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  1. boo

    What gun .204 cal

    Sak 85 24 inch barrel , grs laminate stock , contessa rail , stallon mod, set up with a drone 10x as a night rifle ...works a treat😃
  2. funds hopefully sent for bi-pod...
  3. will take the Harris 6-9 bipod please , pm for payment details thanks..
  4. boo

    Stick maker

    Funnily enough not far from Ness Gardens.......
  5. boo

    Scope / NV

    prefer the saightron over the hawk . lifetime guarantee really nice glass..
  6. boo

    Scope / NV

    Have a look at the baby s-tac 4-20 x 50 moa2 ret great in the day , great at night , in budget...
  7. boo

    Stick maker

    If your down on the Wirral at some point , probably be able to put a new shank on for you......
  8. boo

    Fake Rare Scotch Whiskies Abound!

    All tastes the same with coke init.........😉
  9. boo

    Drone 5x/10x

    Provisionally sold pending funds..
  10. boo

    Drone 5x/10x

    pm replyed to ... Best price for the complete set up is 1200 or a 1000 plus postage for the Drone without the laser/battery pack.
  11. boo

    Drone 5x/10x

    As per title , a Drone 5x/10x in good working order , comes complete with original bx , manual , lens caps , av leads , armasight external battery pack and a Solarus srx 500mw ir laser , works very well with the Drone , any pictures wanted pm me your e-mail , asking 1200 pounds for a really nice set up.
  12. boo


    Probably see more then in the next week or so , as they move down , hopefully be on the solway this season...
  13. boo


    Last few weeks the Canadas been flighting back and forth above the house , this morning thought my ears playing up , had 3 skeins of Pinks come over , anywhere 50 to 150 in each , high , but not strataspheric , earliest ive seen them around here, we overlook the Dee estuary...
  14. All i can say well done Chesire , FAC and Shotgun conterminous renewal, meet our new officer , had a chat ,looked at everything ,said bye , took about 6 weeks tops for new licences to drop through the letterbox....