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  1. All i can say well done Chesire , FAC and Shotgun conterminous renewal, meet our new officer , had a chat ,looked at everything ,said bye , took about 6 weeks tops for new licences to drop through the letterbox....
  2. boo

    .223 Ammo

    Bought some last week , Sako gameheads £21 box , Norma ballistic tip £22 box , super performance £29 53g & v-max £25 box, all 55grn apart from the super performance....
  3. boo

    heat treating 01 steel

    Dig him up im afraid...
  4. boo

    heat treating 01 steel

    Its not Joe Cocker ?
  5. boo

    .223 question

    might help , what rifle , by an off chance , Howa ? hogue stock ? Long shot if it is stocks the problem.
  6. boo

    Hi Mutiny , Did the rifle come with the GRS stock ?did you bed it yourself or a shop? Being nosy how come your selling such a nice rifle ? Looked up Prudhoe only 3 1/2 hr drive each way as well , are you around or away for the new year ? also have the necessary slot as well, forgot to mention did you buy the rifle as new ? hope to hear from you soon...Paul

    1. Mutiny


      Hi Paul,

      no the Grs stock was an extra, bedded by Dave at Bowtech. It's not getting used mate, hasn't been shot in over a year and it's just a waste. I'll be about in the new year yeah. Yes bought it new, but it's become a bit of a safe queen!





    2. boo


      Mutiny, will take it , if no one else interested, cash be ok , bit of a drive but can do face to face if you like ? Want a deposit ? Have to sort a day , possibly sunday morning but would have to confirm tomorrow, if ok ? Im on the wirral by the way

    3. Mutiny


      Hi Paul,

      sorry mate but you got pipped to the post by about 10 minutes,if the sale doesn't work out for whatever reason I'll let you know though.





  7. boo

    honda crv

    Bought one off a friend, he was trading it in, only offered a £1000, so sold it to me for the same price ! 04, 96,000 miles full service history, drives really nice, fitted AT2 on it and be surprised where its gone, if had a couple of more inches ground clearance be fantastic, also if the tailgate opens to the side, great standing in the back , shooting off the roof.
  8. boo

    night scope

    There very good, great in the day and very good with NV, homemade or bought.... use 4-20 x 50 and 2.5-17 x 56
  9. boo

    Pinks Arriving

    Pinks been coming over last couple of weeks, just heard a bunch come over the house 9.35pm, moons up.......Dee estuary
  10. boo

    Stick repair

    If you cut about 5 inch off the shank, probably wont fit the handle, will need to replace the buffalo spacer then, also the stick my be to short. If was close would fit a new shank and ferrule for you, check any local stick club members out , might be able to help, gonna doit, do it properly.....
  11. boo

    Stick repair

    Fit a new shank....hardest part finding a shank to match the handle....
  12. boo

    best cheap 4x4

    Bought a crv, not intentionally, but did 04 plate , full service history, very tidy car , 96,000 on the clock = £1000, fitted grabber at2 tyres, for a soft roader you will be surprised where it can go, nice to drive on the road too , not a sign of rust ,flew through mot, bargain cars
  13. boo

    Bore/Rod Guides

    For bore guides use the shooting shed ones, made to measure , really nice quality..
  14. boo

    New scope suggestion

    just purchased a baby s-tac 4-20 x 50 from optics warehouse for less than £400, so impressed with its big brother thought give it a go on the hmr, nice glass saightrons. Focus down to 10yds ideal for nv.......
  15. boo

    17 HMR Bullets

    The HMR has had a fair bit of stick recently, ran mine for the last 10yrs with no issues, then a few baduns in a brick i bought! Cleared them out , ok since, still love it, cracking round for rabbits, get comfortable with it, dont go stupid, then learn to read the wind and distances, keep it real and you will be surprised ! A handy learning tool is Strelok .