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  1. Funds sent will pm details
  2. Yes please pm your details , can do PayPal as a gift , cheers
  3. Old boggy , have you tried stripping an ash twister , looks nice contrast with the twist....
  4. When I said could be in fresh shanks could be 2/3 years before you could see any holes , so keep an eye on stock , and I spray every year , keep the little burgers at bay...
  5. Been planing slabs of cherry and what looks like back walnut, no sign of worm , took about half inch off found a couple of pockets of worm , just goes to show , if the sticks had horn or antler tops couldn't you just reshank them , pain I know but doable
  6. Woodworm can sometimes actually be in shanks been cut , but may take awhile for them to show . I normally every year spray all shanks with woodworm killer from the local hardware shops when storing ...
  7. Sak 85 24 inch barrel , grs laminate stock , contessa rail , stallon mod, set up with a drone 10x as a night rifle ...works a treat😃
  8. will take the Harris 6-9 bipod please , pm for payment details thanks..
  9. Funnily enough not far from Ness Gardens.......
  10. prefer the saightron over the hawk . lifetime guarantee really nice glass..
  11. Have a look at the baby s-tac 4-20 x 50 moa2 ret great in the day , great at night , in budget...
  12. If your down on the Wirral at some point , probably be able to put a new shank on for you......
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