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  1. Done this coronet , fox head , used a forester bit to drill the crown, nice & round , coat of black , used crystal clear resin ....
  2. If your down Chester way give us a buzz..
  3. boo

    Abu Tobys

    Ahh , I don't bank on line, tied up to go to the bank till next week, don't like to say but will pull out of the sale , see if someone else can use a really good set of spinners, sorry Henry.....
  4. boo

    Abu Tobys

    Yes please , can pay with paypal ... I'm out at 4pm but be home late , so forward details will sort out , ta...
  5. will take the Magnums please , im out till tea time tomorrow ,so can check any messages then ta.....
  6. Theres a nice setup on the BBS , cz , richards stock , scope the lot , bargain at 300 pounds be well worth a look....
  7. boo

    shooting sticks wanted

    Reasonable price doesnt come into it , after buying tripod , hog saddle and ball head , be around the 300 pound mark if you lucky....oh ,have got all 3 by the way and yep really nice to shoot off from shadowtech
  8. boo

    Deer antlers

    pm replied to...
  9. boo

    Deer antlers

    If you were willing to post, would take the lot plus the postage , someone like parcels to go be reasonable , let me know if your interested....
  10. Probably best way to get in touch with Clive is through the NVUK by pm , he has his communication problems , but does get stuff sorted out ...
  11. boo


    on hold....
  12. boo

    piece of nice wood

    pm me your address and will pop some in the post tomorrow , if ok , just pay the postage ? anything in particular ?
  13. boo

    rifle rests

    Sold to Paul , all rest now sold and posted off , cheers...
  14. boo

    rifle rests

    Pm your details and will sort it out for you , cheers...
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