  6. gemini52

    Closing a gun.

    A shoot i go to on a sunday had stands that were enclosed with metal sheeting,a guy was using a lanber over and under,he loaded two shells into the gun and closed it barrel up the thing went off and blew a ruddy geat hole in the metal sheeting just missing my mate,his reply was it just went off,never saw the guy since,the stands have been replaced with concrete panels now,the moral being if he had closed the gun correctly the shot would have gone into the ground and not scared the s... out of me.and possibly killed or injured my mate.
  7. gemini52

    Closing a gun.

    New one on me,
  8. gemini52

    Is it an offence for one dog to bite another dog

    This is true,my brother is taking two of his shotguns,according to the feo its happend before the dog has bit other dogs in the past,the owner of the other dog is a serving police officer,apparantly he has taken time on the sick with stress,he has been given three weeks to sort out his guns or they are going for scrap,the dog was in the yard with the gate open,the guy was walking past with his dog,so i presume the incident happend on the pavement,as said any excuse to take guns off decent people.
  9. gemini52

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    It was on the radio that it costs around three granda week to keep people locked up,time that by fifty weeks in the year,it soon adds up.
  10. A friend of my brother has had his shotguns and firearms removed, his dog bit another dog outside his property,the feo has said he has comitted an offence by not being in control of his dog.Any feedback would be appreciated.
  11. gemini52

    canabis oil

    I have had surgery for prostrate cancer,its two years in november and i am still geting some pain and discomfort,the tablets i get off the doc goes some way to relieving the discomfort,so i decided to give cbd oil a try,its only been a short time but i am getting some benifit, just wanted to get some feed back.
  12. gemini52

    This years flu jab

    Had it a couple weeks ago as well as a pneumonia jab apart from a sore arm and feeling a bit low have been fine,in fact the pneumonia jab was more uncomfortable for about a week.
  13. gemini52

    Using a lap top on your lap

    He didnt get any tablets off the doc,thats the concern i have,there is plenty of info on the net if you take the time to have a look.
  14. gemini52

    Using a lap top on your lap

    Done a bit of reseach and it says a lap top gives off radiation,which in turn can damage your dna if used direcly on your lap over a period of time,a friend of ours went to his doctor complaining of pain in his nether regions,thought he had prostrate problems,the doc asked him if he used a lap top direcly on his lap.it turned out he did,since using a tray his problems have got better.
  15. gemini52

    Using a lap top on your lap

    My wife and i have been discussing the possible health risks to using a lap on your lap for prolonged periods of time without some form of tray,just wanted to run it past the wise and informed members on here.