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  1. Last one now , just finished the green one off , don't look to bad , will invest in some more pigments , they do a pearl/ silver and a few others , not very traditional, but look cool, also at some point, find a bit of nice burl , make a burl / resin top in a loud colour!
  2. been busy , actually sticked out , going to have a break , resin experiment think was a success, made a double bronze spacer, on a nose out buffalo on a dog rose briar , I've danished it & waxed it didn't want a gloss finish, the other is using green spacers on a buffalo crook , on hazel , just finishing that one up ! Having a break now, hope you enjoyed, ta....
  3. Second experiment, this one has a bronze/ copper colour, I think it suits the dark hazel nicely, in the light it's a bit 3d , with the swirls in the resin , going to do a few more variants now , see what works best .
  4. Just fettled it up , meant to be purple , looks more blue , shame the horn has a delam on the other side ,as the actual horn has a smokey grey colour , think I'm going to have to lacquer this one to seal it up , shame really
  5. It's a hazel , bit non descript, ran the orbital sander, loosely over it , bit shabby chic for a better word, probably could of Done with an antler crown on top of it, actually like it , bit different
  6. This was resin left in the bottoms of the mixing beakers , I faced it off on the lathe and centre drilled it , now fitted & glued up onto a couple of buffalo tops , bit of an experiment, bit different, if you look at one of the tops it's got a delam/crack init , not visible before shaping ! Maybe more yet ! If paying £20-30 plus now for buffalo horn you still carnt guarantee what's inside it.
  7. So finished up , burl oak& purple heart on hazel , the acacia & walnut is on a chestnut ( like the grain in this ) the twister is hazel , distressed the shank , personally like it , top is a team tractor one , lastly a market stick on hazel with a bit more sapele...
  8. The new bandsaw been a godsend , can now turn what would be scraps into useful pieces, mixture of burl oak, purple heart ,walnut ,ply , acacia , team tractor sapele & something I'm not sure of ! So bits cut , glued up , clamped & cut to size , marked patterns out , cut out the shapes , onto sanding& shaping, then fit & finish.
  9. With old boggy , heard it came from that part of the world ...
  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣be a rainbow next ! Keep you busy
  11. Previous resin off amazon , tried some off Axminster tools , resin & pigments , moulds also off amazon , just pop out
  12. Resin turned out OK, let it fully harden off , be some interesting spacers ! Not very traditional
  13. Cheers ! Getting there but still room for improvement, I've just made some casting resin up with different pigments , hopefully cure ok , hopefully going to make spacers for next lot of buffalo I do , if goes to plan be a bit funky !
  14. This is actually the first Cardigan I've made , don't know why really , it's alder with a thin walnut strip on a bit of a scabby blackthorn shank ...just giving it a coat of danish ..
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