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  1. As title waiting for the Sun.
  2. Cheers Walker happy memories for you. GG 👍 Cheers Roy. GG 👍 Thanks for viewing. GG 👍
  3. Cheers Jim GG 👍 Cheers Fresh Face. GG 👍 Thanks Fisher GG 👍 👍👍 Cheers Dave, hopefully get up to your location soon to meet up with Alan McFadyen. GG 👍
  4. Field Mouse. The weddings paid for the wifes new kitchen tiled hallway and porch. I treated myself to new Audi A3. Three more years at work to get the youngest daughter through Liverpool Uni, them I'm free. Hopefully the weddings will continue. GG 👍 Many thanks old man. Staffs is a good ;ocation. GG 👍
  5. Nice images Dunk, thanks for sharing. The last one is wonderful. GG 👍
  6. Harvest mouse GG Milo🐶
  7. Dippers managed to get in the position I wanted via waders.. GG
  8. Thanks for viewing and kind words.
  9. Two of these little beauties visited one of my feeding stations. It did get a little breezy and a hail storm passed through but they soon returned. GG Milo 🐶
  10. Canon 1DX body attached to Canon 500F/4 lens mounted on Feisol tripod CT-3372+ Jobu Gimble Head 👍
  11. Tell her its just another brick in the wall..😉 To be honest it looks quality 👍
  12. Grey Heron at 1st major wing motion after lift offfffffffffffff. GG Milo 🐶
  13. Fly past.. Click on image for full resolution. GG Milo🐶
  14. Making of without paying 😉 GG Milo 🐶
  15. Heron being caused H.A.D. by Gull. Click on image for for Res on Flickr......... GG Milo 🐶
  16. Jim probably best not to show him the image then. I've removed a few teeth in my time but never with an image. Thanks for viewing and response. GG
  18. Female Blackbird.. GG Milo🐶
  19. Blue Tit, click on the image for the full resolution. GG + Milo 🐶
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