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  1. gemini52

    sky tv

    Put ur glasses on its in off topic.
  2. gemini52

    sky tv

    Well the time has finally come after twenty plus years,the sky tv has to go,give it till after xmas then ring them to cancel my contract,its a waste of money i pay 75 quid a month for the internet and sky tv,my son has put a app on the fire stick called cinema,its got every thing on it we watch on sky and its free so really its a no brainer,will pay for a better internet as the package we have at the moment is not the best,if it dos,nt work out we can always go back to sky,but at the moment the quality has been sadly lacking so time to go.
  3. yes its on .starts at 2oclock till four.
  4. When Lee Rigby was murdered by a black man ,did we we see a responce like we have now,no we did not,all lives matter,its just an excuse to defy authority and have a bash at the police,it will achieve sod all to benifit that poor man who was killed in the usa.
  5. Me to,it will be difficult concidering the amount of stuff we take in from china,but yes i will be thinking twice before i buy any goods made there.
  6. Yes hopefully ,mickley hall in nantwhitch will reopen on the 19 may,so hopefully more will follow.
  7. Just looked on catton halls web site ,they reopen wednesday 20 may for practise only.
  8. Bit over the top is a understatement mate,i live on the wirral and my authority is merseyside,they have been requesting the letters since last year,i have a great gp it cost nothing,he said they are your records so why would we charge you,i droped off the letter on monday it was ready by thursday,if he can do it for free why cant other gps do it.
  9. I have owned two remi 1100s great guns, the down side the cost of spares, one the link broke that was about 25 quid and i am going back some 15 years,the second one the stud that alines the barrel broke off so sold it to a mate for pigion shooting,lost count of the amount of semi,s i have owned over the years,i have a sx3 sporter at the mo its brilliant it comes with adjustable comb full set of long chokes, never failed to cycle any cartridge,i liked the remi but they do have the down sides.
  10. I have a vitara with a 1.6 non turbo petrol engine,it returns around 46 mpg around town,bit more on the motor way,i love it comfy to drive quite nippy,lots of room for passengers and guns.
  11. I have three guns with mid rib beads and to be fair i feel they help me to keep my face correctly on the stock,once lined up i dont see the beads just the bird,stick with it once used to them it will be fine,take no notice of people telling you to file the beads off,they are there for a reason.
  12. All sorted another rfd we know after my mate explained the situation agreed to do the paper work for free,so north wales shooting school has lost another customer.
  13. The guy who owns the shoot has the gun , just spoke to another mate he will pick the gun up sat and come with me to try and sort it,prob have to wave some cash under the noses,
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