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  1. boo

    New toy

    Nope ! Old man , decent slabs of walnut, some 2-3 thick , got a piece of purple heart , want to try and get a few pieces out of ! Yours is ear marked for something special if I can pull it off ...
  2. boo

    New toy

    Ha ha ! I've just ordered set of new blades from a company called tuffsaws get good reviews, got some walnut veneers to cut...
  3. I did my landcruiser init , looks good , be prepared to get it everywhere on you ! Even though gloves ! Washed off after a month !
  4. It arrived! Not one of my best but hopefully shes happy with it ! No worries Nathan.....
  5. boo

    New toy

    Funnily enough my other is the dewalt....
  6. Just got a used axminster pro , I've levelled it up , checked table , fired it up seems to cut straight, hopefully now cut veneers & thin strips , mill small logs etc ... it's a lot beefier than the other one... just needs bolting to the floor..
  7. Art & design teacher? You went to school ? Different in our day either woodwork or metalwork !
  8. It is ! Sorry , at first glance looked like buffalo horno
  9. 🤣 meant the buffalo horn , work through the grades till about 1200 , then polish, shanks use anything that's available, wipe down with a scotch bright pad , wipe of meths or white spirit, Danish oil , varnish, lacquer depending what's to hand...
  10. Nowt wrong with that , at the cost of a horn & starting from scratch makes sense , always found they take a bit of rubbing down before polishing to get a finish, not very often use brass collars....
  11. Looking good , got the joint right , I'm glad you left the spacers out , now waiting for your next one...
  12. Walnut crook & leg cleek in walnut on hazel
  13. I had a piece of old oak burl leftover from the old man, roughsawn , squared it up on the router sled , drew & cut blanks out of what available, so 3 in oak burl and I've done 2 in walnut, post pics tomorrow of them , shanks are blackthorn, hazel & chestnut, picture of one on blackthorn just had a coat of Danish, lots of cracks in the wood stabilised with superglue....
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