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  1. For sale original AT Goodrich tyre , as new , was my spare , never been used on the road , its 265/70R16 , say £80 ? Probably need picking up as it's size
  2. Thinking of something like this , not in anyway final configuration, just getting the idea & look right Actually may change the base , got an old 4 jaw chuck , maybe more suitable
  3. Not that old too remember! I first encountered it somewhere totally different! As a kid used to get dragged out trammel netting in the estuary for flatties in the boat , the old man had this idea of going in the shallows , using this to plunge the water like a depth charge , apparently scare the fish laid up into the nets , no idea if it worked but was our job, that and rowing ! Carnt do it these days or ****** all now on the estuary, fish conservation area ! Christ we lived on flatties & shrimp as a kid .
  4. Was going to be chucked out till I saved it ! It's always been knocking around
  5. Congratulations Amateur, clothes dolly , for the washing! , knocked the centre out ,makes a base , the outer a reflector ....
  6. Well can you guess what it was used for ? Been at parents house forever, now dismantled , dents roughly knocked out , both copper , gave the inside a quick clean up , thinking of lamp , copper reflector , eddison bulb , either steam punk vibe or anglepoise type , using the drift wood as a base ! 😀
  7. The brometer& clock one I've done already for a friend in California, showing there time & ours , made out of yew , just finishing the skirting off....
  8. One side is still pretty rough , other smooth , probably from floating around the sea , will post when it's finished 😉
  9. It was manky & rough , covered in green , give it a coat of looking at next couple of weeks Did knock a clock up for someone spaltrd poplar , clock face is two pieces jointed...
  10. Already got a big sea chest , from the late 1800's early 1900' s off dad's, dad , on clippers & steamers ....
  11. Has to wait , got skirting board to fit, beating starts on the 15th trying to get jobs done ...
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