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  1. Bit more of team tractor oak in the base , clock face is spalted beech , Xmas gift for a friend.
  2. Second lamp made using the drift wood & old hand drill , looks to bare with just an eddison bulb fitted
  3. That's easy , not married ! Eddison bulbs arrived, bigger than anticipated, look OK, bit different
  4. We have light , only bulb I could find till eddisons arrive, quite pleased with it ,so wood off the beach , scrap cental heating pipes , reworked ' posser' few spurious bits made & found , jobs a good un...got another to make using an old hand drill , be more steam punky ...
  5. Quick 10 mins in shed , fitted lamp holder, ran cable in & assembled, fit switch & plug later...
  6. Absolutely no idea , found it in the garage junk pile , as most of it , say reflector & base , posser! Pipes out of house , just ordered a couple of eddison bulbs so hopefully look OK
  7. Working on wiring & assembly ! Have to knock off now , family duties call.....
  8. Actually stained& danished oiled the wood , looks better with the base on , not so bleached out
  9. The copper base & brass leave tarnished, copper pipe & new brass bits turned be polished, the head /reflector leave on the outside, I've polished the inside to a bright copper finish, think an eddison bulb will suit it when wired up & finished
  10. Lamp loosely assembled, few bits made , may change the base , not sure , getting there slowly
  11. Making progress on projects , will post shortly....
  12. For sale original AT Goodrich tyre , as new , was my spare , never been used on the road , its 265/70R16 , say £80 ? Probably need picking up as it's size
  13. Thinking of something like this , not in anyway final configuration, just getting the idea & look right Actually may change the base , got an old 4 jaw chuck , maybe more suitable
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